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Solo Flawless’d all three dungeons within two days. Loadouts, tips and LOADS of rambling inside.

destiny2 2 - Solo Flawless’d all three dungeons within two days. Loadouts, tips and LOADS of rambling inside.

I don’t usually make long posts on Reddit so let’s hope the formatting doesn’t collapse in on itself.

After weeks of trying, I finally got the last of the essential Taken mods (still missing Taken Spec, sadly) and that drove me to attempt Throne. With it out of the way, and emboldened by success and a complete disregard of my personal wellbeing, I decided to knock out the other two as well. A couple friends asked me for tips so I figured I should consolidate my experiences for anyone else who might benefit from it.

So let’s get down to it:


• Let’s get this out of the way: yes, I used Warlock and yes I have Mountaintop and Anarchy. You can chip at Kell Echo without Anarchy and you don’t necessarily need Mountaintop for anything but both help immensely (and is probably why MT is being sunset 👀).

• You’ll want Taken AND Hive Barrier on at all times for both Throne and Prophecy. Hive mods work on Taken Hive (which you will encounter a lot of) and the effects stack. You’ll also encounter a mix of Hive and Taken enemies during Dul so, yeah, keep both on.

• Stats on armor are honestly largely irrelevant as your mods and class skills are the determining factors here. Use the appropriate combinations of mods (Hive/Taken as well as the standard Minor/Major/Boss/Concussive mods) and you’ll be good.

• Killing red bars quickly during all encounters is ESSENTIAL. This probably goes without saying but bosses themselves are pretty non-threatening with the right setups. It’s the trash that’s scary.

• The right mindset is key. Again, goes without saying, but if you believe you can succeed, you can. And I believe in you, too. Don’t panic if things look bad (which is why I recommend Warlock, Devour is dumb) and if you do die, I recommend still pushing through as it allows you to experiment and feel out the next encounter(s) without any stress.


Pre-Ogre is straightforward. I used Devourlock with Mountaintop, Trinity Ghoul and god roll Falling Guillotine with boss spec. Take out as many things at range as you can wherever possible, play around that yellow bar Taken Captain after the first encounter carefully (that thing is unironically one of the scariest parts of the dungeon) and kill the ogres on the platforming section as safely as you can.

• The Ogre encounter is actually a lot easier than you’d think.

For this you’ll want: Middle tree Dawnblade, a good Void weapon with anti-barrier rounds (I used Gnawing Hunger), Falling Guillotine, the aforementioned Hive and Taken Barrier mods, and Taken Repurposing to get your grenade back every time you break a Wizard’s shield.

-Your Primary and Exotic options are flexible. I personally used Crimson for additional healing in a pinch and Phoenix Protocol for… additional healing in a pinch (specifically, so that I’d get Well back faster if I ever had to drop it pre-damage phase to not die).

The strategy here is to kill the red bars as quickly as possible while also keeping yourself healthy with your grenade and the terrain wherever you can. You get your grenade back every time you break a Wizard’s barrier thanks to Taken Repurposing so you’ll have no short supply of them if you deliberately wait for their shields to return as you make your way around the arena.

In short, kill the red bars, get all the Wizards to Finisher range before killing any, deposit the buff and drop your Well at the ogre’s feet for a easy one phase with Guillotine.

After this, I went back to pre-ogre loadout until I hit Dul.

Dul is straightforward and has more temporary safespots than the ogre (there’s a big pillar you can hide behind at the main overlook as long as you’re mindful of the knights) but it felt harder by virtue of it having a lot more things that can go wrong (getting pounded by all three knights simultaneously in Well will… kill you).

For this fight, I used Middle Dawnblade with Mountaintop, Riskrunner (for the Arc resist) and Guillotine with Phoenix Protocol as a safety net for my Super. You can use Hive Invigoration here to get Rift back whenever you kill a Knight if you want but it’s not mandatory.

Use Riskrunner to wipe out the Psions. Chip at the Knights while remaining mindful of your own health and once you feel it’s safe (I recommend getting them all low but it’s not really necessary, just safer), drop Well at Dul, quickly kill the Knights with your sword and spin to win for a one phase.


Pre-Totem is straightforward. I used Devourlock with Mountaintop, Eriana’s Vow (to kill the shielded Wizards in one of the rune rooms) and Guillotine for pretty much everything until the Totem.

• The Totem encounter of Pit (the one after the ogre ‘maze’) is the hardest encounter of any of the dungeons if you do it legitimately. I couldn’t cheese it consistently so I ended up doing just that!


