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Revitalize flashpoints by adding true world bosses

destiny2 5 - Revitalize flashpoints by adding true world bosses

TLDR: Add massive world bosses to flashpoint destinations that spawn every few hours that drop exclusive loot.

I am on mobile so apologies for any formatting mishaps.

If you are like me, you probably dont give a damn about flashpoint other than in the first two weeks of a season where you're trying to boost your light up a little. I think this is a shame because a big part of these types of games is interacting with the world around you. What is my main solution to this problem? World bosses.

"But op, we already have world bosses, they can spawn randomly and after an event". Fuck that noise. I aint talking about these beefy adds that get nuked the moment players see them. Think more massive boss fights that spawn every few hours, that in some cases may take a little bit of coordination.

Lets take a step back and talk about my main inspiration for these world bosses, Guild wars 2. In gw2, world bosses spawn on set times in specific locations. One boss in particular, Tequatle, spawns on daily reset every day, and requires players to split up and defend these cannons from adds between damage phases. Why do players do these world bosses? For gear, materials, gold, and a chance at rare cosmetic drops.

So how could these types of world bosses work in D2?

Lets say, on mercury (I know its getting vaulted, this be just an example), instead of the public event, the middle structure dissapears and suddenly a Penoptes lookin vex shows up with a shield on it. To get the shield off, similar to the mercury public event mechanics/the actual penoptes fight, you would need to get an arc charge, jump on some platforms on dunk on the boss. Or maybe the only way of damaging the boss is by using these arc charges for damage, making how fast you kill the boss dependent on how fast you are in making arc charges, not on the weapons you're using. I would imagine the mechanics of these fights would be based on the mechanic of the destinations public events.

It doesnt even have to be a boss fight. What if for the moon(if they add flashpoint to that destination), instead of a boss fight, you storm the scarlet keep, stopping some ritual?


But as cool as these bosses could be, no one is going to do them if the rewards are shit.

I know it, you know it, my uncles dog knows it. The main reason we play activities is for the rewards, which for some reason, bungie has been really stingy about. If the rewards are bad the activity will be dead on arrival. So heres my idea on what would get players to keep these events alive:

  • 1 pinnacle drop(weekly lockout)

  • Masterwork materials (grindable)

  • Rare super cool cosmetics(emotes, sparrow, ghost, hell maybe a finisher) (grindable)

  • Randomly rolled gear based on destination (grindable)

I would like to emphasize the importance of cosmetics. Just the chance of getting a cool cosmetic has the power to keep a player engaged, just look at the SoS emote for proof.

Im not naive to think that implementing a system like this isnt going to have its problems.

We all have experienced open world match making issues. I dont know if this is a thing still, but I think what can help for this event is disabling the fireteam reservation thing. For those who dont know, when you're out on patrol, you have two reserved spots in that instance just in case someone joins your fireteam, because the max amount of players you can have in an instance is 9. I also think by having one world boss a week based on which flashpoint destination it is will help funnel players onto that one destination.

There is also the problem on how often these bosses spawn. I think Every 2 or 3 hours is a good time period but thats up for debate.

Will this make flashpoints the best they can be, probably not. There would still be a lot of down time between the boss spawns. But I think that if theres one thing a game like destiny is missing, its massive world bosses/events.

But hey, im no game developer, just a redditor with dreams.

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