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Season of the Nerf is Needed…

destiny2 3 - Season of the Nerf is Needed...

Reddit, heres the "script" for my first video of this type. I wanted to post my thoughts here for discussion as well in both formats so you have a choice. You dont have to watch the vid, but i get straight to the point because no one has time for bull…. (I do go off script in the vid, i aint no pro xD)

Unpopular Opinion – Season of the Nerf is Needed

The Destiny community is a complicated one, but a very special one. Having played Destiny for a long time now, being part of the community is amazing at times… but let me hit you with an Unpopular Opinion.

Less than a month ago we found out about Luna/Not forgottens incoming nerf, Last weeks controversy was the changes to how the raid is going to be released.

This week Bungie revealed in TWAB their planned nerfs for the forthcoming season due to start 4th June.

However… some of these nerfs in my opinion are needed. Now im going to go into each announcement in a bit more detail but if you don’t wanna hear me talk about it, I understand so let me cut straight to it.

Whisper nerf went too far, Ace of spades nerf was needed for PC and is mainly for PvP, Sleeper Simulant nerf on ricochet shots was unnecessary and Lord of Wolves just got more complicated to use its exotic perk.

Finally, Exotic armour that recharged your supers made life too easy for everyone of all skill levels and we need to learn to play the game without depending on them.

But the way the community has responded… I mean come on… calm down and wait for the patch notes. We don’t know what else is being changed.

The exotic perk for whisper has been completely screwed over and for a gun that had such a good mission and ultimately showed Bungie we wanted that kind of mission, resulting in Zero Hour.

But the response is on a level I have not seen in the community for a long time. Ultimately, I think this is why Ive finally made this kind of video.

Yes, There are a lot of nerfs announced and yes, you will have to change how you approach certain encounters but these are needed. Bungie turned supers from hardly ever being available in year 1 to the point that we have too many supers.

The game is dominated by supers in both PvE and PvP. Exotic armours providing boost to super generation/duration ARE making other exotics irrelevant and there are some awesome exotics people dismiss because “this exotic gives back super energy or extends super”.

Destiny has always struggled to “balance” the game Typically, it’s the PvP players that complain about something being far too OP, then changes are made that affect the PvE game.

Bungie seems to have been cautious, even stating in the March 1.1.4 update that “Bungie no longer wants to nerf popular guns” however at as of update 2.2.2 some exotics were dominating either the PvE or PvP game.

So, this week at Bungie was pretty much Cozmo telling us loads of exotic weapons and armour are about to be nerfed and all I saw was Bungie trending on Twitter and the hate being thrown at them.

Now I read the patch notes before seeing all this and was actually very happy with some of these changes so lets break it down.

Whisper nerf is WAY too much and I do agree with a lot of the community, however they just want other snipers to become viable in PvE. Their raised the skill required to use the gun effectively by reducing the reserves which was enough in my opinion, but to remove the White nail perk of regenerating your ammo and just to take it from your reserves is too much.
Since the days of the Black Hammer in Year 1, Destiny 1 a gun like this has existed in the Destiny universe and there should ALWAYS be a gun of this type. Its like removing The Last Words full auto, it would not be the same gun. So I would love for Bungie to revist this nerf and reconsider their decision.

Sleeper Simulant

Sleeper simulant is another very unique gun that we have had since D1. This guns DPS potential was due to “luck” but my understanding is Precision damage is unchanged so aiming for their face should still do the same, however Ricochet shots have a “chance” to also hit the boss giving additional damage therefore doing more than was intended. Body shots are going to be “significantly” more forgiving for your initial shot so im expecting to see a buff to that damage.

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Ricochet shots have had their damage reduced on BOSS Combatants so they are trying to force us not to hit the ground in front of them.
Therefore I assuming that the precision damage will be more than hitting the target with all the ricochet shots from a ground shot.
The odds of this happening are slim and I don’t think this was worth touching. If you get lucky, happy days.. its an exotic perk.

The gun wont feel the same, it wont be used in the same way. But ultimately, I don’t feel like this was a needed change as its based on “luck” over skill. But that’s my opinion.

Lord of Wolves

Lord of wolves has had an interesting tweak, and a PvE damage nerf of 20%. It’s a bit extreme and I don’t really use the gun, been killed a fair few times by it in the crucible but the exotic perk of Release the Wolves now has to be activated manually after a kill. So you will need to hold down reload to trigger it, similar to Borialis and Hard Light.

