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Season of Arrivals (Season 12) Suggested HERO Nightfall Ordeal Weapons and Mods

destiny2 3 - Season of Arrivals (Season 12) Suggested HERO Nightfall Ordeal Weapons and Mods

I guess this is the way that maybe I can help, because I see a lot of players running odd choices for the nightfall this week (corrupted with unstoppable and overload champions). Since Hero Nightfall Ordeals are the only choice other than Adept, which has no champions, for running nightfalls solo, and because I don't see a whole lot of videos covering this stuff, and the fact that we've got a long way to go before the next DLC, I thought I would make a guide. These are all my suggestions on what you might want to bring with you when running Hero Nightfall Ordeals.

I'm going to assume that the person out there reading this is somewhat new to the game or an infrequent player, or a returning player. Knowing the PVE meta is one thing, but for Hero nightfalls, you don't really need the meta choices, you need to be able to get through this activity with your fellow "blueberries" (players who you're not on a mic with). Running Hero nightfalls, I see a lot of players struggle with Champions, so here's some help if you need it.

General Notes about Champions and Artifact Options this Season

  • Champions come in three types, Overload, Barrier and Unstoppable
  • Overload Champions have no cooldowns, do high damage and are very aggressive.
    • They won't flinch from most damage sources
    • The only way to flinch them is a weapon or ability with anti Overload
    • Overload Champions can restore health if they are not countered, even back up to full health
  • Barrier Champions throw up a barrier when taking a certain amount of damage, and this shield will heal their health.
    • The barrier cannot be broken without a weapon that has Anti Barrier.
    • Most importantly, they can still shoot you while they are casting the barrier, so you can be in great danger if you don't pay attention to this
    • They can heal up to full health if they are not countered
  • Unstoppable Champions never stop
    • They will hunt you down and keep attacking you and will not flinch
    • The only way to stop an Unstoppable is to counter them with a weapon or ability that has Anti Unstoppable
  • Champions have a cooldown on whether they can be countered or not, most noticeable with Overload and Unstoppable
    • They have this sort of spectral looking antler effect on them, and when the antler is glowing, they can't be countered
    • This antler indicated cooldown will only last for a few seconds, so keep that in mind, and time your counter
  • For Hero Nightfalls, because you don't know what else others are bringing in, I recommend running two legendary primary weapons with a counter mod equipped on each weapon
    • You get these mods from the seasonal artifact on your character
    • You will do better running two primaries and managing champions than only one primary and running a special weapon for extra damage
    • Being in a premade fireteam is a different story, but if you're playing solo, bring double primary, team wipes will cost you a lot of time
  • Notably for this season, there is a mod later in the artifact unlockables that allows you to add unstoppable burst mod to an armor piece, meaning, that you could use an exotic pulse rifle to stop Unstoppable Champions
    • Outbreak Perfected and Graviton Lance are both very good exotic options for Hero Nightfall Ordeals if you have unlocked this armor mod
    • The armor mod goes on your arm piece
  • Also, later in the artifact unlockables, there are two mods, one for void grenades to counter Overload, and another for solar melees to counter Unstoppable.
    • My recommendation is to generally rely on the weapons as a way to counter champions and not abilities
    • Unless you're a pro gamer or in a premade fireteam, this might be a failure waiting to happen if you're counting on an ability you don't have up at the right time
    • Most times, with blueberries, you will need to reapply the counter, and you will be out of an ability to counter again, and you're looking at a bad time or a team wipe

