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Raid DPS in the Season of Arrivals

destiny2 6 - Raid DPS in the Season of Arrivals

Hi. back again this season. I made a similar post last season that I like to think helped popularize Xeno as a dps option, but now that we're seeing a lot of posts asking about boss dps I thought it worth writing up a new and updated post for DPS this season even if not much has changed. So here we go.

Again I'll be going by each raid (and encounter if necessary). Things such as bubbles and wells will be assumed so I won't be mentioning them.

Disclaimer: Again these won't necessarily be the most optimal DPS, but instead the most convenient/consistent DPS options.

  • Garden of Salvation.
    Consecrated Mind: Hunters and Titans – XenophageWarlocks – Divinity/1KV
    Sanctified Mind: Hunters and Titans – XenophageWarlocks – 1KV

Notes: Nothing has really changed here since last season. Xenophage is still the braindead easiest option for titan and hunter. Warlocks are on div duty as per usual for consecrated and for sanctified a tether hunter is best. Though if no hunter is comfortable hitting the tether then a warlock can pick up the divinity again instead.
Also to officially debunk this misconception. Divinity does NOT allow 1kv or xeno to crit. It is PURELY a debuff. You get no crit bonus whatsoever. These. Guns. Cannot. Crit. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

  • Last Wish.
    Kali: 6 whirlwind swords with plenty of oppressive nades – Falling Guillotine is by far the best sword
    Shuro: Swords again
    Morgeth: Guess what.. more swords 🙂 – (Hit detection is a little weird here but at least with falling guillotine you shouldn't have any problems doing plenty of dmg for the 1 phase.) – Acrius/Whisper/Spike Gl's/Prospector are all fine here too.
    Riven: No one saw this one coming. Swords again!

Notes: You can literally run swords for the entirety of Last Wish, makes it a pretty simple raid to set up for.

  • Scourge of the Past.
    Insurrection Prime: Whisper or unironically Heir apparent.
    Darci and Queensbreaker are being recommended by a lot of people, don't entirely recommend them myself but enough people seem convinced that I decided to add them here.

  • Crown of Sorrows.
    Deception: Swords again with oppressive nades, 1 person with anarchy for continuous shield breaks
    Ghalran: 6 acrius and plenty of oppressive nades

  • Leviathan.
    Calus: As per usual, pretty much any decent weapon will do here.
    Spire: Wardcliff. You can run swords for a laugh but they can be a bit finicky with hit detection
    EoW: Whisper or a Special Sniper + Anarchy

Notes: In terms of Special snipers the current best DPS option is Distant Tumulus with Tactical Mag, Clown Cartridge and Firing line. Sadly it's a hard gun to farm for so alternative options include:

  • Kinetics:
    Long Shadow (appended mag + triple tap)
    Tranquility(appended mag, firing line/fourth times the charm) – Getting Sunset
    Supremacy(tact mag/triple tap)
  • Energy:
    Ikelos (tact, triple tap/fourth times, high impact reserves)
    Persuader(tact, triple tap) – Getting Sunset
    Sole Survivor(appended, triple/fourth, firing line) – Getting Sunset

  • Honourable mentions:Izanagis (+ Wendigo): Still remains some of the highest DPS in the game. Its considerably harder to run consistently though so I wouldn't generally recommend it.
    Grenade Launchers: Whilst not as popular as they once were (Anarchy aside) Spike 120s and 150s are still a solid dps option, prospector included.
    Tractor Cannon: Still a great gun but not necessary since this season brought back oppressive nades.
    Witherhoard: Pairs greatly with swords. Didn't mention it earlier as its not necessary but merely complimentary. More damage certainly doesn't hurt though. Can also be used with a heavy spike gl as a budget mtop/anarchy combo if you wanna shake things up a bit.

That concludes the post. Hopefully this helps anyone wondering about the various DPS metas this season. Though not much has changed, having oppressive back is really nice since it allows for there to be more people doing DPS now.

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