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Name: Tricker's Well

Ability: When you are shot, the bullets bounce back in the direction of the gun.

Helmet: Redrix's Sorcerer

Ability: If any opponent becomes visible in your point of view, they get a debuff that

permanently blinds them in real life

Legs: Strifers

Ability: Pressing R3 will teleport you behind the back of an opponent, equipping you

with a one-hit shotgun.

Chest: The Seventh Ghost

Ability: Grants the ability to dodge 5 times, granting you 3 wishes and one random

exotic weapon



Name: Eye of Whores

Ability: Each shot that inflicts damage, you gain an overshield, which stack each



Name: Corrupter

Ability: Every hour this armor piece is equipped, your account is slowly becoming

hacked, although you gain a 20% damage buff


Name: The Repeater

Ability: Hold R3 to repeatedly shoot Nova Bombs that track opponents through walls


Name: Sparks Flying

Ability: Electricity sparks out of your body repeatedly, killing all opponents within

a 150 metre radius



Name: Punchy-Punchy

Ability: When activating your melee, is followed up by a series of combat kicks


Name: The Greeter

Ability: Every minute this armour piece is equipped, your account is slowly becoming



Name: Face of Fury

Ability: When hit, you gain 5 overshields with a 50% damage buff. Cooldown lasts 5



Name: Dojo Kick

Ability: Shoulder Charging is replaced with a flaming kick that will kill the opponent

and stealing their newest exotic, ripping it from their collections, unable to collect



Trace Rifle: Arc

Name: Tracking Module

Ability: Tracks anyone in your point of view, (Even in Protection Bubble) bullets go

through walls

Description: I've never seen so many outsmarted bullets

Shotgun: Solar

Name: Sliding

Read:  A bit disappointed by all the people screaming "community event gone wrong"

Abilty: When sliding, any enemy or opponent on your point of view automatically dies

Description: Don't let him see you

Auto Rifle: Void

Name: Brain Trauma

Ability: Any connection from a bullet to the head automatically kills the specified

enemy and mentally disables them in real life.

Description: I hear the sirens

Fusion Rifle: Arc

Name: One-Hit

Ability: The projectiles off the weapon detonate a dangerous nuke that will kill any

enemy in a radius of 50 metres

Description: RUN.

Grenade Launchers: Solar

Name: NUKE

Ability: One shot from the weapon will trigger a Kamikaze that will kill any opponents

on said map

Description: No one is safe.

Sidearm: Arc

Name: The Recreation

Ability: Each shot hit on an opponent will recreate the events of WWII

Pulse Rifle: Solar

Name: Impaler

Ability: When landing hits on an opponent, one of the 3 burst bullets has a 33% to

shoot out of the TV screen and impale your opponent in real life, killing them


Rocket Launcher: Solar

Name: Ignition

Ability: One shot from the weapon will automatically end the game and give you a win

Description: "The world is a truly scary place" ~Willy Wonka

Bow: Solar

Name: The Job

Ability: Any headshot to an opponent will automatically kill them and their entire


Description: That would be a chain reaction!

Hand Cannon: Arc

Name: Tracker

Ability: When the 3rd Tap connects to an opponent, their home address gets uploaded

to the dark web

Description: Watch out.

Linear Fusion Rifle: Void

Name: The Destructor

Ability: When a bullet connects with an opponent, a terminal laser will be fired from

the US Facility to the specified enemies house, killing them and their entire family

Scout Rifle: Arc

Name: Rapid Run

Ability: Holding down the trigger will release detonation bots that will track the

Read:  Blade barrage inconsistency testing

opponents and explode, killing the player immediately

Submachine Gun: Void

Name: Shooty-Shooty-Killy-Killy

Ability: Each bullet that hits an opponent will donate $10 from their bank account to

cannibals of the deep web

Machine Gun: Solar

Name: Blazing Flame

Ability: Landing a shot on an opponent will spark a fire inside their home and burn it

down, also giving you a x10 buff

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