In PvP this is a huge nerf as the time to activate it might cost you your life if you are in close quarters combat but it might be quick enough that once the muscle memory kicks in it wont be an issue.


In PvE it should help you to conserve your ammo which was Bungies justification from significant amounts of feedback, for the right moment when you want to melt a target.

Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades dominated PvP for the last 9 months and has sucked on PC. 2 tapped by someone who has a permanent damage buff after a kill is too powerful. The issues surrounding handcannons on Console are another thing altogether and I sympathise with you as I used a Minuet-42 in year 1 on console religiously before moving to PC.

But with Ace, get a kill with it, 2 tap the next person reload and renew your 5 shots, switch to shotgun and kill a rusher, then switch back to ace and 2 tap the person who’s trying to get in the fight from crossmap, reload and you have your 5 mori bullets ready for the next fight.

And if you didn’t have 9+ resilience.. You were gonna get 2 tapped all day long if your enemy was skilled with it and if it was a titan with one-eyed mask.. Well… im sure we all felt that one in the Crucible.

This is a change that was needed. Memento Mori now ends when the weapon is stowed and PvP damage was adjusted to prevent two tapping guardians whilst one eyed mask was active and they have openly come out and said 4 resilience will mean you can survive being 2 tapped.

I truly appreciate that level of transparency with this tweak. They MUST have tested it to ensure that 4 is the magic number and obtainable by all classes.

Memento Mori now has 6 shots again, a bonus for PvE and prepares you for a fight with 2 guardians in PvP, but you have to keep Ace out, no switching to a sniper/shotgun quick then back out with a charged up Ace. This is a positive change for me and im looking forward to the meta shifting in PC PvP.

And now the thing that is gonna get me those hate comments and the back lash more than anything ive said so far.

The Exotic Armours nerfs..

Well, It was only a matter of time before they tweaked these. Vanilla release felt like getting supers and abilities took an eternity. Following the “go faster” update and subsequent tweaks we are now at the point where the community is relying on Supers to do everything in the game.

Now, don’t get me wrong. We as a community love to find the quickest and easiest methods and strategies to get content done and get our loot. Because lets be honest, the endgame of destiny is. I need this gun or armour with this roll. This is what makes us even more powerful that hitting max power level. A fundamental point Bungie neglected in Year 1, but rectified.. just give us back all year 1 gear with random rolls!

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But Orpehus rigs, Skulll of Dire Ahamkara, Pheonix Protocol are being bought in line with the changes to shards of gallanor and ursa Furiosa. Yes, Unlimited blade barrages or Sentinal Titans walking though mobs and instantly pulling another super was easy but supers should always be something that is used tactically to create and advantage during a combat situation.

Not the first thing you use and rely on.

Now these exotics will have diminishing returns making it rarer to get your super back, not impossible but RARER.

Therefore Warlocks on the bridge should still get their supers back because of the sheer number off adds that spawn. If it doesn’t then the nerf has gone too far but how many times have you been on the bridge and the second you drop that well, its instant super because of the orbs generated by your fellow guardians. But the well should be used at the appropriate time, not constantly. This super more than any other reduces the skill level of any activity due to the survivability it gives you.

Space magic Warlocks with your unlimited slowva bombs remind me Mayhem after release and the unlimited slowvas being thrown around, yeah its fun for a bit but ultimately it is not very rewarding and doesn’t encourage anytype of gun play.

Gwisin Vest is getting its nerf and rightly so. Spectral blades received is nerf recently but when combined with this super extending exotic it can still last too long in PvP. They have adjusted the amount of energy returned for killing one to two guardians from 15% to 8%. This change I believe will bring it in line with some other roaming supers but let not ignore Titans code of the Juggernaught (Bottom tree) can also last forever now, so I suspect a tweak will be incoming once this is abused too much.

Overall though, these changes will make PvE a bit more challenging, but if you are collecting orbs from others supers and working together, you should still be able to chain supers together.

So there you go… These are not my first unpopular opinions that ive had and they wont be the last.

Now this is the internet, Some will agree, some wont and that’s good because healthy discussion and conversation can produce change. But lets make sure these conversations are healthy and not abusive shit slinging because nobody has time for that and nobody will listen to you.

Bungie does appear to be listening to us and they have been more active with the community so my fingers are crossed, but ultimately, lets be honest…

There is no other game like Destiny. We have all been through this with many exotics over the years… but ill still be grinding for the new raid… will you?

If you made it this far, thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts.

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