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Remove the Accuracy Debuff when getting Slowed by Stasis

destiny2 10 - Remove the Accuracy Debuff when getting Slowed by Stasis

Stasis is a super good crowd control ability.

However, it is way too strong. The thing with crowd control items like Flashbangs and Stun Grenades in a game like Call of Duty is that you have a chance to fight back. Yeah you can’t see for shit but you can hold the trigger at a certain angle angle and still hit your shots, possibly even killing the enemy that stunned you.

In Destiny 2, getting slowed gives you these effects:

-Reduce Movement Speed -Reduce Ability Regeneration -Suppresses Movement abilities (Icarus Dash and Dodge) -Reduces Weapon Stats like: -ADS Time -ADS Move Speed -Weapon Kick Direction -Weapon Accuracy

Credit to CoolGuy on YouTube for finding out what “Slow” actually does to a Guardian:
ZNvm4jDsoNE - Remove the Accuracy Debuff when getting Slowed by Stasis

That’s a LOT of debuffs for getting slowed even when you did everything right but since a Hunter threw a shuriken and it bounced off 3 walls, Zavala’s bald head and Calu’s stomach, the weapon landed and you get slowed.

Not to mention that Hunters slow enemies when they SIMPLY DODGE!! If a Hunter has Max Mobility, he’ll be able to dodge every 12 seconds. Pair that with Mask of Bakris and now the dodge is so incredibly strong that they travel further and cannot get hit when dodging. So a lucky shuriken hit and dodging now gets you frozen? That sounds pretty damn busted, not to mention the shuriken does a base 90 damage per hit so you already are going to die.

I don’t mind Hunter dodge but pairing that with the ability slow makes them so aggravating to fight. You can do everything right to get a upper hand in a gunfight and all the Hunter has to do is simply dodge and now you are at a sever disadvantage and they can finish you. If they have Bakris they can go further away and finish you off from a distance. With the accuracy debuff, it feels like the game is actively telling you to just give up.


In Overwatch, Mei has this ice beam that can freeze you in close range, it’s annoying sure but you can actually fight back if you’re quick enough. Getting slowed in Overwatch only nerfs the movement speed, so you can turn, and if the Mei is low on health, you can punish them for trying to freeze you.

In Destiny 2, if I get slowed because some Hunter pressed O twice, I might as well just not fight because any weapon I’ll shoot at them will just whiff. You should still be able to keep your accuracy if you are getting slowed, movement is a huge thing in Destiny and if I get taken from me, the least I wanna be able to do is at least hit my shots. It turns the game into “ability centric” focus. Abilities should be able to help you but if can absolutely nerf your enemy by the press of a button so they can’t hit you, then why fight?

-signed an annoyed Gunslinger getting slowed and missing all his shots because some Hunter with Felwinter’s decided to dodge and nerf my accuracy.

TLDR: Remove the Accuracy Debuff from getting Slowed by Stasis, it’s annoying to fight against and there’s no counter to being slowed.

EDIT: I wanna mention that this might not fix all of the stasis problems but the ability to put up a fight and hit my shots when I’m aiming at my enemy can go a long way.

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