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Solo Flawless Dungeon Difficult Ranking (Season of the Chosen)

destiny2 5 - Solo Flawless Dungeon Difficult Ranking (Season of the Chosen)

Hello All!

In the past week, I'm proud to say that I have successfully completed solo flawless runs of all three dungeons currently in the game (Shattered Throne, Pit of Heresy, Prophecy)! Surprisingly, it took me very few attempts to complete these dungeons solo without dying:

  • Shattered Throne – 2 attempts
  • Pit of Heresy – 1 attempt
  • Prophecy – 1 attempt


While I was researching tips to complete these, I couldn't find too much updated information regarding the difficulty of each of the solos as well as which encounters were the most challenging. As such, I wanted to give my thoughts on the hardest dungeon to solo flawless, as well as the most difficult encounters from each dungeon, updated to Season of the Chosen.

NOTE: These rankings were all done on an Attunement of Grace Warlock with NO CHEESES (eg. Pit of Heresy ball duping). Other classes may have varying results but from my experiences running the dungeons many times, these ranking should give all guardians a general idea of their difficulties. Of course, using the most meta weapons, exotics, and mods only make these dungeons easier. Your results may vary!

NOTE 2: This post also assumes you are familiar with each of the encounter mechanics (as fully explaining this as well will make this post unreasonably longer than it already is!).

NOTE 3: This is a long read! Sit back, grab a snack, and relax 🙂

Solo Flawless Dungeon Difficulty Ranking

1. Prophecy

Likely to no one's surprise, D2's most recent dungeon still proves to be the most challenging dungeon out of the three. Each of the three main encounters take place in small rooms with aggressive enemies and numerous ads. Especially with the loss of Taken and Hive mods with the release of Beyond Light, the sheer number of enemies and their damage outputs requires quick movement, quick thinking, and strong ad clearing skills.

2. Shattered Throne

The Shattered Throne has quickly become my favourite dungeon to run due to thematic and overall boss mechanics. However, even though there are only two main encounters, both are extremely challenging and require a solid strategy before attempting. The main challenge of this dungeon is the "timers" of each of the two main encounters, which can cause wipes if done too slowly.

3. Pit of Heresy

Although the easiest dungeon (in my opinion) to solo flawless, this dungeon still poses its own challenges. This dungeon has the longest solo flawless out of the three dungeons (without cheeses), my solo flawless taking 1 hour 9 minutes. Throughout this dungeon, many mechanics, sections, and traps are designed to cause easy deaths.

Individual Dungeon Encounter Difficulty Ranking

For the purposes of this section, these are what I consider "true and notable" encounters from each dungeon:

  • Shattered Throne
    • The Labyrinth
    • The Descent (including Ogre Beams and Thrallway)
    • Vorgeth, the Boundless Hunger (Keeper of Petitions)
    • Dul Incaru, the Eternal Return
  • Pit of Heresy
    • Necropolis
    • Tunnels of Despair
    • Chamber of Suffering
    • The Harrow
    • Zulmak, Instrument of Torment (Cradle of Damnation)
  • Prophecy
    • The Entrance
    • Phalanx Echo
    • The Wasteland
    • The Hexahedron
    • Deadsea (Sparrow Section)
    • Kell Echo

Here are the individual encounter difficulty rankings, from most difficult to least difficult.

1. Vorgeth, the Boundless Hunger (Shattered Throne)

This encounter still proves to be the most challenging encounter (in my opinion) across all three dungeons. The player is relentlessly being attacked by either Vorgeth or the wizards, requiring constant movement, even when trying to hide behind cover. In addition, killing a wizard puts the player on a timer, forcing the player to wipe unless they kill the next wizard in a short time frame. Even when clearing as many ads as possible early in the fight, navigating the room to approach and kill wizards is still dangerous due to Vorgeth's push attack and the wizards' damage output. Finally, when reaching the DPS phase, Vorgeth's axion bolts are extremely lethal unless shot down or in a defensive super. Overall, from all of my experiences, Vorgeth is still the most brutal and unforgiving encounter to solo.

2. Kell Echo (Prophecy)

The beginning of this encounter is extremely hectic and dangerous. The top priority of the player is to dunk motes into one of the three corners of the room as soon as possible to create a "safe" spot to return to in case of danger. Once this is accomplished, the main pyramid room can be taken as slow as needed due to the absence of a timer. Once in the long corridor fighting the boss, maneuvering from platform to platform while avoiding being teleported by the Kell Echo's blasts can be challenging. Taken Hobgoblins also need to be managed quickly here as they output extreme amounts of damage. This encounter with some practice isn't too challenging but requires a lot of time and patience. Using meta weapons, the Kell Echo can be 2-3 phased but without, can take over 6 phases to defeat. Avoiding death for such a long time makes this encounter a difficult battle of attrition.

3. Dul Incaru, the Eternal Return (Shattered Throne)

This is another encounter that, without a timer mechanic, would be much lower on this list. However, the time pressure makes this encounter extremely challenging. Firstly, throughout the course of the encounter, it is very easy to be overwhelmed by Psions if not killed quickly. Next, Dul Incaru will make the knights immune if they aren't killed quickly enough, requiring the giant crystal to be destroyed while trying to survive in the small room. Once a knight is killed and the Finite Thought orb is picked up, the player is tasked to kill the other two knights for maximum damage against Dul Incaru. Once the player has 3x Finite Thought, the actual boss DPS phase is relatively easy and can be 1 phased with good weapons.


