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Revamped Exotic Weapons That Haven’t Returned in D2

destiny2 7 - Revamped Exotic Weapons That Haven't Returned in D2

Greetings fellow Guardians!

Long time (mostly) lurker here. I know I'm not the only one who misses some of the D1 exotic weapons. I don't know if Bungie ever plans on bringing back any of those left behind, but I think it would be fun to imagine what a D2 version of them would be like. So I took it upon myself to revamp every exotic weapon that hasn't returned.

A few things to note:

I noticed that a lot of exotic weapons we have now, including returning ones, are much more powerful than what we had in D1. In my revamps, I made changes that I thought would make each weapon more powerful than before, but also not crazy powerful compared to the current D2 selection. I also thought it was important to preserve the "spirit" of what the weapons were, so everything I did also tries to stay true to the original identity of the weapons.

Some of what I put in here was inspired by ideas I've seen from other Guardians, in particular u/profanewingss, who made their own version of this post about 6 months ago. There were some ideas in that post that I felt I just couldn't beat (increasing damage on Touch of Malice, "Holding Out" on Tlaloc. Also, I coincidentally ended up having pretty much the same ideas for Abaddon and Nova Mortis). I tried to throw my own spin on their great ideas, but the inspiration is so strong here that I figured I should give credit where it's due. If you see this u/profanewingss, I hope you enjoy it!

I want this to be a discussion (hence the flair), so feel free to present your own ideas and/or critique mine. More viewpoints are always better, and if I threw something in here that could have unintended consequences, I'd like to see how others would remedy that. All in all, I really like "armchair" game development, so this is me getting my ideas out there. Enjoy!

____________________________________________Primary Weapons_____________________________________________

BOOLEAN GEMINI // Scout // Kinetic // 180-260 Precision Frame

Intrinsic: Versatility: This weapon's sight highlights enemies. This weapon has increased target acquisition when firing from the hip

Trait 1: One Way: Increased fire rate, handling, and magazine capacity, decreased impact, range, stability, and reload speed. Precision kills grant increased agility and movement speed until this weapon is stowed. Stacks 5x (8 Agility per stack)

//OR (choose)//

Trait 2: Or Another: Increased impact, range, stability, and reload speed, decreased fire rate, handling, and magazine capacity. Non-precision kills grant increased resilience until this weapon is reloaded. Stacks 3x (10 Resilience per stack)

FABIAN STRATEGY // Auto // Kinetic // 450-600 Rapid-Fire Frame

Intrinsic: Crowd Control: This weapon gains bonus damage and increased rate of fire when at least one enemy is in very close proximity. Stacks 5x (for RPM, 0 stacks = 450, 1 stack = 480, 2 stacks = 510, 3 stacks = 540, 4 stacks = 570, 5 stacks = 600)

Trait: Front Lines: Kills with this weapon while Crowd Control is active reload a portion of the magazine based on that number of stacks. Kills while in critical health have a chance to begin health regeneration

THE FIRST CURSE // Handcannon // Kinetic // 110 High Impact Frame

Intrinsic: Dead Eye: Aiming with this weapon is incredibly fast. Increased range, stability, movement speed, and damage when ADS

Trait: Maverick: Rapidly landing precision hits has a chance of returning a round to the magazine. Precision kills move one round from reserves to the magazine, and grant increased target acquisition until the next non-precision shot

KHVOSTOV 7G-0X // Rifle // Kinetic // High-Impact, Adaptive, Rapid-Fire Frame

Choose: Modernized or classic RDS

Choose: Automatic, Burst Fire, or Semi-Auto

Choose: Inc. handling & inc. reload, inc. range & dec. reload, or inc. stability & dec. magazine capacity

Choose: Inc stability, inc. range, or inc. magazine capacity

Choose: Low ROF & inc. range, medium ROF & inc. handling, or high ROF & inc. stability

RED DEATH // Pulse // Kinetic // 340 High Impact Frame

Intrinsic: Blood Rage: This weapon receives less flinch while aiming at a target. Kills with this weapon greatly increase reload speed and begin a short period of health regeneration

Trait: Blood Magic: Kills with this weapon while Blood Rage is active briefly generate an overshield for the wielder

TOUCH OF MALICE // Scout // Kinetic // 260 Rapid-Fire Frame

Intrinsic: Malice: The final round of the magazine regenerates and deals bonus damage at the cost of the wielder's life force. This weapon's damage increases the lower the wielder's life force.

