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Some friendly reminders/suggestions for people who want Bottom Dollar but don’t play a lot of Gambit

destiny2 5 - Some friendly reminders/suggestions for people who want Bottom Dollar but don’t play a lot of Gambit

Look, I get it. New 120 hand cannon. I own Steady Hand and have been killed by it more times than I can count. It’s good. I’m sure this one is also really good. However, there are a few things I wanted to raise that doesn’t hurt to be reminded of when it comes to Gambit, as well as a few tips of my own.

1. There is no shame in turning tail and running if you’re afraid of dying with your motes. The enemies in this hybrid regular/Prime Gambit HURT and I’m not going to sugarcoat that. The priority in the first major part is to get as many motes in the bank as possible, so if you’re afraid you might kick the bucket, especially if you have a lot (like 10+), please run/hide or whatever you need to do. Just abdicate and find a place to regroup and heal up. Helps with getting things like Killmonger and Thrillmonger too.

2. Birds of a feather stick together. Stay with your teammates. You’ll be able to clear enemies more efficiently, and your survivability will go up. Gambit is as much about working with your teammates as it is looking out for yourself. This generally works for both enemies and Invaders (although if you’re in mote phase and have no motes, feel free to knock yourself out and waste the Invader’s time).

3. Please don’t assume that someone else is going to get rid of the blockers. This is an issue that I encounter a lot and it has resulted with people in a lot of scenarios where they’re stuck wrangling with a lot of Taken and get overwhelmed. Not to mention in those scenarios, you can usually say goodbye to all the motes you’ve banked thus far. Just assume that no one else is going to do it and go as if you’re going to do it yourself. It’ll, again, make things go a lot faster and will decrease the likelihood of you and your teammates dying.

4. Don’t hog the invasion portal. If you’ve gone once or twice and it did not go well, let someone else invade if they’re looking to go. There is a medal for everyone on your team going to invade at least once (Taking Turns), so doing as the medal’s title suggests will make people on the other team become less used to your tactics and be forced to reckon with a new person. If no one else seems willing to go, however, just go wild and use the portal. Play it by ear. The invasion portal will only open four times total before the Primeval is summoned, which means your team needs to make the most of the chances you have.

5. If you have motes when an Invader comes, get behind something. Same goes for if your team has your Primeval. A lot of Invaders like sniper rifles. Yes, they can always see where you are, but if you’re behind something solid, guess what? They won’t be able to hit you, and a good portion of them are not going to try to find another vantage point. Force them to come within range of you and your teammates (especially if they don’t have motes) and then show them the business.

6. The Taken Spec mod is all-around useful if you have it, and so is the Vorpal Weapon perk. For those of you who don’t know, Taken Spec is a mod that is obtainable from the Last Wish raid, and generally speaking you can get to the first secret chest without doing any encounters. Unlike most of the other mods from the raid, this one will actually work outside of Last Wish, and makes dealing with any of the Taken you encounter during Gambit a lot easier. Vorpal Weapon is also excellent—it’ll work on any boss class enemy, which includes the Envoys, Primevals and Large Blockers.


7. Bank your goddamn motes. This one is self-explanatory. Especially if you have enough to pull a primeval—do what the Drifter says and bank. If you have enough to top it off, just do it. You don’t need 15 motes, a blocker is still a blocker regardless of size, and enough of those will still cause the opponent’s bank to drain. Also if you run around with 15 motes for too long, the Drifter WILL yell at you. You have plenty of reminders to do it.

8. Dying to non-player enemies a lot? Try adding to your mobility. Resilience is, unfortunately, not the greatest stat to add to unless you’re a titan. But even then, sometimes escaping is your best defense. Enemies like Vex, Cabal and even Scorn do not have the best movement within a small space, so sometimes its best to just outrun them.

9. Don’t immediately blow your heavy and Supers on the Primeval when its summoned (thanks to Krism_47 for this one). Destroy the Envoys first and start getting your Primeval Slayer buff stacks. That’ll make your attacks way more effective! For supers, x4 is a good enough stack for premium damage.

10. For up close and personal Supers, the armor is NOT enough to prevent the Primeval from killing you (Thanks again to Krism_47). For these, use your Super for invading and clearing out mobs. If you have farther away one-shot Supers, save those for the Primeval.

11. Just a few more recommendations in terms of gear. Unsure of what to bring in or what mods to use? Allow me to suggest a few things:

-Sunshot, Ticuu’s Divination (as suggested by DoxTKX) or Graviton Lance: Explosions are good for ad clear. Especially if those explosions cause more explosions. Otherwise go with guns you are comfortable with within a PVE setting.

-Deafening Whisper: Large hitbox, and after a certain point during the Primeval phase this bad boy will one-shot Envoys.

-Reactive Pulse: This is an Arc Charged With Light mod. It activates if you are damaged within the vicinity of at least 2 enemies and will release an arc pulse upon the damage being received. This pulse is surprisingly strong, as it will clear out most basic mooks. If you pair it with another Arc mod, you’ll also gain an overshield when you finisher an enemy. Both of these perks have saved my hide more times than I can count, and I will always fervently recommend it not just within Gambit, but in almost all PVE activities generally.

-Warmind Cells: If you have them, use them. Again, this is an ad clear thing, and if you have Grasp of the Warmind, sticking these things to enemies is not a bad thing either.

But that’s just about all I have. I hope these are at least useful to a few people.


A frustrated frequent Gambit player

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