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Ruinous Sin – A Warlock Build

destiny2 10 - Ruinous Sin - A Warlock Build

Are you a warlock whose parents are titans? Who was taught as useful as it is to harness the Traveler’s light for magical abilities, you know that sometimes a good smack is more effective? Are you tired of being the “Wellock” and just want to tear things up recklessly across a field of ads? Do you like punching? Slamming things into the ground? Want to have the ability to throw a grenade at almost anytime? Are you looking for a unique and what some (Hunters) would call a “stupid” build?

Well boy howdy did you come to the right post. With this combination of Ruinous Effigy and Nezarec’s Sin, we’ll get your super and abilities back faster than even the new Mantle of Battle Harmony can promise.


1 Ruinous Effigy

1 Nezarec’s Sin

The new Elemental Well mods

4 pieces of armor that can slot them

Quick Breakdown of what to use (TLDR):

Primary – Sniper rifle

Energy – Ruinous Effigy

Power – Whatever. I currently use a rocket launcher with cluster bomb.

Head – Nezarec’s Sin – 2 x sniper ammo finder, Elemental Light, 3 cost mod

Arms – Solar or Arc affinity: Momentum Transfer/Impact Induction, Fastball, Elemental Armaments, 3 – 4 cost mod

Chest – 2 x Melee damage resistance, Font of Might, 3 – 4 cost mod

Legs – Traction, Absolution, Font of Wisdom, 3 cost mod

Bond – Solar affinity: 2 x Bomber, Elemental Ordnance, 3 cost mod

Detailed Breakdown:


Primary – Sniper Rifle – I’m not a huge fan of snipers but they serve two purposes in this build. It’ll take care of any enemies that are at a distance as well as help deal with the stronger ones. Additionally, by using a sniper with the ammo finder you’ll be at a greater chance of finding ammo for Ruinous Effigy. You could always run a different primary special instead of a sniper, however snipers are the most powerful at this point.

Energy – Ruinous Effigy – The piece de resistance of this build. It lasers. It makes magical orbs and those orbs do everything. It’s a powerful light melee and a hefty slam. Holding the orb and using the melee ability creates a protective barrier around you. It’ll decrease the amount of damage done to you and absorb some health from nearby enemies. Pre-nerf this was the common way to ad clear. However, the better use for this barrier is as a blinding effect. If an enemy goes inside the barrier they’ll be stunned for a few moments.

Key thing to remember – using the barrier will burn up how long the orb will last. If you have the barrier up in the last few ticks of the orbs health it’ll cause damage to you.

Power – use what you feel works for you. Doesn’t have to be void but that’s preferred since it’ll help generate wells and benefit from weapon damage boosts later. I currently use a rocket launcher. You do you boo.


Helmet – Nezarec’s Sin – The glue that holds everything together. The Sin is in baby. Any void kills that you do will increase your ability and super recharge for 2 seconds due to Abyssal Extractors. More quick kills in a row will stack it. Note that you don’t need to be running Void subclass for this to be most effective. You can always run a different class as long as the kills are generated

2 x sniper ammo finder – 6 cost total – This will increase the chance that you’ll come across special ammo as you’re killing enemies. Thankfully when using the orb ammo isn’t used up so you shouldn’t be too ammo poor while running content. But if you do run out, there’s always that melee that we both love so much.

Elemental Light – 1 cost – A key to this build are the new Elemental Wells. Picking up a well grants a boost of ability energy to the one with the lowest current level. If it matches your subclass, all abilities gain energy. It just helps add to the gain that Nezarec’s Sin does, which allows you to toss more grenades and elemental melee more. The Elemental Light generates a well when you defeat an enemy with your super.


3 cost class mod – bump whatever stat you need

Arms – either solar or arc. This is only to get one of the following two mods…

Momentum Transfer/Impact Induction – 3 cost – These mods generate a grenade cooldown on melee damage (arc armor) or melee cooldown on grenade damage (solar armor). We’re all about the cooldowns so you can use all the tools on your tool belt more frequently.

Fastball – 1 cost – Chuck those nades further my dude.

Elemental Armaments – 2 cost – Weapon takedowns with a damage type matching your subclass have an escalating chance to spawn an elemental well. – If you’re running the Void class, this will help out a ton to create another well for you to pick up.

3-4 cost mod – another place to boost some stats.

Chest – Anything that you like

2 x Melee damage resistance – 2 cost total – Close up damage protection since we’ll be playing as a berserk wizard for the time being. Feel free to switch these out if you want for other damage reduction mods.

Font of Might – 4 cost – Picking up an elemental well that matches your subclass gives you a temporary bonus to weapon damage of that same element type. – This will make the Effigy even more Ruinous for your foes. You’ll generate orbs faster and keep on killing even quicker.

3-4 cost mod – Another place to boost some stats.

Legs – Anything you like.

Traction – 0 cost – This helps you turn faster when sprinting. That’s it. Anything that boosts mobility and is free is something I can get behind.

Absolution – 3 cost – Reduces all ability cooldowns when you pick up an Orb of Light. This is pretty useful especially if using masterworked weapons. Anything to get your abilities back quicker.

Font of Wisdom – 4 cost mod – Picking up a well of your subclass temporarily increases your intellect significantly, improving the recharge rate of your super. – Grab a well, get a flash of brilliance for realizing how cool you are using this build, get your super faster.

3 cost mod – One of the last places to boost your stats.

Bond – Solar (sorry, no option here)

2 x Bomber – 4 cost total – reduces grenade cooldown when using your class ability. If for some reason you decide to toss down a well, your grenades will be back in your pockets even quicker.

Elemental Ordnance – 3 cost – Defeating a combatant with a grenade spawns a well that matches your subclass energy – this one is another doozy of a mod. Toss a nade, get a kill, grab the well, profit. It seems like only one well will generate if you get more than one kill with the grenade however.

3 cost mod – Final place to boost a stat.

What does this look like in practice? I’m glad you asked!

You walk onto a battlefield with a swarm of Cabal coming at you and level your Ruinous Effigy at the one closest to you. They quickly turn into an orb, which you pick up and use to punch into the surrounding Legionaries faces. Before the orb disappears in your hands, you slam it into the ground and disintegrate anyone that was left surrounding you. Each of these kills up to this point have been activating Abyssal Extractors and generating your super and abilities. You toss a grenade at the group in front of you and get a kill. You pick up a well left behind and simultaneously feel smarter (increased super regen), better (all ability recharge), and like the Ruinous Effigy is stronger (weapon damage increase). The Abyssal Extractors even turn back on for a few seconds since you got the kills with your void grenade. You continue this dance of violence until you can cast Nova Bomb and just level everything…generating another well and causing Abyssal Extractors to proc. The cycle continues.

Enjoy! Let me know what you think and if there are any improvements to be made. Thanks!

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