You’ll want Devour (seriously), Mountaintop, Trinity Ghoul and Guillotine. Use Trinity to wipe out anything that’s not a Knight (and to kill the Boomer Knights if you can’t aim MT under stress like me). You’ll typically want to kill the Boomers as quickly as possible, first if you can, but sometimes that isn’t always feasible so play accordingly. You can use a well-aimed Nova Vortex to kill a Boomer or two but I personally got more use out of it using it as an additional source of Devour in a pinch.

Simple on paper but harder in execution. Don’t be afraid to take this part slowly if you have to as you need ten stacks to wipe and they build slowly.

  • I personally used Nezarec here to help with my cooldowns but your choice of armor is flexible as long as you can avoid dying. You can also use Hive Invigoration to get your Rift back after you kill an orb dropping Knight and Enhanced Unflinching Grenade Launcher aim helps immensely here if you have it as well.

Zulmak is a joke. Like, seriously, if you get this far the only thing that can feasibly cost you your run is a disconnection.

I used Middle Dawnblade with Phoenix Protocol and the same loadout as the Totem encounter. Hive Invigoration helps out a lot.

Start off by using Trinity to wipe out the red bar Acolytes in your immediate vicinity and any others you can safely pick off since they don’t respawn until after the damage phase. After that, kill one of the big Knights to get a sword and kill the Shrieker (preferably after killing the Acolytes in its area if you can). You don’t HAVE to kill the Shrieker off the bat but it’s the easiest of the three and you can use its area as a safe spot until everything respawns after the damage phase.

Don’t worry too much about dunking any of the void orbs until after the Wizard and Knight are dead. If any orbs disappear, they come back once all three are down.

Some Thralls spawn in once you dunk an orb but Trinity handles those quickly.

Once you dunk the final orb, drop Well at Zulmak (pay no mind to the immense number of cursed thrall that spawn in because literally nothing can kill you in Well) and spin to win until he readies his nuke. Repeat until you win.


  • My loadout for most of this was static: I used Ophidian Aspect with Hive and Taken Barrier, Hive Invigoration and Taken Armaments for all encounters with me only changing class and weapons as needed. I also kept Enhanced Unflinching GL aim.

• Skip the first encounter. Seriously, do it. 👀

The Phalanx is an exercise in add clearing (i.e. use Trinity). I used Middle Dawnblade, Mountaintop, Trinity, and Guillotine. Use Trinity to wipe out the Psions and then… do the mechanic. Drop Well at the boss once damage phase starts and spin to win for a one phase.

• For the Wasteland, I swapped Mountaintop for a kinetic shotgun (literally any one is fine) to clear Blights. Also changed to Devourlock for the rest of the dungeon.

• The Hexahedron is pretty simple. Use Trinity to wipe out any Acolytes you can reach while also very carefully trying to figure out where the Hobgoblins are (if you get lucky, one will spawn in your line of sight and you can Mountaintop it the moment it appears). Every time you kill a Hobgoblin, a Knight spawns and vice versa which is a fact you need to keep in mind as you proceed (the Hobgoblins are far scarier than the Knights so it may benefit you to keep only the Knights in play).

The bosses are easily dispatched by Guillotine. Drop a Rift where the first one will spawn and use your Super to help kill the other.

  • Taken Invigoration works on the Knights but seemingly NOT the Hobgoblins.

• Don’t be afraid to walk for portions of Ribbon Road. I unironically did just because I didn’t want to deal with something going catastrophically wrong somehow and being unable to recover from it as I slowly drift into the void. I did take the platforms down toward the end though.

• I actually had two loadouts for Kell Echo. I used the MT/Trinity/Guillotine standard while working toward the damage phase but swapped to Point of the Stag with Minor Spec (any bow should work if you don’t have Stag) and Anarchy before entering the sand.

Kill the Psions with Trinity and try to get rid of one of the Kell Echoes as quickly as you can (you can use a Rift to help as you’ll get it back immediately after killing a Knight). Once you have one corner of the room as a safe spot, the difficulty of the encounter plummets dramatically. Handle the encounter accordingly.

  • When all of the Ogres/Kells are gone, Knights stop spawning but groups of Psions will continue to spawn in on a long timer. There’s nothing forcing you to enter the sand once it’s prepped so you can farm these for Heavy ammo and orbs of Light as needed.

Use Mountaintop and Anarchy to continue dealing damage to the boss as you move while also using your bow to pick off the Hobgoblins. After the damage phase, I switched back to my other loadout before entering the sand. Rinse and repeat.

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