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Since Crown Of Sorrow is leaving us, anyone want Trio flawless guide?

destiny2 9 - Since Crown Of Sorrow is leaving us, anyone want Trio flawless guide?

Obligatory proof:

Encounter 1 is very much what you'd think. At least one warlock preferably two. Xenophage will kill an ogre with an entire clip with well of radiance. Rock a sniper/scout for boomers and I rocked Travellers judgement 5. Fantastic roll for me. Rapid hit and tap the trigger. But realistically whatever kills adds quick and easy.

Recommended loadout: two warlocks on well. Sniper – sidearm – xenophage

Method: this is essentially the same as duo method but with an extra player. For my three man flawless we actually didn't invite the third person until PH1 galrahn because he was cooking his kids dinnner. So ill describe it as such.

Both players use left foundation (the square block under left statue). From here prioritise crystals in order LEFT – MIDDLE – RIGHT. The only crystal you can't hit from left foundation is "right wall" which spawns on right side against the far right wall under the right side flawless levers. Even the very first right side crystal can be sniped through the legs of the right statue from left foundation. Throw a healing grenade as needed before swapping buff. Use a healing rift until ogres spawn. If a teammate is standing in your rift you get both rift and grenade energy. Essentially endless healing potential.

When Ogre spawns, or just beforehand, pop well. After killimg ogre two grenade kills should proc hive armerments and get you sprinting again.

Use sniper to kill boomers and otherwise don't stress. This is just a timely encounter of repeated actions.

Jumping Puzzle

Recommended loadout: anything to help you jump. For this you can simply skip, or if going legit just do it as normal, always go to the higher crystal first and melee it. The melee will lunge you towards the platform and plant you down safely. Honestly not much more to say other than do it a few times to learn crystal spots.

Phase one – the only hard part

Recommended load out: falling guillotine. Loaded question.

IMO loaded question is in the top 5 guns in destiny. It two shots knights and wizards in CoS and three bursts the ogres along with a very nice initial stun. That being said Falling Guillotine will OH-KO ogres here so use accordingly.



It doesn't matter where buff is if you're using the anarchy method. You need buff to kill ogre but unbuffered to kill wizards. So kill both wizards, pick up buff, then kill Ogre. It's actually really simple. Don't transfer the buff. Instead have person 2 DEBUFF person 1 and the wall will break down. You now have two unbuffed players working together and an unbuffed person babysitting. Now, work together to kill wizards, then only one person grab buff from the floor to kill ogres exactly like last time. (if no one has buff in either 1st or 2nd phase it will respawn in the starting location on the floor). If using anarchy make sure this person does not pick up the buff after the first wall drops. On the final transfer the person with anarchy will be buffed. Off you go. Break shield, place well, then use anarchy and go away. You always want one or two shots per shield break. If you need to two phase simple rinse and repeat.

phase 2, Big Boy So once you have done three man, you'll never go back to six man. Trust.

Reccomended. High impact sniper, xeno + acrius and large arm reserves and felwinters helmet

Wherever crystal spawns that's where you go. Clear all ads and then kill crystal. Continue clockwise doing so. You should only need to swap once. One deception will spawn and two ogres will spawn. Blessed player use Xeno to kill, get next crystal, then go destroy deception. One player gets buff and one gets hand. (tip: shooting the hand early will clear a hell tonne of ads). Now it's about following the crystal again until next deception. Now only one ogre will spawn and one deception. Whoever has buff use Xeno to kill, then everyone swap to acrius while standing inside crystal shield.

For final deception, only the persons WITHOUT felwinters helm should get the buff in centre while felwinter shoots hand. I'll explain why soon.

Wherever the last crystal was destroyed – the location immediately clockwise to that (ie the next crystal spawn) will be the Galrahn you don't finish. I'll explain. Let's pretend it's dogs. Stairs and void will shoot hands solo then stun/destroy fake galrahn. On dog you will only shoot hands. Crystal will now spawn on dog. As you're destroying crystal galrahn will re-attempt wipe mechanic, now you may shoot hands then head. Now, swap buff. Felwinter is now buffed and able to kill thrall. This means killing thrall with melee will both debuff galrahm + empower the player. You should be able to do 1.5m – 2m damage per dps.
Ideally one other player would run top tree novabomb but only if confident. We ended up three phasing only because i placed a second well and killed all the thrall before getting felwinters buff. So even if you wanna play it safe its an easy three phase or pushing a two phase.

After first damage swap back to xeno, remove the buff, and start fresh.

Don't be afraid to leave crystal up for a while to catch up on Ads.

As long as you're aggressive on ads you should have trio flawless in the bag

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