Destiny 2

Solo Prophecy Dungeon – The Experience

destiny2 4 - Solo Prophecy Dungeon - The Experience

So you have chosen to go for that beautiful flawless Emblem.

Time to practice before the real deal. Not because the flawless attempt went sour & you just want to continue to see how it goes….. dumbass

STEP 1 – Mental Preparations

  1. Ask yourself: "Do I really want to go through hell?" -> If "Yes" , slap your face.

  2. Still up for it? Ask a friend, family member or stranger to slap your face again.

  • You have proven your commitment & made somebody happy (How often does somebody get to slap you for free?) Good Job.
  1. Call a loved one or at least family member, you have been playing too much Destiny and they miss you.

STEP 2 – Game Preparations

As Streamers have proven anything works & you are not the average Joe for this ordeal:

Choose any class for this hellish endavour

  • Pick a Warlock – Believing Devour will save you in time of need….. Hahaha :'(

Pick up some Weapons & Exotics – MountainTop, Anarchy, Recluse, Witherhoard, Riskrunner, Delirium, Sword, Any RocketLauncher

Don't forget Armor: Nezarac, Contraverse, Verity, Karnstein, Transversive, etc. – all good valuable choices (you think hope…)

Start Mission.

  • Realize you forgot Mods.
  • Realize you need Taken Mods
  • Realize you need the correct Armor as well

Abandon Mission

  • Go Play Last Wish & Pray to SpiderJesus for Rng
  • Come back a week later. More Mature & Hopeful.

Start Dungeon for Real


The Hallway

  • Kill Knights to collect Motes

  • Stand in the Light to receive Light Motes upon Knight Kill

  • Stand in the Dark to receive Dark Motes upon Knight Kill

  • You need 5 Motes of the same type to cleanse a plate

This part is easy & nothing bad could happen. Moving on….

  • Realize how wrong you were…..
  • Realize just having Taken Mods does not make you invincible when being surrounded by 10 Acolytes & Stuck in Knight Hellfire.
  • Shooting a GL for one pesky Acolyte kill is not worth if you could have run to the next encounter.

    There is a Sword Skip Method for this Encounter - *Just saying* 

Restarts Stupid Death Count: 2 times

Phalanx Echo

You made it to your first Boss fight, Congratulations, that wasn't so bad right?

  • Kill the Psions

  • Kill the Knights

  • Pick up 5 Motes & cleanse a Plate

  • Do Boss Damage

  • Don't Die

Lament the fact that always 3 Knights will spawn when you only needed 1 & they spawn in annoying positions.

Realize the Knights have started Sniper practice in this Dungeon (You are the Target & they will improve drastically like you can't believe)

Knight Photon Shotgun has a range of 50m on this 30m radius Plattform. Keep Running.

Knights don't flinch, anything you saw before was a lie, so why did you stop running???

There is no Time limit so leave those motes alone & keep running surving

The Boss is Phalanx, if you haven't forgotten run Lake of Shadows Strike again, under normal circumstance that Big Shield will count your hits as immune.

  • There is no shame in killing the Boss in 2 or 3 Phases or even more. (Stupid Goblins, blocking Damage)

Did you know standing in Well of Radiance counts as Super Damage, therefore bypassing Immunity Beam? Makes it an easy 1-Phase using Fallen Guillotine.

Death Counts: 12 (Stupid Knights can be relentless)


This is either your flawless Run or solo practice run.

  • Take it slow
  • Destroy Blights
  • Find Toland
  • Take it slow

You die here: Slap your face again

Hexahedron – The Cube

First up, there is no easy way around it: Toland hates you and he loves the ceiling.

He warned you back in the Dreaming City & told you to turn back. You didn't listen, so he is not here to help you but to make this encounter last as long possible & to wreck your chances. Only reason this fight is shorter as a 3-man team, Toland is obvioulsy scared of potential witnesses seeing his bullshit.

  • Same Mechanics: Kill Knights Find Toland, Dump Motes, Repeat until Boss Fight.
  • Survive

Sniper Kill -> Spawns Knight

Knight Kill -> Spawns Sniper

Sniper will always spawn in a position that bypasses your flimsy cover, get used to it.

3 Sniper Shots & your average Joe is out. Hope you brought that Major Resist Mod or Something like Riskrunner.

  • The Middle Plattform will give you slight Damage Reduction upon Activation, but not enough, never enough…..
  • The Snipers are worse than the twin Bosses, you can kill the later with a pistol if careful or just want to wait for your super to nuke them.

Upon Activating the Middle Plattform Knights & Sniper will no longer respawn (if you lucky even despawn immediatly), Acolytes to not follow this rule.

So either rush to the next room use this chance to farm Ammunition or Super energy. Again, there is no rush.


