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Raid Mechanics Explained: Leviathan

destiny2 5 - Raid Mechanics Explained: Leviathan

leviathanraidconceptart5 - Raid Mechanics Explained: Leviathan

The Leviathan was once a prison ship, used to exile the Cabal Emperor, Calus, after he was overthrown by Ghaul during the Midnight Coup. As the ship floated through the cosmos, the former Emperor entered a depression, one that would not be broken until the Leviathan steered into a portion of space where nothing had existed. (believed but not confirmed to house Pyramid ships). From this void Calus had a revelation: the world was going to end, might as well go out with a party. The Leviathan was converted to a golden luxury ship and the loyalists became a hedonistic cult that would party until the apocalypse. (source: confessions lore book).

The Leviathan itself is far smaller than one would expect. Yes, it is eating Nessus, but Nessus is only 60 miles in diameter, making the Leviathan too small to even eat our Moon, much less Earth. According to the "I am alive" lore card, it is based on the leviathan from the books of sorrow.

Calus has arrived at this system to witness the apocalypse, and possibly recruit the Young Wolf into his organization of shadows, after they killed Ghaul. Most of the Leviathan was set up as a challenge, but the mechanics can still be explained by lore, if one is observant enough.

The Bathhouses:

The royal baths contain a mystery liquid (likely water) mixed in with Royal Nectar. Royal Nectar is the purple substance found throughout the raid. Created from the ground up soil of Nessus (source: menagerie dialouge), this Nectar can be crystalized, turned into a fine wine, or steamed into a vapor. According to Calus, this creates an aroma that "sooths the body and mind" of the cabal. However, if you are human, you will be killed by toxic vapor fumes (source: deathscreen).

The baths are mixed with the nectar through the 9 crystals found in the middle. Once the nectar crystals are destroyed, the water is safe to stand on. For this challenge, Calus has provided the Guardians with Psionic Orbs that protect them from the vapor. The chains which the Guardians raise are likely used for replacing the nectar, requiring all four to be raised at once to avoid accident.

The baths are also used to birth warriors for the Loyalists, and the Bathers you fight were actually cloned on the spot. They are created from the DNA of the greatest matrial artists in cabal history, and are effectively spawnkilled. (source: Shadow's Plate chestpiece)

The Pleasure Gardens:

The Royal Beasts are completely unrelated to the war beasts used by the Red Legion. These beasts are blind, have split jaws, and no plating (scales?), as regular war beasts do. Their howl is Psionic in nature, collapsing the minds of any who hear it for to long, leading me to believe that they are native to the Psion's homeworld rather than the Cabal's. The beast also leave a trail of a psionic something wherever they step, with which they can sense movement. The Royal Beasts you fight are all named after famous cabal, such as Tau'arc, Aru'un, and interestingly Zahn and Grask.


The plants seem to have some natural relation to the royal beasts. The beasts approach them to begin their psionic howl, but at the same time their pollen, when covering a weapon, will damage them. Perhaps activating the pollen with the prism weapon makes it toxic. (speculation). The prism is just a fancy crystal that can focus and redirect the yellow energy which Calus releases in the gardens.

The Gauntlet:

Gauntlet is straight forward to explain. Its a wipeout coarse made by Calus. The balls you pick up are psionic in nature, and will collapse your mind if you hold them for too long without picking up another. The Psionic Councilors will do the same if not punched. Bring 9 balls to the center of the gauntlet and you are done.

Emperor Calus:

When you see Calus, you'll find him drinking wine, from a cup you can fit in, in the middle of the day like the trashy motherfucker he is. You should be tipped off to the fact that he is a robot when you notice that the chalice is empty.

The Calus bot is one of hundreds that the real Calus has mass produced. It is armed with an arm mounted "Vengence Cannon", a head mounted lazer known as "Emporer's Gaze", and an AoE weapon called an afterburn blast (which very much resembles a giant firebolt grenade). The robots also are tied to Calus's psions, as the wipe attack, called an Imperial Nova, is activated when Calus's void projection creates a psionic overload.

The void room itself is a nightmare realm maintained by Calus's psions (Vest of Feltroc). The orbs are simply psionic teleporters from the realm to the throne room.

The three symbols on Calus's head are placed there on purpose as a part of Calus's challenge. The fact that the projection is psionic explains how each guardian sees a different symbol. Once players reach the end of the void room, the psionic overload is unleashed and Calus starts spitting skulls. Since we are talking about psychic entities, we can assume that the Force of Will buff is literal force of will. The plates, in turn, could be machines that will buff damage based on the user's force of will.

TL;DR the Callus boss fight is mostly psionic projections and technology, and the buffs are litteral. Calus himself may be creating some of it himself, but we do not know. (sorry if this part is hard to follow)

Edit: some of the people on the lore sub have dug up entries I missed and I have edited the post accordingly. Thanks to u/Jonny_Anonymous and u/CroqueteDeFlango

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