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Some tips and a general outline for people going for the Corrupted Grandmaster Nightfall

destiny2 4 - Some tips and a general outline for people going for the Corrupted Grandmaster Nightfall

After quite a few attempts at the new Grandmaster yesterday we finally completed it. And as I typed out my strategy for a few of the discord groups I'm in I thought I might as well share it here:

————–Loadout Tips ————–

We ran 2 warlocks (top tree, contraverse hold, high discipline)

1 hunter(bottom tree sixth coyote high mobility).

3x mountaintop (taken spec).

Arc Bow (Overload), Void Bow (Overload), Solar Pulse (Unstoppable).

2x Anarchy, 1 Xenophage.

————– Mods ————–

Taken &/or Hive barrier

Taken Armaments

Taking charge

Protective light (could swap this to High-Energy Fire if you are confident in your survivability)

preferably also 1 minor and 2 major resists.

Countercharge, Overload grenade, and Oppressive Darkness mods are also highly recommended.

If you still have old solstice or Crown of Sorrow gear you can stack both hive and barrier mods on them as per my older post. Giving you the option to add more mods like Repurposing/ Invigoration on. Or in my case allowed me to double up on Hive/Taken Barier and Armaments.

————– General Advice ————–

I Recommend just killing all adds and taking your time with it, call it out if you are running low on heavy so you can save some small adds for grenade kills. As the hunter if you are low on ammo and don't have a grenade ask your teammates to stand together and smoke them for grenade energy. Also, remember to always try to dodge near an enemy as soon as you use your smoke and the ads are up.

————– Strike walkthrough ————–

The beginning part you can either stay in your spawn and slowly take everything out from a distance. Or you can move up through the right and just focus on the Taken Centurion and the Champion Hobgoblins. Always be aware of the balls that the Centurion shoots, as these can easily one-shot you. I would try both methods and see whichever works best for your team. You could also push up on the right side, kill the centurion and skip through the portal using the hunter invis smoke. This will however cost you your Platinum reward. But that is fine if all you care for is the completion.

On the elevator part dupe around 8 balls by swapping your weapon while holding a charged ball, 4 on the left 4 on the right. Spray the ground where adds spawn with anarchy shots and grenades, this should kill all the taken psions. Then all 3 of you trow a ball when the majors spawn. Repeat this for the second phase feel free to use your novas here to save some time and ammo.


Hive/ Taken Ogre bosses, hang out in the right room, provides plenty of cover, and even allows you to drop down if needed. If you are going for the platinum be aware that a taken champion spawns when the taken boss is about half health. This one can despawn when you kill either the Hive or Taken Ogre to fast. If you are not going for the platinum rewards I would just slowly clear all adds, and then hit one of the bosses with a void grenade (OP) and nuke it with anarchy/ nova bombs as this will then stop you from teleporting and despawns a wave of adds. Preferably take out the taken Ogre as this means you will not have to deal with the Shriekers.

In the area after this be sure to stock up on heavy again with your grenades/Armaments. If you need to you can move back in the big room to deal with the unstoppable taken. After dealing with all 4 of these unstoppable taken do not push up too far in the room, instead jump up on the Islands on the left and right and take out the taken hobgoblin champions from a safe head glitch.

At the part with the wanted target just slowly take out all the adds from above and let the wanted target escape.

At the boss, platforms make sure you have plenty of anarchy. Every time adds spawn hit those floors with 4/6 shots of anarchy. If you can hit the boss with a grenade at the time your ball hits her and trow a nova on her. Save the other Nova for the second damage phase.

Xenophage is perfect for the knights with solar shields at the boss and in the part between boss areas. As the pulse will take forever to take the shield down.

At the final boss part, we pretty much repeated this process. 1 nova per damage phase is recommended. We used the tether for the adds between the damage phases. The arena is very survivable when the adds are down and as long as you keep moving. If you have the time you could play your life for a few minutes and build new supers. Overall I would say it is important to run it with the same group to familiarize yourself with the spawns and get a team rhythm down for killing everything as fast as you can when it spawns.

————– In Closing ————–

It might take a few (or very many) attempts till you get the rhythm down, but overall it is achievable. And with the delay of Beyond light you might as well put some time into this.

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