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Season of [REDACTED] May Be Bungie’s Second Stab At Penumbra

destiny2 1 - Season of [REDACTED] May Be Bungie's Second Stab At Penumbra

Before Forsaken came out, there were two ViDocs talking about the Y2 Annual Pass. This is the relevant one. The second half of the video gives brief overviews of the upcoming seasons (Forge, Drifter, Penumbra).

If you skip to 4:40, you'll hear this (transcript for those at work):

"So just like we saw with the Whisper of the Worm quest that came out recently, those kind of secrets that players discover for themselves are super exciting. What if we took an entire release, y'know, we let the name Penumbra out, but what if everything else was a mystery box that players will uncover collaboratively?"

Eventually Penumbra was replaced or rebranded as Opulence. I don't think we have any way of knowing if it was the same content just renamed Opulence, or the content was put on the back burner; neither one is relevant to the point here.

Lots of people have been asking why we don't know anything for the upcoming season, why we haven't gotten a trailer, why they haven't talked about activities, etc. We know they're going to reveal the Y4 expansion next Tuesday, but that's without any seasonal hype for the three months before it.

Compare that to Opulence/Shadowkeep. Opulence got its own buildup before Shadowkeep was ever revealed. It got its own trailers, its own hype, and then a month later, Shadowkeep was revealed. The fact that Bungie is now about to reveal the Y4 expansion on the same day as a new season that hasn't been hyped at all? This is intentional. There's a reason why they're not hyping it.


Maybe that reason will be awesome, like a total mystery of a season. Or maybe it will be terrible. Who knows? But if they're trying the original Penumbra plan of "Say nothing, show nothing, let players figure it all out themselves," then at the very least this will be a wild experiment.

EDIT: To those bringing up the point that Penumbra and Opulence were the same thing, there's two points: first, I'm not talking about the content of Penumbra, I'm talking about the idea of Penumbra, the "secret season."

Second, Y2 did have code names and actual names for the Seasons (Joker's Wild = Season of the Drifter, for example). But Penumbra and Opulence did not operate the same way. The season was initially teased as Penumbra. Then when the Y2 Roadmap came out, it was Season of Redacted. Then when the season was fully revealed, it was Opulence. If Penumbra was a codename for Opulence, why bother calling it in between? That suggests some kind of change. They didn't go Joker's Wild -> Redacted -> Season of the Drifter, after all.

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