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Recap for the Year of Shadowkeep

destiny2 8 - Recap for the Year of Shadowkeep

Quite a bit of stuff has happened since the launch of Shadowkeep exactly one year ago today (October 1st, 2019), so I wanted to take a look back at all of the memories that our Guardians might've had over that period. It was… an interesting year to say the least. Let's get into it:

October 1st: The Moon was closed for 7 to 8 hours after launch due to server mishaps, but we got to see a dormant Pyramid Ship and Nightmares manifest for the first time in-game.

Nightmare Hunts were available upon completing the campaign, and the Nightfall: The Ordeal playlist introducing Champion enemies launched with The Pyramidion strike on Io.

Pinnacle Power cap was 960.

October 5th: The Garden of Salvation raid launched and the World's First team was from the Ascend clan. Jötunn, Sealed Ahamkara Grasps, and Peregrine Greaves were all disabled during Contest mode as they were in a bugged state at the time of release. The Vex Offensive six-player seasonal activity also launched at the same time.

October 6th: The Divinity quest in Garden of Salvation was discovered and completed.

October 19th: Telesto was disabled for the first time as a bug that allowed nearly instant full Super energy was discovered with the Enhanced Ashes to Assets mod. Telesto began accumulating more exploits throughout the year, but none of them warranted Bungie to re-disable it.

October 29th: The Pit of Heresy dungeon was released and Zulmak was conquered by many, as well as a secret boss named Volmâr that finished the quest for Xenophage. It also replaced the old activity fighting Nightmare Ogres in Sorrow's Harbor with a horde mode called Altars of Sorrow. A new Crucible game mode Momentum Control also rolled out for the first time.

November 6th: Bagel4k was the first person to reach 999 Power (and subsequently four digits), and was guided through The Shattered Throne dungeon by Gladd from the Redeem clan to see if the curse on the Dreaming City could be broken.

November 7th: Pinnacle Power rewards were permanently changed to offer +2 bonus instead of +1, which greatly changed the grind of Power leveling.

November 19th: The Vex Portal that had been in construction for weeks behind Ikora in The Tower finished and The Undying Mind was slain in multiple realities.

December 10th: Season of Dawn launched with significant Solar subclass changes (e.g. Weighted Knife and Knock 'Em Down for Hunter and Celestial Fire/Heat Rises/Double Icarus Dash for Warlock), and class ability cooldowns were altered to be governed by a particular stat and Paragon mods were phased out.

The Recluse was finally nerfed on non-precision damage, Xenophage was buffed considerably, and Divinity was nerfed to not stack with other debuffs. Exotic Engrams and Fated Engrams unified and granted only Exotic Armor if all other Exotics were obtained.

Cabal were added as Champions in Nightfall: The Ordeal, The Sundial was launched as another six-player seasonal activity, and the Corridors of Time Part 1 mission began in an effort to save Saint-14.

Pinnacle Power cap increased to 970.

December 17th: The Corridors of Time Part 2 mission released and Saint-14 left the Infinite Forest for good.

December 20th: Saint-14 parked his iconic jumpship in The Hangar and became a new vendor in The Tower. Soccer was retired as an activity in that location.

January 7th: The quest for Devil's Ruin went live and the comedic dialogue between Lord Shaxx, Osiris, and Saint-14 ensued. Wormgod Caress was disabled for the first time as a bug allowed retaining the Burning Fists perk when switching gauntlets.

January 10th: Winter's Guile joined the ranks of Wormgod Caress in being disabled for the first time due to a similar bug allowing for retention of the Warlord's Sigil perk while switching gauntlets. The two Exotics were disabled a few more times afterward, breaking the record of most time disabled.

January 14th: The Corridors of Time was mysterious opened with no clear mission attached and an infinite amount of time to explore. It was the setup for a new community puzzle akin to Niobe Labs that had to be solved to unlock a new Exotic weapon quest.

January 20th: The Corridors of Time puzzle was officially solved after six full days and the quest for the Exotic Fusion Rifle Bastion was released for players to earn.

January 28th: A bugged hotfix launched that accidentally removed some currencies and materials of all players, causing Bungie to extend maintenance time to perform their first ever server rollback.

February 4th: The Empyrean Foundation community event launched which allowed players to donate the Seasonal material (Polarized Fractaline) at The Tower Obelisk, in exchange for quick Seasonal bounty progression and to receive plenty of upgrade materials and weapons. Multiple stages of donations up to Stage 7 were added and shown in the Crucible playlist, and when the final stage was reached, The Lighthouse would be rekindled for future use.

February 26th: Stage 7 was finally met with 9,777,777,000 Polarized Fractaline donated and the cutscene to rekindle The Lighthouse would be unlocked for all players. At the same time, Trials of Osiris was officially revealed to come back in mid-March.


