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Raid Concept – Return to the Vault

destiny2 9 - Raid Concept - Return to the Vault

I am not a game designer. I'm just some dude on the internet with an idea that might have some potential in the right hands. I won't be getting into any specific gameplay elements or mechanics because it's really not important to the core of this idea – being able to observe and indirectly interact with your past Vault team.

Throughout the raid imagine being able to view your past team off to the side, visible in another room from your location, maybe through a portal or as transparent shades in your current environment. I believe this would be possible based on NPC interactions with enemies already in the game (Zavala, Ikora, Cayde, Saint). The Past Team NPC's would be the same class compilation as your current team. Aesthetic would be different, obviously. NPC roles could be dictated by Roster. So let's get on with it.

Why are we going back to the Vault in the first place? Maybe Atheon is coming back from another timeline. Maybe it's a different Vex badass. Maybe Osiris is detecting a ripple in time…

Your existence is in jeapordy because just like Praedyth and Kabr, you never made it out of the Vault of Glass.

Original Vault – OV

Return to the Vault – RTTV

The Spire (Entrance):

  • OV: Build the spire to open the gate.
  • RTTV: The gate is already open and the spire is already built. We've already been here afterall. Defeat the Vex flooding out of the entrance to stop you.

The Trial of Kabr hallway:

  • OV: Yay a chest! Proceed onward!
  • RTTV: Past team becomes visible running down an adjacent hallway. We can't follow them directly but we are heading in the same general direction.

Confluxes and Oracles and Templars, Oh My! (1st Encounter):

  • OV: Deal with the confluxes and oracles. Avoid the Templar until the Relic is available. Use the Relic. Take down the Templar shield. Kill the Templar.
  • RTTV: Your old team will need the relic soon. Kabr created it by sacrificing the remnants of his Light, but after all this time the Vex found a way to seal some of its power – it's currently not strong enough. Disrupt the seal so your past team will be able to use it. Also create the cleansing fountain of light for your past team. When the Templar is not fighting your past team, it is trying to stop your present team. Watch as your past team fights and kills the Templar. Neat! What rocket launcher are they using?

With the Templar dead, another Vex boss takes notice of you and attempts to stop you… your past you. Follow it, track it down, stop it from interfering with the events of the past.


Gorgon Labyrinth & Jumping Puzzle (2nd Encounter 1st Boss):

  • OV: Make it through without being spotted.
  • RTTV: Your past team doesn't need direct help getting through here but the Vex boss from before is still trying to stop them. Prevent the Vex from sending reinforcements into the past and chase down the boss to end it. (Similar to the Shuro Chi fight)

Vault of Glass (Gatekeeper) (3rd Encounter):

  • OV: Kill the Gatekeeper. Defend the conflux. Grab the relics from the distant past (not Venus) and distant future (not Mars) Vex timegates.
  • RTTV: Unseal the relics in the distant past and distant future portals for your past team. Atheon is here and is doing everything it can to stop you.

Vault of Glass (Atheon) (4th Encounter):

  • OV: During this encounter Atheon will fling three members of the team into one of the portals. Retrieve your fireteam members from the portal. Kill Atheon.
  • RTTV: Unseal the Relic for your past team. Work to indirectly weaken Atheon. Destroy all resistance to your assistance and watch as your past selves defeat Atheon and dance around.

Guardians Make Their Own Fate (5th Encounter 2nd Boss):

  • RTTV: You have secured your history. Now make sure the Vex can't meddle here any further. Unseal the relic again, this time overcharging it with your own power for your present team. Atheon may have been Time's Conflux, but it didn't create the Vault. Defeat the Vault daddy boss and do enough damage to the vault in the process to disable its time bending attributes. Receive the Vex Mythoclast for your trouble.

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