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Skyburner’s sucks. We know. Idea to fix it that’s not slapping on anti barrier

destiny2 7 - Skyburner’s sucks. We know. Idea to fix it that’s not slapping on anti barrier

When people suggest buffs to skyburner’s it’s mostly just add anti barrier for cabal which thematically makes sense but won’t really make it better it will just be a necessity. Although I’d still like it. Anti champion for me does not equal buff

There are so many other problems with it that I don’t even k ow where to begin although I did find it a lot of fun to use.


Skyburner’s as you should know has a lower fire rate in ads but higher damage.

I’m not sure if this is in the weapon description but when I checked the “destiny 2 massive breakdown weapon stats spreadsheet” it sais the ads is 180 rpm and the hipfire is 225 although the description in game sais the rpm is 200 (but doesn’t say for what fire mode so 🖕me I guess.

The only upside to this is it seems the ads does more damage than normal 180 scouts with 60 head 40 body but the ttk is still 1.00 sec although more forgiving only needing 2h 2b compared to 3h 1b on I believe all resilience levels (maybe not 10).

Still though doesn’t make sense why the more “powerful” ads fire has only a ttk 0.07 seconds faster than the hipfire slugs hitting all bodyshots.

With the hipfire being able to hit enemies at closer ranges it would make sense if this gun was a 150 rpm at ads with bodyshot ttk on these being famously horrible. If they get too close you could swap to the more forgiving tracking slug mode.

It’s secondary perk is for a dying race and isn’t even that good:

There aren’t many cabal fights we have to do anymore because the red war campaign ended 3 years ago.


Plus the buff itself is like 18% which isn’t bad but isn’t that good of a buff on it’s own and the phalanx piercing rounds is definitely where the idea of adding anti barrier to it came from.

So why not just use any current anti barrier weapon with any other damage buff?

Maybe the buff should work more like an actual damage buff:

Kill against cabal add a stack of conqueror (up to x5).

One stack is removed for other faction enemies killed.

The stacks are only removed on death or upon killing enough of other factions.

Damage against cabal maxes out at 25% while other factions take up to 50% damage (for the cost of removing the stacks).

Not sure if this would be the best idea but would keep it’s identity as an anti cabal weapon.

The catalyst sucks:

Skyburner’s has the oldschool catalyst where it’s simply a stat boost.

But the worst part about it is it’s a range buff where the skyburner’s oath slugs have no damage falloff.

While range helps with reticle stickiness this is probably the weakest catalyst buff it could receive.

Plus earlier I mentioned making it a 150 scout on ads so maybe it could have the intrinsic high range, low stability and handling of 150s but then change the catalyst to add +30 handling instead of range.

Then as a secondary buff give the hipfire extra tracking especially against the head and I guess maybe give it anti barrier on cabal champions (never said it was a bad idea).

I take too long to right down ideas. I’m done. Bye.

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