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Seasonal Challenges: A good system with a flawed execution

destiny2 3 - Seasonal Challenges: A good system with a flawed execution

I've seen a lot of talk focusing on the upcoming changes and a review of the season, but only a little talk on the addition of seasonal challenges (and the removal of weekly bounties) and I wanted to give some feedback.

The Good

  • Dividing the challenges up into weekly groups kept them from feeling overwhelming
  • Challenges where unique, topical, and interesting compared to the old weekly bounty system
  • Rewards were meaningful and significant – the big XP jumps were immediately noticeable
  • Progress for some future Seasonal challenges were counted from Prior Weeks which felt good

The Bad

  • The weighting of long-term pursuits to weekly short-term was not balanced well. Things like "Earn 5 Valor Ranks" weren't released until Week 7 which made tasks like that specifically frustrating when multiple valor ranks were already completed.
  • Without a vendor, the Seasonal Challenges feel semi-arbitrary. It would be nice to give us an in-story reason for doing this

The Ugly

  • In Your Element required Iron Banner kills and was released during the LAST Iron Banner. If you decided not to play that week, you missed out hard – this created a huge sense of FOMO
  • Getting the Bright Dust Completion Reward (Master of All) requires completion of all but two of the challenges and some of these are HARD for solo and more casual players (Grand Master Nightfall Completion, Trials Wins) who previously had better bright dust access from the weekly bounty system.
  • Getting the Bright Dust Completion Reward (Master of All) is Harder than getting the Seasonal Title. Titles were introduced as "Pinnacle" achievements for long-haul players who have excelled in the game. The bright dust reward shouldn't be this hard.

My Recommendations:

  • Move the Long-Term Pursuits (Infamy Ranks/Valor Ranks, etc) into earlier weeks to give players ample time to complete them, or allow previous progress in these to carry through on their release
  • Don't create a challenge that creates FOMO (In Your Element)
  • Either make the challenges easier, or allow for more "skipped" challenges to earn the Bright Dust Completion Reward (Master of All)
  • Tie this whole system to a vendor (a'la Eververse to Tess) and throw in some minor spoil text to give some meaning to why we're doing all of this.

Overall this system is good, and a good replacement for the Weekly Bounties. I found it really engaging and it made me come back to the game on weeks I otherwise wouldn't have played. However it just needs to be balanced a bit further. Also for the record, I got 70 of the 75 required for Master of All, and find the last 5 options to be a bit too grindy for me to try and finish up.

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