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Reinventing D1 Exotic Weapons that aren’t in D2.

destiny2 7 - Reinventing D1 Exotic Weapons that aren't in D2.

Just my ideas for Exotics that have yet to return to D2, with ways to balance them/make them different while keeping the identity of them as much as possible. Left Hawkmoon and No Time To Explain out bc… Beyond Light. Included Vex Mythoclast even though it's undoubtedly returning because… YES. Prepares for down votes because of Ice Breaker changes**

Hereafter // Arc Sniper Rifle // Special // 140rpm/Rapid-Fire Frame

Hereafter: Crouching increases zoom, reduces flinch from incoming fire, and grants improved aim assist.

Blinded by the Light: Precision kills emit a burst of light that blind enemies caught in the radius. Defeating a blinded enemy refills the weapon's magazine.

Necrochasm // Arc Auto Rifle // Primary // 900rpm/Rapid-Fire Frame

Cursebringer: Kills with this weapon cause a Cursed Thrall explosion. Increased damage against Hive targets.

Curse Cycle: Enemies that die to the Cursed Thrall explosion create a larger and more powerful Cursed Thrall explosion. Killing enemies with explosions overflow the weapon's magazine.

Vex Mythoclast // Solar Fusion Rifle // Primary // 360rpm/Precision Frame

Timeless Mythoclast: This weapon has no charge time. It fires in a bolt with each trigger pull and in full auto. Increased damage against Vex targets.

Artifact of the Vault: Kills increase damage. Increases the fire rate the lower your health becomes.

Touch of Malice // Kinetic Scout Rifle // Primary // 260rpm/Rapid-Fire Frame

Touch of Malice: Final round of the magazine regenerates and deals bonus damage at the cost of the wielder's life force.

Touch of Mercy: Three rapid kills instantly restore a portion of health, accuracy and damage increase the lower your health becomes with one round left in the magazine.

Dreg's Promise // Arc Sidearm // Primary // 491rpm/Adaptive Frame why didn't it get brought back with LoW and Queenbreaker bungo?

Shock Rounds: Fires seeking ricochet shock rounds. Increased target acquisition.

Vow to Serve: Melee kills refund the magazine and increase the travel speed of shock rounds for a short time.

Boolean Gemini // Void Scout Rifle // Primary // 200rpm/Lightweight Frame

One Way or Another: Precision kills grant increased mobility. Non-precision kills grant increased resilience. Buffs stack up to 3x.

Two for One: When either buff is stacked to 3x, immediately grants 3x for the other buff.

The First Curse // Kinetic Hand Cannon // Primary // 110rpm/High-Impact Frame

Dead Eye: Bonus to range, stability, and movement speed while aiming down sights. Landing three precision hits in a row will return a round to the magazine.

The First Curse: First precision kill of the magazine refills it, granting bonuses to range, stability, and movement speed until reloaded.

Fabian Strategy // Kinetic Auto Rifle // Primary // 600rpm/Adaptive Frame

Front Lines: Increased handling, stability, and rate of fire while in close proximity to enemies. Kills automatically reload a portion of the magazine.

Strategic Retreat: Sliding while low on health will immediately start health regeneration and refill the magazine.

Tlaloc // Kinetic Scout Rifle // Primary // 180rpm/Precision Frame

Overflow of Light: When your super is charged, this weapon has increased handling, rate of fire, and stability.

Holding Out: Kills while your super is charged help recharge your melee, grenade, and class ability.

Zen Meteor // Solar Sniper Rifle // Special // 72rpm/High-Impact Frame

Dynamite: Grants explosive rounds. Earning kills with each shot in the magazine loads a higher damaging round with a bigger explosion.

With a Laser Beam: Earning a multikill while Dynamite is active will reactivate Dynamite again.

Patience and Time // Arc Sniper Rifle // Special // 90rpm/Adaptive Frame

Patience and Time: Crouching for a short time turns you invisible. Invisibility grants increased aim assist and greatly reduces flinch while aiming down sights.

Third Eye: Grants radar while aiming down sights, improves radar resolution and detects enemies at longer ranges.

No Land Beyond // Kinetic Sniper Rifle // Special // 72rpm/High-Impact Frame

The Master: Increased precision damage. Kills increase damage against your next target.

I Never Missed: Missing a shot may refund the round. Missing a shot greatly improves aim assist for a short time.

