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So are hunter mains just extremely delusional about balance or have I just run into the bad eggs?

destiny2 2 - So are hunter mains just extremely delusional about balance or have I just run into the bad eggs?

After years of being away from Destiny I've come back to stop the pyramids as promised and to apparently get harassed by Hunter mains by daring to use Sentinel Shield, getting hatemail saying that it's an OP super. I'm pretty sure it got buffs since I last played but OP it certainly isn't. I was told that it's bounce effect compensates for terrible titans who don't know how to aim and was only able to end the conversation after I asked the person if they'd used Sentinel Shield before because you'll often throw the shield directly at a person only for it to kind of go on it's own direction or bounce off a wall it was never near only to then fly into the void.

Even while doing a raid a Hunter asked me why I was running Thundercrash. I told him that Levi Gauntlet is rather open with the classes you can use because of the lack of bosses and because I found it fun and balanced. This apparently was a mistake because the guy and another Hunter went fill on chimp on me. My defense of Thundercrash was that it was a one off super like Nova Bomb so it's only really useful to counter other supers or to pop and be done. Their attack was that Thundercrash is OP because you can instantly wipe an entire team of people without them being able to fight back. I tried to understand him better by asking. "Do you mean fist of Havoc because bottom tree in PVP can lead to some good killing sprees." and he made damn sure that I knew he was talking about thundercrash, saying it's impossible to shoot the titan out of the air and that they can easily kill 6 players with it. I then said that I've never seen a stack of 6 players elbow to elbow in PVP and that I've been shot out of the air before using thundercrash. The only reply i got was. "Well, it sucks to suck!" I then realized these guys might be a bit off and just ignored and moved on until the conversation came back up again where they asked me my opinion of Sunbreakers. Simple, good at clearing minors in PvE and in PVP the best titan super IMO but it loses out to Golden Gun because of Hitscan>Projectiles and range. This sent the second guy into such a rage that he left the raid with the first saying Golden Gun is the weakest super in the game. I certainly believe golden gun is terrible in PvE, I personally think it PvE it should reload a round every time you kill a major or ultra enemy but in PvP t's just a long range(compared to the other supers) hitscan instant kill. Those are all the key words that make up the best kind of weapons in any shooter. The conversation only ended when it got too much for our raid to keep listening to it after it took one of our members.


And lastly in another raid, Scourge, I saw a fellow titan running rally barricade. I told them that I actually forgot that even existed calling it the most useless class ability and as you guessed the Hunter in our group started acting like that one donkey scene from family guy just blotting out any kind of conversation by saying the worse class ability was the reload dodge because rally barricade does the same thing but you get a wall to hide behind. I know hunters are the most popular class (which just saying started another beef with a hunter who said warlocks are because they're OP,) and therefore will draw in the filth but it seems to be a shockingly high amount. I only ever meet bad hunters with only one nice one I've come across since I've got back. Is this just the Hunter experience?

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