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Season of the Chosen and Crimson Days are going to be one and the same, here’s why

destiny2 7 - Season of the Chosen and Crimson Days are going to be one and the same, here's why

As we all know, next week is going to be when the next season drops, and would also be when Crimson Days would be going on…if it weren't cancelled.

We've all read the updates, but the real reason is in game – in lore.

The latest trailer reveals all.

In this, Caiatl appears, and we finally get our reveal from the previous trailer of Osiris and Zavala apparently entering into a truce with the Cabal. Unfortunately the reality is this: Caiatl has come to our system, to offer us a proposition…an alliance against the Hive and the Darkness ships, on one condition – servitude.

Now Commander Zavala, spokesperson for humanity in this venture, eager to step into yet another war with the Cabal very understandably says no. The surrounding Cabal step forward as Psion sniper lasers light up from the distance.

This is not the rejection that we think it is.

Later shots show what appears to be Nessus under orange light, where she later says to Zavala:

"I'll sharpen my gilded knife, and see you both on the battlefield"

How ceremonial.

Now, let's take a trip back in time to when the Leviathan was still around. It was the last time the Cabal got any big focus in the game, and when we the biggest insight into Cabal culture – all that lore around Emperor Calus. Under his rule the empire was a more opulent thing, with bloody gladiatorial combat and no shortage of gold decorations.

Ever since Ghaul deposed Calus and Caiatl took over, they've understandably became much more militarized. But cultures don't change so quickly, and large empires like the Cabal's even less so.


Calus would often applaud our Guardians' ventures onto the Leviathan, adoring and amazed by our combat prowess. Impressed and infatuated by our defiance against stronger foes that could easily end us on the spot – even him. The entire base Leviathan raid was for just that, and he repeats such appreciations on later activities like the Menagerie. And Caiatl, in some ways, can be expected to resemble her father.

This is where Zavala's defiance is key. His rejection of Caiatl's demands were a challenge, and something she later refers to with some apparent ceremony. Trailers never show everything that's going to happen, but he clearly gets back to the Tower in one piece, and sends us back out to respond to Caiatl's cabal in kind. Notice how what appears to be our new seasonal armor has the kind of decoration that one can assume to be Imperial gladiator themed.

Season of the Chosen starts at about the time Crimson Days is supposed to, and that meeting clearly takes place at the beginning. The two are linked. Caiatl's arrival at this time is no coincidence. An empress needs an emperor. Commander Zavala is her chosen. Season 13 is going to be our Guardians setting up Zavala with Caiatl via gladitorial combat, it is all just one excessive Cabal courtship ritual – as the Cabal tend to do.

TL;DR: Whether we wanted it or not, love is a battlefield, and Zavala is steeping into a war with the Cabal on Nessus. Empress Caiatl. From what I can gather she's the new Empress arriving in our solar system just in time for Crimson Days. She's dummy thicc, but with the right moves, we can beat down her fighers, impress her in the arena, and set her up with the Commander.

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