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Some things I wish I had known before doing the Solstice armour grind.

destiny2 8 - Some things I wish I had known before doing the Solstice armour grind.

OK so there might be some duplicated info on here but I am basically posting the post that I wish I could have found 2 weeks ago when I started doing the Solstice armour grind, hopefully it will help someone else in the same position;

Get the blue helmet from Eva and do the quest on the EAZ to get your full blue armour set.

When you get your blue armour set, right click each piece for a more detailed description on the rules of upgrading (some parts are location dependent, some require a subclass to be used etc). You can often do one activity and address multiple upgrade requirements at the same time.

Once you complete the blue set and meditate you will receive a full set of majestic legendary armour with a notable cosmetic upgrade and a higher power level, along with much bigger list of requirements to upgrade further. Again, check the rules on each piece and plan what activities you can use to duplicate on the upgrade requirements.

Once you have completed the Majestic set, meditate to turn this into a full Magnificent set. Now here's where I was majorly disappointed – there is no cosmetic upgrade between Majestic and Magnificent, you just get a higher power level, it's the same exact armour with no glow on it at all.

At this point no further meditation is required as each piece will have a single requirement on it to complete the upgrade process, completing a Master level Nightfall, Pit of Heresy etc – completing these parts will give each respective piece a White glow to it.

Some points;

You have to get the armour to Magnificent before the end of the Solstice event, if you don't you will lose the ability to upgrade the armour to Magnificent and therefore won't be able to complete the steps for the White glow.

You will get a bonus to the armour upgrade requirements if you do it on a 2nd character, the bonus is 2x so needing 600 strike playlist kills will effectively be halved. Note the armour will still say 600 but each kill will net you 2 kills towards the total requirement. Doing the upgrades on a 3rd character will make the bonus 3x meaning for example you only need 2 heroic events to get the 5 required, 4 gambits to get the 10 required and so on.


Completing the final White glow step for each piece will give you the glow on all 3 characters so it's most effecient if you get each of the 3 sets to Magnifcent first before you attempt, for example, the Master Nightfall.

Timewise, I found that it took me around 2 hours to upgrade the blue set, a full day to upgrade the majestic set. On the 2nd character this was roughly halved and on the 3rd character I did the first two steps in around half a day.

The glow is markedly different on different armour sets, for example the Hunter cloak glow is far more noticable than the Warlock bond or Titan mark – maybe check out pictures of how it will look to decide if it's worth the grind.

Now, even though you don't get a White glow until the very last step, Bungie in their infinite wisdom decided to let players pay either Silver or Bright Dust to get an ornamental glow that changes based on subclass, so purple for Void, orange for Solar etc – this ornamental glow can be applied to your unupgraded Majestic set, essentially meaning you can get the coloured glow two whole steps before you earn the White glow. The White glow is much stronger and more noticable than the coloured glow, I guess this is intentional otherwise working towards the White glow would largely be pointless.

If you want to farm for Solstice Packages from the EAZ to get a chance at better stats on your Solstice gear, you must have upgraded to a full Magnificent set and then spoken to Eva again to get the 30 keys towards opening the boxes.

I am fairly sure that if you complete the White glow step on a piece, it will not carry across to newly dropped pieces so you may want to farm a bit first before masterworking your pieces and getting the white glow on them. It would be great if someone can confirm this.

As mentioned, I'm hoping this will summarise a lot of the info that's out there, especially as the end of the event draws near.

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