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Raid Mechanics Explained with Lore: The Deep Stone Crypt

destiny2 1 - Raid Mechanics Explained with Lore: The Deep Stone Crypt

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That concept probably isn't the crypt but it looks close enough

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I promised one person I'd do Garden and another that I'd do raid lairs so here is neither. This raid has a lot of speculation to it, but can be reasonably explained.


Short recap of the lore for the deep stone crypt.

Origin of the Crypt: In the late Golden Age, Clovis was brought to Castalia Macula region of Europa by visions from the pyramids, trying to find a means to eternal life. There he found one of the veiled woman statues we have seen, which he dubbed Clarity Control, and discovered that by introducing vex milk to its dark energy, he can create a substance which can sustain an Exo's mind without them going crazy. So, he constructed the crypt around this statue as a hidden place to convert exos and a nuclear space station, known as the Morning Star, to act as a failsafe were it ever compromised.

House Salvations Plan: Its about a thousand years later and its time to compromise it. House Salvation does with to create fallen exos, but their main goal is to harness the power of Clarity Control. This is said twice, once when the raid starts and in the post raid cutscene. Their attempts to harvest vex milk have resulted in Riis Reborn being overrun with vex and Eramis has been killed, but that's not going to stop them. Harnessing the statue would take the fallen well beyond just using splinters, so we're sent in to take them out.

The Storm:

Mechanics: The Guardians have arrived at a rather inconvenient time: one of the coldest snowstorms in the past week, right above the crypt. Its bad, really bad. Cold enough for a sunbreaker in full crystocrene armor to freeze to death in seconds, and cold enough for the fallen to need to create heat domes for themselves, which the guardians use.

Weather on Europa?: The origin of this storm, or any of the other storms on Europa, is unknown. Europa has no atmosphere and, according to both Clovis and Aunor, has never been terraformed by anyone, so these storms are not natural. However, according to Elise, whiteouts were still an issue during the Golden Age. There is only one source of these storms that seems reasonable, and that's Clarity Control. There's no direct evidence for this, but no other plausible reasons either.

Crypt Security:

Upon entering the Crypt, one guardian tries to grab an augment and the security system activates, which will vaporize anyone in the room unless destroyed.

Augments: The Crypt runs on a system of augments: scanner, operator, and suppressor, which, when attached to a person, give them access to certain technologies. In this case, personnel with operator augments have access to all the doors and buttons, while personnel with the scanner augment can see otherwise invisible parts of technology. These augments can be transferred through the small stations strewn across the Crypt.

This works as both a set of tools and a security measure. For example, opening up the crypt security requires both a scanner and operator personnel. The operator can enter in the buttons required and the scanner can see which buttons need to be pressed. This, I assume, would normally be done for maintenance. So Guardians do this to blow it up.

Unique Enemies: To stop us, House Salvation sends their Dark Council Guard (who have done a poor job at guarding the dark council), as well as sentinel servitors, who are rigged to interfere with the augment's transfer stations. It is interesting that these servitors are not defiled, when even House Salvation's prime servitor is. It demonstrates a unique level of respect for them.

Mechanics: The Crypt Security System is about a 1000 years old at this point, and is a tad buggy. One of the 6 fuses is faulty and will not prematurely detonate if destroyed. Anyone with the scanner augment in the basement can see this faulty fuse and tell the guardians upstairs which one to shoot. Breaking it causes another fuse to go haywire, and the guardians repeat this process until the security system is destroyed. There was probably another way to deactivate it but, meh. We didn't have time to find that anyway.

Though destroying the security system activates the Crypt's AI, who wakes up to see the Crypt, and space station, infested with aliens and 6 magicians with guns. He's not too happy about that.

Atraks-1, Fallen Exo:

My team spent 10 hours on this asshole.

Who is Atraks?: Atraks is Eramis's youngest lieutenant. She was born well into the decline of the Fallen Houses in Sol and appeals to the younger Eliksni in the system for House Salvation. With the Crypt, she has become the system's first Fallen Exo, and has brought a freind.