Trait: Mercy: Three rapid kills will return a portion of the wielder's life force. A larger portion is returned depending on how many of them are precision kills

DREG'S PROMISE // Sidearm // Arc // 491 Burst Adaptive Frame

Intrinsic: Shock Rounds: This weapon fires bursts of slow-moving electric rounds that aggressively track targets

Trait: Packmember's Vow: Melee attacks reload a portion of this weapon's magazine and deal increased damage while this weapon is drawn

NECROCHASM // Auto // Arc // 900 Rapid-Fire Frame

Intrinsic: Cursebringer: Kills with this weapon cause a Cursed Thrall explosion. Melee kills refill a large portion of this weapon's magazine

Trait: The Ritual: Cursebringer explosions increase in radius and damage based on the total damage dealt to the target with this weapon

TLALOC // Scout // Energy // 150-180-200 High-Impact Frame

Intrinsic: Overflow: This weapon deals elemental damage matching that of your equipped subclass when your super is charged. This weapon's rate of fire, handling, and reload speed increase as your super charges. Casting your super ends this effect. Stacks 4x (150 for 0-49%, 180 for 50-99%, 200 for 100%. Icon on the HUD is color of subclass element when at 4 stacks)

Trait: Holding Out: Kills with this weapon grant increased grenade, melee, and class ability energy based on Overflow's intensity

TRESPASSER // Sidearm // Arc // 491 Burst Adaptive Frame

Intrinsic: Be the Danger: This weapon fires in bursts with deadly accuracy. Your radar is enhanced with this weapon drawn

Trait: Unrepentant: Kills increase this weapon's reload speed. Reloading after a kill grants this weapon a longer and more powerful superburst. A precision kill while this perk is active reactivates this perk

VEX MYTHOCLAST // Fusion // Solar // 360 Rapid-Fire Frame

Intrinsic: Timeless Mythoclast: This weapon has no charge time and fires single bolts in full-auto

Trait: Fixed Point: Kills with this weapon briefly increase its damage and accuracy, and kills by only precision hits refund the expended ammo directly to the magazine

ZHALO SUPERCELL // Auto // Arc // 600 Rapid-Fire Frame

Intrinsic: Parallel Circuit: Hitting multiple targets allows lightning to chain between them, distributing sustained damage to all. This weapon's damage and accuracy increase with sustained fire

Trait: Bolts from the Blue: Gain an amount of super energy based on the number of enemies killed while under the effects of Parallel Circuit

____________________________________________Special Weapons______________________________________________

NO LAND BEYOND // Sniper // Kinetic // 72 Aggressive Frame


Intrinsic: Frontiersman: This weapon receives more ammo on each pickup, but has a greatly reduced reserve capacity (1.5 full reloads, 9 rounds. Unaffected by scavenger perks). Missed shots have a chance to return directly to the magazine

Trait: The Master: This weapon uses iron sights and has increased base precision damage. Precision kills with this weapon increase bolt-pull speed and briefly increase damage against the next target

UNIVERSAL REMOTE // Shotgun // Kinetic // 55 Lightweight Frame

Intrinsic: The Junker: This shotgun has a scope, and its range and precision damage increase greatly when ADS

Trait: The Beast: Kills with this weapon move one round from reserves to the magazine and briefly increase the damage of the next shot

HEREAFTER // Sniper // Arc // 90 Adaptive Frame

Intrinsic: Final Stand: Crouching greatly increases target acquisition. Precision kills with every round in the magazine refunds it. Grants dual-zoom on the scope (sprint while ADS to switch)

Trait: Blinding Light: Precision kills with this weapon create a bright flash that blinds and highlights enemies nearby

ICEBREAKER // Sniper // Solar // 72 Aggressive Frame

Intrinsic: No Backpack: This weapon has no magazine and cannot be reloaded. Ammo for this weapon is generated by picking up Orbs of power (1 round per small Orb, 2 rounds per large Orb, 8 rounds total)

Trait: Break the Ice: Victims of this weapon spontaneously combust, dealing damage to others nearby

INVECTIVE // Shotgun // Solar // 7-round 140 Rapid-Fire Frame

(I couldn't pick between the perk names lol)

Intrinsic: Hold Your Tongue/Choice Words: This weapon fires in full-auto and generates ammo when its magazine is full

Trait: Let 'em Have It/Tear 'em a New One: Quickly emptying this weapon's magazine grants considerable bonus damage on the final round

PATIENCE AND TIME // Sniper // Kinetic // 140 Rapid-Fire Frame

Intrinsic: All Ghillied Up: Retain radar while scoped. Scoping with the weapon grants a short period of invisibility. De-scoping ends this effect

Trait: I can Wait: Increased accuracy when firing while invisible. You do not show up on radar when firing this weapon while crouched