4. Phalanx Echo (Prophecy)

The small arena the player fights is the main challenge of this encounter. The numerous ads, the lethal knights, and the boss constantly attempting to push the player off the map can make this fight extremely hectic. However, prioritizing ads before dunking motes makes this fight significantly easier. With a good sword, this boss can be 1-2 phased, making this encounter challenging by requiring the player to have strong ad clearing skills, cramped in a small arena.

5. The Hexahedron (Prophecy)

This encounter, even when taken slowly can be challenging. Since the Taken Hobgoblins and Taken Knights are linked (when one dies, it spawns the other), managing ads while avoiding death is difficult. When the player kills knights for their motes, the spawning hobgoblins poses an immediate threat from above and can be lethal if not dealt with or the motes are dunked too slowly. Repeating this 6 times without death can pose a strong challenge. The two final bosses are ironically the least threatening enemies of the entire encounter.

6. Zulmak, Instrument of Torment (Pit of Heresy)

This fight in itself, due to the lack of a timer, isn't challenging mechanically or combat-wise. The player can easily hide behind each of the towers, clearing ads slowly and killing each mini-boss as slowly as they desire. Dunking the orbs and conducting a DPS phase are also not challenging for most players. The challenge of this encounter is the sheer length of the fight. My clear, with meta weapons, took 4 phases which took an extremely long time (I think over 15 minutes). Without meta weapons, I can imagine this fight taking 6-7 phases and over 30 minutes of combat. Staying alive for this long without making a mistake is the true challenge of this encounter solo.

7. Chamber of Suffering (Pit of Heresy)

This may be a controversial placement as I know this encounter is known to be challenging for the solo player. However, with modern weapons and loadouts (eg. Trinity Ghoul, Warmind Cells), this room was surprisingly easy. The player simply needs to stand on the plate for the majority of the encounter, only leaving to collect orbs from knights. If the player uses their class kits to their advantage, ensure to prioritize killing the Boomer Knights that spawn above, and approach the encounter with a good strategy (I used a 1-2-2-1 orb strategy), they should be able to clear this encounter with relatively little difficulty.

8. Necropolis (Pit of Heresy)

Navigating the Necropolis is pretty simple and safe as long as the player is being cautious . Traversing the towers from top to bottom (based on the three symbols in the "A" tower) while avoiding elevators when possible seems to be the safest strategy. However, the player must still be attentive in clear Ogres and avoiding risky plays against the mini-bosses (especially the wizard) as they are still lethal threats. Being patient and taking your time makes this encounter very straight-forward.

9. The Labyrinth (Shattered Throne)

This encounter is very straight-forward and not extremely taxing. As long as the player is patient, killing any ads in sight and carefully progressing from section to section, The Labyrinth is easy to complete. The reason The Labyrinth isn't any lower on the list is that a stray Hobgoblin or a mini-boss can be lethal if not killed cautiously.

10. The Harrow (Pit of Heresy)

This encounter, similar to The Labyrinth, is easy as long as the player takes their time. The difficulty of this encounter is the numerous traps that can easily kill the player. Since this encounter is right before Zulmak, this can be frustrating if the player dies here. However, careful jumping and navigation is key to making this encounter easy.

11. Tunnels of Despair (Pit of Heresy)

The Tunnels of Despair can be challenging if the player is unfamiliar with the layout of the tunnels. Even with a map, ads can be threatening in the enclosed spaces of the tunnels. In addition, the roaming Pariah Ogres are extremely lethal and require extreme patience from the player. Ironically, the Tunnels of Despair took longer to complete than the following Chamber of Suffering. Coming in with a set path in mind is helpful.

12. The Descent (Shattered Throne)

The last four encounters on this list are easy as long as the player is playing as slow as needed and clearing ads from a safe distance. The sniper hallway can be progressed through slowly and safely with the use of long range weapons. The Ogre Beams can also be taken slowly, killing Ogres from a distance. Finally, the Thrallway can kill the player due to the lack of healing but each class has ways in which to survive this section with ease.

13. The Wasteland (Prophecy)

Clearing ads from a distance before killing the blights make this encounter trivial. The only true threat in this area are the invisible Taken Minotaurs which can be lethal if the player is unaware of their presence.

14. The Entrance (Prophecy)

Once again, an easy encounter if played safely. If the player brings dark motes from the first section into the second section, the encounter only becomes easier. As long as the player is attentive of the knights, this section is simply a warm-up for the first (much harder) Phalanx Echo.

15. Deadsea (Prophecy)

The sparrow section of Prophecy is still the easiest section across all of the dungeons. The player is not required to ride a sparrow and can traverse down the ribbons or platforms as slowly as they would like with little to no risk. The only way a player can die in this encounter is by neglecting Taken Vandal snipers or mistiming a jump.

That is my list! Thanks so much for reading! Feel free to leave your thoughts below and if anyone would like any tips or tricks for any of the encounters, let me know! I would be more than happy to create other posts if players are looking for advice on completing these dungeons solo.

Have a great week and good luck out there guardians!

— LamChopz

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