How is Taniks Back?: Taniks, is not an exo. He is not inside an exo body like Atraks, and its not really possible to download the consciousness of someone who has been dead for four years. Judging from the purple mist coming out of the pod, I'd say he was ressurected with darkness, almost like a more refined version of scorn resurrection that doesn't make you go crazy.

Why Taniks?: Well, nepotism mostly. He and Eramis knew each other quite well and Taniks is a rather capable mercenary. They likely would not have stopped with him and could have brought back Phylaks, Praxis, and Kridis. Infact, this is probably what Kridis was talking about when she said she can bring Eramis back from the dead.

Atraks Mechanics: Atraks is able to create replications of herself. Since this is done by realeasing what I can only describe as purple ghosts from her body, it is a safe bet to say that this is a power from Clarity Control. She creates 4 bodies in the Crypt and 4 bodies in the Morning Star room above. However, as the first fallen exo, her body has vulnerabilities. When she starts her wipe attack, dubbed "replicated ruin" (so probably a dark power), one of her bodies will be open to attack and the scanner will be able to see which exo body is faulty. Damaging one darkness clone damages all of them and stops her wipe attack.

Replications: However, killing one releases what I will dub a "weird ass ether ghost", which will kill everyone if left unchecked. It can attach itself to a guardian (which it will use to try and reform itself) and can be shot off a guardian by an operator. So guardians throw these souls into an airlock on Morning Star.

It is interesting that the operator can interfere with certain dark magics (we see this later too), possibly as part of Clovis's experiments.

Nuclear Descent:

Were off to hunt Taniks, and while were passing through the most beautiful section in a raid, the AI starts talking some mad shit and starts the nuclear descent failsafe protocol. Essentially, hes gonna crash the Morning Star into Europa and destroy the whole moon. However, while were in the control room trying to stop this, we have to deal with Taniks.

Mechanics: This is the room which generates nuclear cores as part of the descent protocol. Operators can stop one from generating at any given time (likely so that 3 are needed to stop the protocol), and there are canisters which can contain cores in the event of an emergency. With a scanner, one can see which canisters are active. However, Taniks, likely through his own technology, interferes with the canisters and they cannot be open until he is suppressed.

Suppressor Augment: The suppressor is another augment which allows personnel to use security drones. A guardian uses all three of the drones in the room to shut down Taniks and thus the interference so the nukes can be stored safely. We do this until the ship crashes to the ground, and escape through a saferoom, locking Taniks out.

Augment Disabled: Augments in this room are a bit buggy and occasionally just straight up break and need to be put back in the transfer station.

Taniks, The Abomination:

What Happened to Taniks: On board the Morning Star, the fallen had what I will dub a "nuclear shank", a massive shank with the Morning Star's nuclear cores rigged to it as a power source. As the space station crashes to the ground, Tanik's legs end up melding to the top of this shank, creating the Abomination. I somewhat doubt Taniks actually has much control over the shank, and he has to lean in a direction to get it to move.

Mechaniks: We're back at the start of the raid, and around us are the debris from the space station. Luckily, that included augment stations and nuclear containers. This is great because we need to keep this haywire shank from exploding, and to do that we shoot out the cores, take them to the canisters, and suppress Taniks, just like before.

Tanik's Attacks: It seems Taniks has access to the same new power Atraks had. He is able to redirect the debris from Morning Star onto guardians, and is able to trap them in a bubble which only an operator can destroy.

Damage Phase: After taking out all of the nuclear cores, the shank goes haywire, releasing a ring of arc energy which throws debris around and leaves Taniks open to damage. After damaging him enough, he becomes completely vulnerable and rapidly teleports around the area until he either sets of a nuke or is killed.

TLDR: the fallen are using a new form of Darkness to bring back the dead, while we use bray technology to defeat them and stop the AI from blowing up Europa

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