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Recognizing Constructive Criticism about Destiny 2

destiny2 9 - Recognizing Constructive Criticism about Destiny 2

I understand that many enjoy this game but I feel the need to hold Bungie to decisions that are affecting the game by taking steps backwards should at least be recognized. There have been numerous amount of posts regarding the negative amount of maps/playable activity we received for strikes/crucible/gambit as well as sunsetting/same armor for Van/Cru/Gam + Iron Banner correlating that there are obvious issues with certain choices that are being made. I could understand how some would just eat up anything Bungie gives them but the need to defend their actions even if it is backwards is what generally is holding us back for a better game.

Obviously my single reddit post won't do much or amount to anything since it appears that the overwhelming majority of people are very happy with Bungie's decision to give us negative maps, same armor and sunsetting plus those defending these great decisions.

It was stated that if the game went free to play we'd get free Crucible maps. How did we go free to play and end up with a negative amount of maps for the game. Sure you can argue lore and how the maps in Gambit are in the drifters wagon and that's why we have those maps but at the end of the day the only content that is refreshing enough or given us that's new is Eververse.

Year by year, title by title there is an obvious disconnect with Bungie and the community. They have been listening for years and it seems that we are in worse state. Even their break from Actvision which everyone was so cheery about shows that at the end of the day these decisions are still there regardless of they partnered with.


Furthermore, the blatant issues with the charging($$) of Beyond Light in comparison to other DLC's being released is abhorrently comical since we are in a worse state of what we pay vs what we get.

All in all I respect constructive criticism and I think that those who still are holding onto hope and are messaging me from my past posts on how I don't know what I'm talking about or that their decisions are great as well as I'm being negative can have a lovely day. Because if observing factual tendencies across both titles and their actions with or without a publisher is considered to be "negative" then okay you can live in that world of full compliance.

As for those dredgen's, who feel so happy about the state of the game and pming me stuff do not fret I'm "listening".


"The last thing we wanted was for you to look at your favorite gun or helmet and decide that it had become obsolete. Since the reveal, we’ve read a lot of ideas for how this could have been done better. Your feedback is clear: The time you have invested in your stuff should be respected."

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