Destiny 2

Raid DPS in the Season of the Hunt

destiny2 2 - Raid DPS in the Season of the Hunt

Another season another post. It's been a while and there are less raids to cover now but with the introduction of a new raid perhaps some of you who don't watch streams or youtube videos all too often are wondering what the best dps loadouts are for each encounter.

Once again I'll be going by each raid (and encounter if necessary). This time around I will be mentioning buffs and debuffs (for the new raid at least…. seeing as its new and all).

Disclaimer: Yet again these won't necessarily be the most optimal DPS, but instead the most convenient/consistent DPS options.

Deep Stone Crypt

  • Security: Acrius, Xeno, Heavy GL's, 4th Horseman and other Special shotguns

Notes: I was hesitant to even mention this encounter as it's not technically a boss/DPS encounter but thought I'd throw it out there just in case. But really any decent and reliable dps is good here. I wouldn't recommend snipers though as you need to be aware of the ads around you, particularly those damn explosive shanks. Also don't bother with anarchy, you want stuff that hits hard and fast not sustained dmg over a long period.

  • Atraks-1: Lament with lucent blade, use bubbles/wells and tether when available. Other legendary adaptive swords will work but frankly Lament blows them all out of the water.

Notes: Lucent blade and bubble/well do not stack but if you don't have lucent blade or if you're ever lacking charged with light the option to use a bubble/well instead is recommended.

  • Taniks: 5x Kinetic Slug + Special Slug (both with assault mag and autoloading) + Anarchy
    1 person with divinity.
    Ideally you'd have a bubble placed outside the boss debris circle and a luna well right inside it to maximise dps but frankly only a well is really necessary.

Clip of maximised quickswitch:
Clip of relaxed alternative:

Notes: This is an unusual loadout but its by far the highest dps, there's also a nice flexibility with the loadout, where you can choose to learn to quickswitch for maximising dps or not bother and simply switch between the two specials whenever. If you dont have a good slug, snipers + anarchy will do just fine here as well but seeing as there are a lot of slugs available this season it shouldn't be too much of an issue to obtain some.Also just to be clear, I'm aware you have no primary. You really don't need it, the ads are a pushover, and you can use anarchy freely as really 6 shots are all you need for the DPS phase.

Garden of Salvation.

  • Consecrated Mind: Hunters and Titans – Xenophage
    Warlocks -Divinity/Whisper/Xenophage

  • Sanctified Mind: Hunters and Titans – Xenophage
    Warlocks – 1KV/Whisper

Notes: Nothing has changed here as we got little to no impactful sandbox changes with this dlc. All that said, once again warlocks get the short end of the stick being the designated div bot. For Sanctified hunter tether is still technically the better debuff but if you're looking for consistency then its a div yet again.

Last Wish.

  • Kali: 5x Lament or adaptive frame swords with relentless and whirlwind, 1 person on tractor and slug shotguns.

  • Shuro: Same again

  • Morgeth: I haven't yet tried Lament here but provided the hit detection is forgiving enough it should be the best option, if not then any adaptive frame sword with whirlwind should work or alternatively – Acrius/Whisper/Spike Gl's/Prospector are all fine here too.
    Also don't forget a debuff like tractor or tether here

  • Riven: 5x Lament and swords again with 1 using tractor and a shotgun

Notes: Seeing as this is Last Wish, it's pretty much all swords again, surprisingly literally no one. That said we no longer have oppressive nades and with the introduction of Lament and the guillotine nerf the options are a little more varied now. Lament has by far the best burst dmg of any of the swords and holds its own for sustained dps. Guillotine now falls behind in dps to other adaptive frame swords as it has a significantly longer heavy attack animation which tanks its dps, though due to the nature of the animation, it's practically impossible to miss on a boss so still holds its own as a good choice.

Honourable Mentions

  • Izanagis (+ Autoloading GL): Whilst nowhere as potent as its sunset wendigo variant, it's still certainly a viable dps loadout. Albeit a lot of effort for really at best comparable damage to other simpler DPS options. It no longer out performs by a large margin like it used to do.

  • Witherhoard: Can't be used with Lament but its a nice complimentary gun if you've chosen to use a legendary sword instead.

That about wraps it up, much to the dismay of many avid raiders I'm sure. Despite the few raids we have left the new one is amazing and I highly recommend to anyone that has yet to run it, get on it as soon as possible as its a really great experience all around. Especially the space walk area.
That aside, it's a little disappointing we got so few sandbox changes for the PVE meta this season but there's a bunch of interesting new weapons at least.
Also I didn't mention Eye of Tomorrow in this post as firstly I don't yet have it and although it does comparable damage to quite a few dps options, I'm not sure on its viability for bosses such as Consecrated mind or Sanctified.
Perhaps I'll update this post in the future if more info comes to light.

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