Wastland (again)

  • Realize your "worthless" Teammates must have done something right, cause there is no way the amount of Adds you killed in the Cube encounter was equivalent to your 3-Man Experience.

  • Don't Drive or Run through a horde of enemies just because you will invcible after finishing the last encounter.

  • Follow the Kell Echo Towards Toland/ Next encounter.

Deaths we don't talk about: 1 0

Singularity – Rainbow/Ribbon Road

This place is beautiful. Take moment to breath and calm down.

  • Seriously, put the controller down and relax. You fingers are still twitching from the cube encounter.

If you believe strong enough you can jump straight to the last "Pyramid"

Illusion aside, you can either walk towards the end slowly, maybe even killing all the Adds that spawn on the way or drive your sparrow through Star Road.

  • Snipers and Fall Damage will wreck your cherished vehicle
  • Realize while not as aesthetic as the Halloween Festival of the Lost Broom, the "Scourge of the Past" Exotic Sparrow has nice perk that will cause snipers to miss, even on slow speed.

  • Blaming Bungie will not cause the final plattform levitation to activate, but it does help after 3 Minutes of Confusion & running in circles.

Kell Echo – Final Boss Room

Did you notice Toland is no help again in this Boss fight ? Sneaky Bastard

  • Kill Psions
  • Kill Knights
  • Dump Motes
  • Kill Ogres (That's new & technically optional)
  • Initiate Damage Phase

  • Damage / Damage Kell Echo

Nothing really new, you should now the drill by now, so Good Luck.

Oh yeah:

  • Without any Buffs/ Debuffs Knights will now tank 3 MountainTop Shots
  • Knights have graduated to Sniper Class Aim across the Room
  • They will dodge your midair Shots…..
  • Red Bar Psions will never go down with just 1 Punch as well (To proc that desperately needed Devour Perk)

That's a 1060 Encounter for you.

Oh yeah 2:

  • You finally realize Contraverse Hold does NOT work great using Devour (How did you miss that in the last 2hours???)
  • All the other great armor exotics you brought are Masterworked, but not Infused to 1050+
  • Luckily your brought Upgrade Modules (No you didn't)
  • Realizing: Going below 1050 Power is not an option here
  • Teleport to the Tower is not an option if you want at least the Solo Triumph Now!
  • Believing you have the worst behing you.
Once again you can farm Ammunition & Super Energy after activating the Middle Plattform, not like you need/ want that. 

Damage Phase – Kell Echo

  • Dodge that Black Ball Attack
  • Watch your Dark Entropy Stack (9+ is bad here)
  • Watch out for Snipers (again)
  • Do at least some Boss Damage?

As long as your are careful the Damage Phase is way easier than anything else in this Dungeon, maybe wasteland is easier.

Nevertheless. Things that will cause your hair to turn grey & doubt your sanity:

  • Seeing the easy 1 Phase Sword Kill & trying to apply it here for easy Damage. Stunlock is a lie, Blame Toland or so you Idiot
  • Getting Stuck in a Tree in the Boss Room, being hammerd slowly to Death
  • Forgetting the 3rd Ogre, while being in your Menu
  • Deciding to jump right, while standing on the right most plattform during Damage Phase
  • Forgetting that 2nd Sniper at the end you definitely killed.
  • Not watching your Entropy Stack
  • Getting hit & teleported twice by the boss in a row. (You forgot the Entropy again)
  • Not avoiding /healing whil 3 Sniper Projectiles are incoming (Sucks to be at Red Health)
  • Thinking your Opressive Grenade will hit.
  • Thinking your Nova Bomb will hit.
  • Believing the Chaos Nova Bomb you prepared beforehand will finish the Boss at 10% to make this look cool & you jump to close this time.
  • Repeating a Nova Bomb Attempt & missing an easy jump (again)
  • Realising the Boss "can" shoot faster than before.
  • Not waiting for your abilities to regenerate & entering Psion Hell without ammunition.

Did you know that after escaping the Boss still loses Health? Even without Anarchy, Witherhold, Grenade Effect, etc, like a good 1-2%. Weird

  • Having experienced nearly everything that you think could not have gone wrong on this casual run, you Kill the Boss.

  • Euphoria aside, you feel ready for the upcoming "real" Flawless Solo Run (Fool)

Death Count: 4 Hours of work (You stopped counting a while ago) for this encounter alone


After 6h of horrible playtime and repeated Delusions that Shattered Throne & Pit of Heresy were easier (You are lying & just don't remember the amount of attempts) you are looking forward the those sweet 200 Thriumph Points for (at least) Solo Run.

  • Notice the Game won't give you the Solo Triumph

  • Wish you had made a compilation Video of all your Deaths.

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