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Sell Old Exotic Armor Ornaments Before Beyond Light

destiny2 8 - Sell Old Exotic Armor Ornaments Before Beyond Light

I like exotic ornaments. Regardless of how you feel about monetization of them, some exotics go from looking good to great, some from bad to good, bad to bearable, etc.

Weapon ornaments get rotated pretty often, in both Silver and BD, daily, weekly, and archives. But armor ornaments are incredibly hard to get a hold of. We have one for each class in the archives, and one for each class being sold for BD this season. That's six out of the current 64 ornaments. Every 3 (4) months. It could be actual years before you get to see a specific ornament you want.

The seasonal engrams aren't a good solution. The RNG involved in getting the ornament you want is catastrophic at times. Last season, I desperately wanted the Synthoceps ornament. Didn't get it, don't know when I'll see it again. Maybe one year. Maybe even 2. Some of you will relate. Some of you want Hip Wader (S3), or Afraid of the Dark (S4), or Turbo-Kickers (S4). No idea when you'll see them, and that's what feels bad. You'd pay 6 bucks, but Bungie will not sell you the ornament.

In short, the store doesn't sell enough of them per season, and the engram is up to chance, so even if there's technically a total of 12 available ornaments per season, that's still pretty awful.

Leading to the suggestion part: This extended month of the season, sell a lot of old ornaments for bright dust and silver. The Dawn ornaments being sold was great. Please sell more, from seasons 1 through 8 as well.


For bright dust, there's 4-5 (I didn't count, sorry) weeks of ornaments you can sell. That's another 12-15 ornaments for our grubby mitts to fashion with. I think everyone would be universally happy to be able to get something they wanted if it came up, instead of praying on an engram.

The archives would greatly benefit from a one month sell period before Beyond Light, where people can spend silver and buy any of the ornaments that have been eluding them for maybe seasons at a time. One month is long enough to have people buy what they need, short enough to instill a sense of limited time urgency, and we get to finish our fashion catalogs going into the new expansion.

For me, fashion is a great joy in Destiny, and I really just want flex enhance replicate and I know it is for a lot of others. As time goes on, the chances of obtaining the specific ornaments you want gets smaller until you either luck out, overgrind, or pity is given and you can buy it that season. This will help older and newer players alike, and $$$ is obtained. Would be ideal if considered.

TL;DR I want Synthoceps ornament, please let me and everyone else buy it. Let us buy all the ornaments for one month as a limited time Beyond Light pre-special.

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