Overload Champions

  • Overload Bows are probably the best counter to Overload champions in many situations
    • As long as the arrow has been fully strung, it will counter an Overload champion
    • There is a sound cue that overload is active, so even if you've never used a bow, this sound cue is telling you when you've fully strung
    • Bows have great range, and they have also recently gotten another buff to damage against low tier enemies, so they're more forgiving
  • Overload 3 burst fire sidearms are probably another ideal counter to Overload champions – Last Dance and Last Hope are the models I'm talking about
    • One burst, because it's three bullets, just seems to stop them most of the time
    • Other sidearms, you will have to work multiple shots to activate overload on the weapon and then hit them with an overload round
  • I don't really recommend hand cannons for overload, unless the one you have has timed payload on it
    • Timed payload for some reason, like the burst sidearms, treats it as an extra hit, so you can counter with only a few shots
  • If you have Divinity, I don't know why you're reading this post – you should be playing on a higher difficulty with your fireteam, lol
  • If you really need to place a counter on an ability, overload void grenades can be used, and damage over time are probably the best
    • If you're a Warlock, using top tree Voidwalker with Contraverse Hold can and a Vortex grenade can charge almost all of your grenade energy back on a champion – every other tick will restore some grenade energy
    • If you're a Titan, you can run Armamentarium just for the two grenade charges with any void subclass; my preference is magnetic grenade just because I like it
    • Hunter's void bottom tree subclass can regen grenade energy just from making themselves or teammates invisible with their melee ability, which they can regen on dodge near an enemy

Barrier Champions

  • If you happen to have Eriana's Vow, use this for Anti Barrier
    • Because it's a special weapon, this will up your damage and counter Barrier champions
    • This weapon can be hard to use for some people; you need to think of this as a sniper that's a hand cannon, and not a typical hand cannon – it deals sniper level damage but with a very nice scope
    • If you don't have Eriana's Vow, and you got the Exotic Cypher from the season pass, I very highly and strongly recommend spending it on Eriana's Vow; among very few options for exotics with champion mods, this weapon is ideal in all Barrier champion activities
  • 600 RPM auto rifles, like Gnawing Hunger, are pretty good for countering barrier champions at range
  • Any SMG will be good at countering barrier champions, but SMGs are short range weapons, so keep that in mind, you could be putting yourself in danger using this option
    • The Ikelos SMG this season is probably the best SMG in the game
    • Use Global Reach on your armor if you have the Ikleos SMG to get warmind cells to spawn on kill, which you can shoot to detonate and blow up a room full of enemies

Unstoppable Champions

  • Hand cannons or Pulse Rifles can accomplish this job in pretty much the same way; they both activate the same way where you aim down sights for a second or two, and an anti unstoppable round will load
    • Use whichever weapon you are more comfortable with, I know some players find hand cannons hard to use
  • Considering how rare it is, given that the artifact can give you unstoppable rounds through your armor mod (it goes on your gauntlets), my strong recommendation is to use an exotic pulse rifle since exotics can add a lot to activities
    • Outbreak Prime can ramp up damage on a single target; since you're running double primary, this is really valuable in Hero Nightfall Ordeals
    • Graviton Lance makes enemies explode into void explosions, and if there's a lot of void shielded psions around, this weapon is excellent for that situation with plenty of range
    • Vigilance Wing is actually not bad; since you're playing with blueberries, someone is going to die, and the regen is nice
  • Devil's Ruin, if you have it, works really well against Unstoppable Champions
    • Caveat – it's a short range weapon, so just know you might be putting yourself in danger here
    • On the bright side, Devil's Ruin is a primary weapon that, when you use the "fusion burst" mode it offers, it's like having one shot from a fusion rifle, which is pretty good damage against majors
  • Inferno Whip is the artifact mod that allows your solar melee to counter an Unstoppable Champion
    • If you really want to run this, consider a subclass that has a throwable melee
    • For Warlock, you can run Claws of Ahamkara exotic gauntlets for an extra melee throw, and top tree dawnblade has the throwable melee
    • For Hunter, there's actually a few choices since a dodge can restore a melee, but I like Ophidia Spade just to have two knive charges, as one dodge nearby an enemy will restore 2 knife charges
    • For Titan, if you really wanted to, you could run burning maul and use the throwable hammer, and use HallowFire Heart to restore the melee if you lost it; however you would have to hold back on using your super

Hope all this helps, this season's going to be on for a while, so save this post if you find it useful.

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