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Simple “Shard it, Keep it” Armor Guide – Updated for Season 13

destiny2 3 - Simple "Shard it, Keep it" Armor Guide - Updated for Season 13

The goal of this Guide in particular is to find a simple answer to the question "what armor to shard and what to keep?" It contains everything important and only that. No solo-Taniks-level mathematics to tackle, but also not as simple as "just look at stat total" which is objectively wrong. If you wanna take hours reading and planning your course of action, do that with the other guides.

Step 1 – Build

The first step to figure out what to keep is to figure out what will be useful in the first place. If you are not familliar with what the stats do:

  • Mobility increases your non-sprint movement speed and the height of your non-class jump (the first one). It also decreases the cooldown of the Hunter's class ability. This stat is useless for non-Hunters, since the movement speed/jump height increase is negligible.
  • Resilience increases your ability to take damage before dying. Decreases the amount of damage you take when breaking out of stasis. It also decreases the cooldown of the Titan's class ability. This stat is useless for non-Titans and activities with no PvP, since the damage decrease is negligible.
  • Recovery increases the speed at which you recover health. It also decreases the cooldown of the Warlock's class ability. This stat is useful for everyone, especially Warlocks.
  • Discipline decreases the cooldown of your Grenade ability. If you play a subclass which benefits from using a lot of Grenades, choose this as a focus stat.
  • Intellect decreases the cooldown of your Super ability. More Supers sounds good in Theory, however you should think about whether or not it's that useful to focus on this stat. Orbs of Power help you charging your super faster, so a high Intellect stat is not needed in PvE. In PvP however, it can win or lose you the game.
  • Strength decreases the cooldown of your Melee ability. If you play a subclass which benefits from using a lot of Melee abilities, choose this as a focus stat.

Pick 3 stats to focus on per build. This is how I do it: I'm a PvE player and a Hunter main. Since I play Hunter, I take Mobility as my first focus stat because it's my class ability stat. I take Recovery as my second focus stat, since it's generally good. The third focus stat is either Strength, Intellect or Discipline, depending on what Subclass I use.

That means I have 3 sets of stats I judge my armor on. Mob/Rec/Dis, Mob/Rec/Int, Mob/Rec/Str. This may likely be different for you depending on what you value more and what class you play.

Step 2 – Organize

Go to (you may have to log into your account if you've never used before) and click on the Organizer Tab. Click on the class you wanna organize the armor for, the type of armor you wanna organize, then set up the columns:

In my configuration, the following columns are active: Name, Tag, Base Stats, Custom Total and Notes. Disable everything else. Then type in the DIM search bar the following text: is:purple. This will only display Legendary armor, since blue armor is only used for infusion or is otherwise dismantled and exotics aren't clogging your vault.


If this is your first time organizing, I recommend you click on the topmost checkbox to select everything and Tag it as "junk", then click on the topmost checkbox again to un-select everything. The next step is to click on the "Enabled Columns" button again to set up your focus stats.

Since I have Mob/Rec/Dis, Mob/Rec/Int, Mob/Rec/Str as my focus stats, I first click on Mobility, Recovery and Discipline. Then I sort by Custom Total by clicking on it, making sure it goes from highest to lowest.

If you are a new player or otherwise don't have a lot of armor, I'd go for a Custom Total of 35 or above. If you have a lot of armor already, go for 40 or above. Bungie has increased the average total of the armor that can drop since a few seasons ago, so 40 should be the new minimum for long-time players.

Whatever your minimum Custom Total is, tick the box of the lowest Custom Total armor piece you'd accept and then, while holding the shift button, tick the box of the highest Custom Total armor piece you have. Now everything from the highest Custom Total to the minimum Total you'd accept has been selected. Tag the selected armor as "Keep".

Since I have 2 more sets to go, I would switch Discipline out with Intellect or Strength, tick the topmost box again to un-select everything and repeat the process of sorting by Custom Total from highest to lowest, selecting everything between the highest I have and the minimum I'd accept, and then Tagging it as "Keep".

Now repeat this for all armor types. Helmet, Arms, Chest and Legs. You should only have 3 Legendary Class items, one for each element.

Step 3 – Dismantle

If you've done everything correctly, you may now go to the inventory tab and dismantle everything that is still marked as junk. Double-check that the good armor isn't still marked as junk before proceeding with your dismantling frienzy.

From now on, since you have your focus stats and your minimum custom stat total now, you can whip out a calculator whenever you find new legendary gear and compare it to your standards, then dismantling it if it doesn't fit your standard. This should help you keep your vault clean.

Also, you can use DIM's Loadout Optimizer to find the best loadout with a certain exotic and subclass while focusing on your focus stats. If you have the materials to masterwork an item, do it with the class items first.

Idk which armor exactly to masterwork as I've never had enough materials to do it anyway. Maybe it's not that important to masterwork armor until S14, since we've had to battle with seasonal mods and sunsetting before Season 14. We'll see if we get to keep armor for longer now.

For me, lvl 7 armor was sufficient for most builds. Mods that stack do so with diminishing effect, so the same mod again or +10 on a stat isn't worth Enhancement Prisms and Ascendant Shards imo.

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