Ice Breaker // Solar Sniper Rifle // Special // 60rpm/High-Impact Frame

No Backpack: This weapon has no reserves. Generates ammo on solar ability or solar heavy weapon kills.


Ice Breaker: Victims spontaneously combust, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Defeating enemies grants ability energy.

Universal Remote // Kinetic Shotgun // Special // 55rpm/Aggressive Frame

Universal Remote: Range and precision damage greatly increases while aiming down sights.

The Beast Junker: Kills improve damage, range, and movement speed for a short time.

Invective // Solar Shotgun // Special // 80rpm/Lightweight Frame

Invective: Automatically reloads ammo into the magazine from reserves over time, even while active. Fires in full-auto.

Short Conversation: The final round in the magazine deals increased damage. Immediate swap speed.

Plan C // Arc Fusion Rifle // Special // 860ms charge time/High-Impact Frame

Plan C: Charge and equip speeds are automatic after swapping.

Plan Z: Swapping weapons immediately after a kill improves weapon damage.

Super Good Advice // Solar Machine Gun // Heavy // 900rpm/Rapid-Fire Frame

Super Good Advice: Missed shots may return ammo to the magazine. Landing shots may pull ammo to the magazine from reserves.

Just Listen: The longer you fire this weapon, the more damage it deals.

Nemesis Star // Solar Machine Gun // Heavy // 450rpm/Adaptive Frame

Extinction Cycle: On trigger pull, this weapon's initial burst has a higher rate of fire. Reloads faster when the magazine is empty, increases range while aiming down sights.

Strange Gravity: When holding down the trigger, range and accuracy increases as rate of fire decreases, kills grant grenade energy.

Abbadon // Solar Machine Gun // Heavy // 450rpm/Adaptive Frame

Incendiary Rounds: Rounds fired from this weapon ignite enemies, causing them to take damage over time.

Reign Fire: Kills with this weapon emit a burst of solar energy, burning nearby enemies.

Nova Mortis // Void Machine Gun // Heavy // 450rpm/Adaptive Frame

Negative Rounds: Dealing damage with this weapon drains opponents. Misguiding enemy combatants and draining ability energy from enemy guardians.

Reign Terror: Kills with this weapon emit a burst of void energy, suppressing nearby enemies.

Gjallarhorn // Solar Rocket Launcher // Heavy // 25rpm/High-Impact Frame

Wolfpack Rounds: Rounds fired from this weapon split into tracking cluster missiles upon detonation.

Legend Reborn: If all Wolfpack Rounds connect with an enemy, the next rocket's Wolfpack Rounds will deal increased damage.

Dragon's Breath // Solar Rocket Launcher // Heavy // 20rpm/Adaptive Frame

Napalm: Release trigger after weapon fire to drop a Solar damage napalm canister.

Nuclear: The longer an enemy stands in the napalm field, the more damage they'll take from it.

Raze-Lighter // Solar Sword // Heavy // Adaptive Frame

Phoenix Uppercut: Hold down the power attack button to charge the uppercut attack to deal even more damage.

Razer Blade: Fully charging the power attack will burn enemies, causing them to take damage over time.

Dark-Drinker // Void Sword // Heavy // Vortex Frame

Supermassive Vortex: Hold down the power button to extend the duration of the power attack.

Dark Matter Devourer: Kills with the power attack completely restore sword energy.

Bolt-Caster // Arc Sword // Heavy // Caster Frame

Sword of Thunder: The lightning lingers even longer.

Charged Up: Dealing damage with a full charged lightning attack will reduce grenade, melee, and ability cooldowns.

The Young Wolf's Howl // Solar Sword // Heavy // Aggressive Frame

Howling Flames: The power attack creates a solar explosion, causing enemies to take increased damage for a period of time.

Iron Lord's Blade: Increases the damage of light attacks immediately after using the power attack.

Pocket Infinity // Solar Fuson Rifle // Special // Well Be Missed Dearly

Tell me how I did, did I do terribly? Do you want to see these guns make it back into the game? Are you sad that Pocket Infinity was forgotten in Y2/3 of D1 and was basically confirmed to make a return in D2 but it only crashed the game so they scrapped it? Because me too.

Regardless though, I wanna see your ideas, and I want to see everyone tell me I should burn for thinking up such broken ideas and turning Ice Breaker into Budget Breaker™.

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