PLAN C // Fusion // Arc // 660 Adaptive Frame

Intrinsic: Out of Options: Massively increased target acquisition, draw speed, and charge speed, as well as greatly reduced bolt spread for a short time after switching to this weapon (1 second duration maybe? no cooldown that Backup Plan has; procs every time)

Trait: Just in Time: Kills with this weapon while Out of Options is active begin health regeneration

POCKET INFINITY // Fusion // Solar // 900 "Insane" Impact Frame

Intrinsic: To Infinity: This weapon fires in full-auto and has a chance to return rounds that miss directly to the magazine

Trait: And Beyond: Bolts from this weapon overpenetrate targets

ZEN METEOR // Sniper // Solar // 72 Aggressive Frame

Intrinsic: Dynamite: Grants explosive rounds. Precision Kills with all 3 rounds in the magazine loads a 4th extra-powerful round. Reloading or stowing this weapon ends this effect

Trait: With a Laser Beam: The extra round from Dynamite causes a massive explosion. This weapon reloads faster based on the number of kills With a Laser Beam

____________________________________________Heavy Weapons_______________________________________________

ABADDON // LMG // Solar // 450 Adaptive Frame

Intrinsic: Reign Hell: Kills with this weapon create bursts of fire that burn nearby enemies

Trait: Incendiary Rounds: This weapon fires faster and more accurately the longer the trigger is held. Continuous damage creates bursts of fire

BOLT CASTER // Sword // Arc // Caster Frame

Intrinsic: Sword of Thunder: Shoot a beam of Arc Light from your sword that creates a lingering electrical storm that greatly damages enemies inside and chains damage to nearby enemies

Trait: Thunderstorm: Kills from chained damage will chain damage again, but in a reduced amount

Other Perks: Live by the Sword: Kills with this sword help regenerate its guard energy

DARK DRINKER // Sword // Void // Vortex Frame

Intrinsic: Supermassive Vortex: Unleash a devastating spiral of Void energy in all directions that slows and suppresses enemies

Trait: Fill the Void: Enemies killed while under the effects of Supermassive Vortex begin health regeneration for the killer

Other Perks: Die by the Sword: Bonus grenade energy from kills with this weapon

DRAGON'S BREATH // Rocket // Solar // 15 High Impact Frame

Intrinsic: Napalm Canister: this weapon fires a napalm canister that blankets a wide area with fire, causing DOT. Can be detonated early by releasing the trigger.

Trait: Wildfire: Napalm sticks to all surfaces and enemies around the cannister's detonation, and the fire can spread between targets. Kills with this weapon increase it's reload speed

GJALLARHORN // Rocket // Solar // 2 rocket 25 Aggressive Frame

Intrinsic: Wolfpack Rounds: Rounds fired from this weapon have tracking and split into tracking cluster missiles upon detonation

Trait: Strength of the Pack: Wolfpack Rounds deal more damage based on the number of nearby allies wielding this weapon. Stacks 5x

NEMESIS STAR // LMG // Solar // 600-360 High Impact Frame

Intrinsic: Extinction Cycle: On initial trigger pull, this weapon has a higher rate of fire. When holding down the trigger, this weapon's fire rate slows over time, but its damage increases over time

Trait: Strange Gravity: This weapon increases in accuracy, stability and reload speed the lower its rate of fire becomes. Kills grant bonus Grenade energy

NOVA MORTIS // LMG // Void // 450 Adaptive Frame

Intrinsic: Null Reign: Kills with this weapon generate Void fields that suppress enemies for a short time

Trait: Negative Rounds: This weapon fires faster and more accurately the longer the trigger is held. Continuous damage generates Void fields

RAZE LIGHTER // Sword // Solar // Adaptive Frame

Intrinsic: Phoenix Uppercut: This weapon's heavy attack is a powerful uppercut that deals bonus damage and lights nearby enemies ablaze

Trait: From Ashes: Enemies under the effect of Phoenix Uppercut receive bonus damage. Enemies killed under its effects return ammo to this weapon

Other Perks: Thrive by the Sword: Bonus super energy from kills with this weapon

SUPER GOOD ADVICE // LMG // Solar // 600 Rapid-Fire Frame

Intrinsic: All That I Say: Rounds from this weapon that hit are replaced from reserves

Trait: All That I Don't: Rounds from this weapon that miss have a large chance to return to the magazine

YOUNG WOLF'S HOWL // Sword // Solar // High Impact Frame

Intrinsic: Howling Flames: Unleash a fiery Solar eruption that travels along the ground, burning and weakening enemies in its path

Trait: Iron Wolf: Enemies killed while under the effects of Howling Flames grant a temporary overshield for you and nearby allies

Other Perks: Thrive by the Sword: Bonus super energy from kills with this weapon

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