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So, I solo’d the Harbinger Mission 27 Power under-level.

destiny2 1 - So, I solo'd the Harbinger Mission 27 Power under-level.

Here's how you can do the same.

1) For your subclass, you're going to want either Banner Shield Sentinel, Slowva-Bomb Voidwalker, or Moebius Quiver Tether. Armamentarium for the Titan, Contraverse for the Warlock, and Frostees for Hunter. Absolutely do not use Sixth Coyote. Trust me on this.

2) Match Game is a thing. And every single element is well-represented. Arbalest is your best friend here, and not just because of the shields, but also because of those thrice-cursed Vandal snipers. There is one part of the mission where Witherhoard is the play, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

3) To return to the subject of shields and snipers, the energy weapon you are going to need is the longest range pulse-rifle you can get. Because Anti-Barrier Rounds. The activity descriptor may say Unstoppable, but trust me, the only part Unstops give you trouble is the one spot where you absolutely do not have time to switch weapons. I used a nice Stars in Shadow, but Jian 7 works as well.

4) Leave the sword at home, you're bringing either a machine gun or a linear fusion (I know, right?). If an enemy so much as breathes in your direction, you're dead. If you have an Arc pulse, then solar heavy, and vice versa. I myself used the Seventh Seraph SAW.

5) The Emissaries fights are all peak-shooting. That being said, you are going to want to clear out all the Vandals before you try anything else, because they can and will one-shot you.


6) The part with Unstoppables: the circular boss room. This is the part where you switch Arbalest to Witherhoard, just before the fight starts. The first part of this fight is the Vandals from a distance, plus two Arc-shielded centurions. If you leave the Centurions alive to the last, and if your designated Arc weapon is your heavy, you might be able to switch weapons fast enough to an Unstop. Because once you put the Centurions down, all hell breaks loose. And because Solar shields are a big thing in the second half of the fight, your Unstoppable hand-cannon should probably match. I recommend Ancient Gospel.

7) You are going to be running like the wind for the second phase of the fight, mostly because if you touch the ground for too long, you're dead. Your main method of clearing out the Champions and Void-shielded Wizards is to alternate between your grenade and Witherhoard shots. Voidwall and Vootrex nades are the best, hands down. Hunters have it easier here, because they can alternate between nades and Invisibility Smokes as the situation calls for it. That being said, the other two classes Supers' are far better at clearing out the enemies.

8) Congratulations: you made it through the jumping puzzle. You've blasted the boss down to 2/3 health, and decimated the Goblins. Now prepare to hide behind a strategic rock in the back right corner, peak shotting the two solar-shielded Knights from afar. You may be tempted to focus on the Void Acolytes: don't. Because those Knights will keep respawning them until they themselves die. Once they fall, clear out the Acolytes, and whack away at the boss until he's 1/3 health. You will have to repeat this process one more time.

9) Sit back and enjoy your well-earned rewards.

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