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Quick look at the DSC raid mods (minus suppressor)

destiny2 8 - Quick look at the DSC raid mods (minus suppressor)

After 27 full clears + a flawless I wanted to get a bit more technical with the raid, so I started looking into the raid mods and, to be honest, personally feel pretty disappointed. I made a previous post about their egregious costs, but I wanted to make another post to document what I've tested with the mods. While they do benefit from the newly added Raid Mod slot on the raid armor itself, they have high costs that may not necessarily warrant their use. Though, its personal preference. I did some quick testing for around an hour on my own, taking advantage of the Storm + Security encounters to gather numbers and whatnot. I only had 3 armor pieces, so I tested between 0 to 3 mods. If anyone else has their own tests or other sources, please let me know as I've seen next to nothing on both YouTube and Reddit.

Herd Thinner

Herd Thinner is essentially "Transcendent Blessing", but for Deep Stone Crypt. Each equipped mod will grant you a 5% damage bonus in the raid, but ONLY against Red bar enemies. Testing with an Ikelos SMG at 1250 base light, the numbers I got were:

  • 0 equipped – 1018 body 1467 head
  • 1 equipped – 1069 body 1504 head
  • 2 equipped – 1120 body 1614 head

The math roughly translates to a 5% increase per mod, equating to a 25% total increase with 5. But again, this only affects red bar enemies. Interestingly enough, this mod's effect is ENTIRELY LOST if you have an augment active at any point.

It’s advisable to avoid this mod and instead use the others.

Enhanced Operator

This mod is a little interesting. It states that it grants periodic healing while holding Operator, and generates heavy as you gather Orbs of Light without an augment.

Let's start with the healing. I tested the effect with the mod stacked up to three times, but the only thing that changes between the stacks is how FAST you are healed. After your armor is broken and your health goes red, approximately every three seconds you will start to heal. The more mods you have, the faster this health will regen– but only the health. And, just like OEM, the healing can be interrupted by damage, so it doesn't make you invincible. — Link to clips of each mod stack's capacity to "periodically heal".

As for the heavy ammo, things seem a little inconsistent. I tested the ammo gains using Falling Guillotine. My method was to have 0 ammo in reserves and then see what would happen. Even with up to 3 mods stacked, you seem to have to collect 10 Orbs of Light to activate the perk. The numbers were as follows:

  • 1 Mod – 4 ammo granted to guillotine
  • 2 Mod – 7 ammo granted to guillotine
  • 3 Mod – 12 ammo granted to guillotine

The higher the stack of mods, the more ammo granted, though it really doesn't feel like a lot. But with a little further testing I noticed two oddities. The first was that when I already had ammo in reserves, I seemed to get a little more. I went from 15 to 30, which either means that there is a range of ammo that the mod generates based on stacks OR it goes off of the ammo you have. The second oddity is that the mod seems to stack with scavenger perks, as with one sword scavenger mod active with 3 mods equipped, I got 22 ammo. The intended way to use this mod is likely to use Scavenger mods with these stacked together.


Enhanced Scanner

With this mod, Scanners are able to mark powerful targets to cause them to take increased damage. The mark is very similar to the one inflicted by the One Eyed Mask. I tested this with a Dire Promise at 1250 base light, but noticed that the perk seems to be inconsistent. Sometimes, you can have a target marked but they still will not be affected by bonus damage. I'm not sure what this is caused by, or if there is a delay/cooldown to the perk. My numbers were as follows:

  • No mark – 2264 body 3396 head
  • 1 Mod – 2447 body 3670 head — 8.01% increase
  • 2 Mod – 2574 body 3861 head — 13.69% increase
  • 3 Mod – 2657 body 3985 head — 17.36% increase

Since it’s a non-linear increase per mod, I can’t accurately gauge where it maxes out though probably reaches into the 25-30% range at 5 stacks. Possibly on line with Divinity, but likely doesn't stack. Though I haven't had the chance to see if it does actually work against Taniks with Divinity. Will test tomorrow.

The secondary effect cites an increase to resilience, recovery, and class ability regen speed. Interestingly enough, this effect seemed to only activate DURING the Security encounter, and appeared in the form of a "Stat Boost" buff on the side of the screen. It was not present before the encounter began, and for some reason doesn't seem to be active on the far ends of the room near the Operator doors? Almost like it has a "range" of some sort within the encounters itself. I did not try to see if the buff worked in the Storm encounter. No changes could be seen to my stats if I looked in my inventory with the boost.


As for Enhanced Suppressor, I'd imagine the lower damage would be in the form of a percentage decrease– nothing too different from the likes of Resistance mods or Protective Light. The grenade stun likely "blinds" enemies upon them being hit, if I am correct. I surprisingly haven't seen it in action.

I wrote this up in case anyone was interested in how these mods worked and how much stacking them really mattered. I haven't really seen anything on this myself, so I figured I'd share my findings. Having just 1 stack of the mod feels pointless, though stacking multiple obviously results in a decent amount of benefit.

My issue personally is that a lot of these benefits just feel minute in the raid itself. Heavy Ammo is not something that needs boosting as the only mainstream heavies used for encounters are mainly Lament, Guillotine, and Anarchy. Lament and Anarchy are not ammo-hungry weapons by any means, and Guillotine is typically for utility for those using Cloudstrike/Divinity. The only "powerful" enemies are Overload Captains and Dark Council Guards, unless you count the buff vandals and other occurring majors and brigs throughout the Storm and Morningstar interludes. The periodic healing is nice, though it's no different from just having 10 recovery and hiding behind a corner. Herd Thinner is just a weaker version of Transcendent Blessing.

To me, these mods are not worth their high cost and definitely not worth building around. I'd imagine the 4th and 5th stacks may produce huge benefit, but I don't have a full set of armor on a character yet to test. Even still, Warmind Cell mods and Charged with Light mods are cheaper and provide more benefit in all of PvE, INCLUDING the raid, than these raid mods do in their own activity. They could use some work.

Hope these numbers helped someone.

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