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Rework Raid Mods to have Zero Energy Cost.

destiny2 5 - Rework Raid Mods to have Zero Energy Cost.

TL;DR: Raid Mods/Perks should have a zero cost to them as they only work within the confines of their respective Raids and can only be applied to the relevant Raid Gear. This will allow players to have their builds + experiment with Raid Mods and promote use of Raid Gear. This was more-or-less done in D1 where 'Raid Perks' were just at the end of an armour piece's upgrade tree and were specific to the armour slot (example: boots typically getting an agility bonus when using the raid relic or doing a 'runner' role because…boots…).

Ok, praise first: Love the new slot on Raid Gear for the Raid Mods, in theory this makes it easier to build around other mods you want to use, whether that's a seasonal/charged-with-light mod or ammo or stat increase mods. Note the In Theory – Raid Mods cost 4-5 a piece (at least in DSC). You can not effectively use the rest of your build with any of these bad boys.

If Raid Mods applied outside of the Raid – how Fallen/Hive/Taken armaments/barrier etc functioned pre-BL…sure I could understand it for those types of mods specifically.

However now all Raid Mods function only within the confines of their respective Raids (according to descriptions) and are typically tied to mechanics only present within, GoS and DSC in particular (the Scanner Augment being a minor, once a week exception seen outside the Crypt for now).

Drum roll, please, the Proposed Solution:

Raid Mods now have Zero energy cost.

That's it.

To me this would promote using the Mods and Raid Gear itself during Raids (only downside atm is that Raid Gear drops with questionably low stat distributions I've mentioned in a previous post but not the focus here). The mods themselves are already gated by rng drops. Then locked be elemental affinity (which I personally don't mind too much) but then being further gated by a ridiculous energy cost doesn't make me want to use them, I'd rather have ammo reserves, a charged with light/Rasputin mod and a stat bump than a situational 5 costing mod (again I think GoS mods cost far less overall and I don't know about Last Wish because I haven't got BL variant gear from there and very few LW mods anyway).


This isn't even that far-fetched an idea – this was done in D1, on a lot of raid armour/weapons (I will prefaced that we didn't have the current Energy System in D2 and other perks like weapon reserves were pure rng for non D1 folk). Crota's End boots gave an agility bonus when using the Hive Sword, similarly King's Fall boots for example gave you bonus agility when you where 'torn between dimensions' and KF arms gave a bonus to reload speed 'inside an aura' as Raid Perks. VoG arms had a branching choice, bonus super energy on Praetorian kill or on Oracle kill (which you could change whenever? It's been a long time do sorry if it was just set choice when the perk was bought) and VoG weapons had bonus damage to Oracles at the end of the upgrade tree. There are more examples you can look up but these are the ones I remember off-hand because I always tried to use them if an exotic didn't take the slot at the time.

Anyway, post ended, hopefully this makes sense? If I were to make a general statement it would be I think mod costs overall needs minor tweaking and take away the cost of switching mods…it's just annoying? Elemental Affinity is already a barrier for certain mods…eh, I digress. Honestly I would be fine with a 1 energy cost for all Raid Mods, but again with D1 as a basis, specific raid bonuses that were only present in their raids were 'passive' additions (and guaranteed!) for lack of a better description.

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