March 10th: Season of the Worthy launched with general subclass/ability tuning. Sword use got a complete overhaul and relied on melee energy (which would drain and recharge on its own) to perform heavy attacks and guard. As a result of one change, you could not use any Warlock Glide off of a ledge with the Worldline Zero's Tesseract perk activated, which shook up the speedrunning community. The Honed Edge perk on Izanagi's Burden no longer was affected by any reload-increasing buffs or mods.

Emblems gained a new system where you could add a stat tracker (legacy to seasonal) of your choosing to any emblem you like, the Quest tab added a new Categories overlay to sort any quests with ease, and head auras from Prestige Leviathan and Nightfall completions were removed from the game.

Fallen were added as Champions in Nightfall: The Ordeal, the Seraph Tower Public Event was added as a seasonal activity, and all of Ana Bray's voice lines in the game were updated from Jamie Chung's to Erika Ishii's, including new dialogue for the season itself.

Bungie switched from direct P2P networking to Steam's datagram relay to prevent DDoS attacks in Trials of Osiris, but it unintentionally caused a major spike of "beaver" and related connection-based errors over the season's duration.

Pinnacle Power cap increased to 1010.

March 13th: Trials of Osiris was rebranded and launched after player efforts from the Empyrean Foundation of the Season prior. Artifact Power was mistakenly enabled for the first week, but was disabled from week two and onward. Saint-14 also became the vendor and announcer for Trials of Osiris.

March 17th: The Fourth Horseman quest went live and the legendary Shaxxercise mixtape in Commander Zavala's office was revealed.

April 7th: Rasputin's monitors which display the Solar System in all Seraph Bunkers updated for the first time to show two red blinking triangles at the far-right edge. Every Tuesday reset onward it would update with more red blinking triangles, which were soon discovered to be active Pyramid Ships invading the Solar System.

April 21st: Grandmaster difficulty of Nightfall: The Ordeal was launched with The Insight Terminus strike on Nessus. The difficulty of the Seraph Tower Public Event increased as two support towers could activate at once and the charge cycles required more effort. Seraph Ordnance Beacons erected all over the backdrops of the EDZ, Io, and the Moon, and a small side activity involving Rasputin's combat frames protecting Sleeper Nodes appeared in all three locations as well.

Guardian Games made its debut as the three-week Spring activity involving Eva Levante offering bounties to earn three different medals: Bronze, Silver, and Gold to bank them in The Tower to represent your Guardian class. A new Exotic Machine Gun Heir Apparent was available if most of the triumphs during the event were completed.

May 12th: Titans emerged victorious in the Guardian Games by a long mile as they secured a win in 20 of the 21 days that the event was live. A golden statue of a lion representing the Titan class fending off the animals that represent the other two classes was placed right beside Zavala in The Tower as a result.

Another community-driven event akin to Empyrean Foundation started in an effort to arm Rasputin by means of completing nine million Seraph Tower Public Events (three million per location), but individual Guardian completions counted. Due to an influx of concerns over the likelihood of not completing the goal within the Season, progress was updated to have a 5x multiplayer on weekdays and 10x on weekends.

May 17th: The Seraph Tower community goal was achieved and all players were able to pick up The Lie quest from Ana Bray. Unfortunately, when players progressed to the final step where you needed to access the Moon Bunker by means of a mission, a bug caused the mission flag to be incorrectly linked to The Sanctuary spawn location, so it was effectively impossible to obtain the weapon.

May 21st: A hotfix was deployed to fix the bug for The Lie quest and people were able to obtain the Legendary Shotgun Felwinter's Lie, which was revamped from Destiny.

May 26th: The Almighty faintly appeared in The Tower skybox and partially eclipsed The Sun, and a new ominous music track would play when transmatting into The Tower.

June 2nd: The Almighty became visibly closer and largely eclipsed The Sun.

June 6th: The very first live event in Destiny's history, called Sister's Vengeance, started at 10 AM PST and ended at 11:30 AM PST in The Tower. Guardians gathered to witness The Almighty slowly get bombarded by Rasputin's ordnance from satellites that were made as a result of the community-wide Seraph Tower event. The core of The Almighty eventually gave way and exploded in a spectacular fashion, which sent a large wing to come crashing down into the mountain range behind The Last City. A sizeable piece of debris permanently ravaged the backside of Eververse Trading Co., and a tall antenna went missing from the ensuing shockwave. For three days, smaller debris was still seen falling from the sky in the distance of The Tower skybox.

June 9th: Season of Arrivals launched…

Okay, I've been writing this all day – I'm sure we remembered pretty clearly what happened this Season thus far (and there's a few more things to come). So, that brings me to my final question: What's your best memory of Year 3? I'd like to hear your thoughts!

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