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Returning Trials of the Nine as Competitive Gambit: Fan Concept

destiny2 5 - Returning Trials of the Nine as Competitive Gambit: Fan Concept

It's season 11, the City is scrambling to prepare for the Darkness, as nightmare incidents spike across the system. You are going through your normal routine and Drifter mentions that someone "new, untrustworthy, has taken his old stand by the market. She just walked out of the Haul and set up shop"

This is Lavinia, your new Trials of the Nine vendor. She is a cryptarch that went missing after she left the city in search of the Nine. Rumor has it she's partially taken, but that would be silly now wouldn't it?

She sells Trials passages for glimmer, fireteam-wide bounties that award tokens, and TotN engrams.

TotN is now competitive Gambit. Since Gambit matches take longer then crucible, you only need five wins to go flawless. However, if you loose even one two matches, you are out for the weekend loose your passage. Each successive win rewards more tokens then the last and increases the odds of masterworked loot. Going flawless lets you return to the
maxresdefault - Returning Trials of the Nine as Competitive Gambit: Fan Concept

Third Spire to pick up adept TotN gear.


Gambit works differently under TotN. The Nine want to see a fair fight, so weapons are locked and some exotics are banned. No more Truth. You cant rely on your Gambit Prime armor either, only your wits and aim. This variant of classic Gambit is announced and introduced by Lavinia herself, and the first week will be set on a new map in the Unknown Space. Each week has a set map and enemy, so players can set their gear accordingly. Boss enemies will spawn alingside ads like in Gambit Prime.

Primevals aren't going to be your standard taken. The Nine have conjured up Nightmares of standard yellow bars, meaning your going to have to focus on getting those unstable essences to maximize your damage. TotN bosses are an in-between of the free for all Gambit bosses and the heavily structured Gambit-Prime ones.

Bosses include: Nightmare Minotaur, Captain, Centurion, Ogre, and Abomination. Supporting ads correspond to the race of the boss, instead of taken.

For loot, you can treat yourself to all of the Nine themed weapons from Year 1, now with random rolls and mod slots. A few new ones will be added too, such as a Nine themed machinegun, linear fusion rifle, and bow. These are earned at the end of round, by turning in tokens with Lavinia, or reaching the Third Spire. Players who complete all of the associated triumphs will earn a new title: Primeval.

Edit: made the loss criteria less harsh.

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