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Soulfire Subclass Concepts

destiny2 6 - Soulfire Subclass Concepts

Soulfire Subclass Concepts

Soulfire Subclasses

Hey folks, so now that new Stasis subclasses are almost here there’s been discussions about other potential Darkness-themed subclasses/elements. These are some ideas I had for Hive Soulfire based subclasses. Obviously this will be a large wall of text so proceed accordingly. Let me know what you think!


Subclass: Slayer

The Way of Tooth and Claw “Become the terror in the Darkness, become the nightmare of your foe.”

Super ‘Midnight Hunt’

  • Channel soulfire into fearsome fangs and talons then launch yourself at enemies to unleash feral attacks.
  • Aim to mark an enemy and use Melee/Right Trigger to quickly lunge at your target with light or heavy claw and bite attacks. Defeating enemies increases damage.

Melee ‘Searing Claw’ – Slash your target with Soulfire claws, activate again after landing to teleport away from your target. Kills with charged melee reduce melee cooldown time. – Claw attack has area of effect that can hit multiple enemies in range.

Grenade ‘Tracker Grenade’ – Tracker Grenades release an explosion of needles that grant Truesight on targets and deals lingering poison damage.

Passive Abilities (Only 2 of the 4 can be active at a time without an exotic)

Passive 1 ‘Unnatural Movement’

Using your dodge while Midnight Hunt is active or just after a melee kill will instead teleport you a short distance.

Passive 2 ‘Swift Savagery’

Ability kills increase your movement speed and slide distance for a short time and increase the initial damage of your next super. Stacks up to three times.

Passive 3 ‘Gnashing Teeth’

Gain an additional melee charge. If both charges are full you can hold down the ability key to do a powerful combo attack consuming both charges.

Passive 4 ‘Relentless’

Tracker Grenades have increased duration, defeating tracked enemies provides grenade and super energy.

Exotic Armor: Helmet – Ghost of the Third Man

“Don’t ask questions about him, okay? The less we know the better.” -Warning from a frightened Ghost

Perk: Don’t Blink Provides the subclass passive ‘Unnatural Movement’. Teleporting during Midnight Hunt extends super duration.


Subclass: Vanquisher

Code of the Ascendant “You have carved Gods into mortals. You wield the blade of bitter truth.”

Super ‘Soulfire Sword’

  • Wield an Ascendant Blade that creates waves of destruction in its wake. Defeating enemies with this super extends duration.
  • Successful light attacks increase damage of next heavy attack. Heavy attacks create a wave of explosions.

Melee ‘Darkblade Crush’ Sprint and slide to activate this melee attack and deliver a massive overhead swing with a heavy Darkblade. Does bonus damage based if your health is lower.

Grenade ‘Spitfire Grenade’ Rain down a pool of soulfire that does high damage to enemies standing in its radius.

Passive 1 ‘Wall of Darkness’


If your barrier and grenade are charged you can sacrifice both by holding the grenade key to summon a Wall of Darkness. The Wall of Darkness heals you and absorbs damage, releasing absorbed damage in a large explosion as it collapses.

Passive 2 ‘Tribute Taker’

Charged Melee and super kills give you charges of Tribute. Damage enemies with melee attacks to use a charge of Tribute to Curse your target, Cursed enemies deal reduced damage and explode on death.

Passive 3 ‘Abyssal Champion’

Transform your Soulfire Sword into a heavy hitting Darkblade axe that deals increased damage but reduces super duration.

Passive 4 ‘Warmaster’

Taking critical damage causes you to Enrage, increasing your movement speed and melee damage. Defeating enemies while Enraged heals you gives bonus super energy.

Exotic Armor:

Helmet – Ahamkara’s Broken Jaw

“You whisper too much.” – Unknown Vanquisher

Perk: No More Wishes Provides the subclass perk ‘Warmaster’. Using Finishers while Enraged grants an overshield.


Subclass: Deathsinger

Attunement of Dread “Those that go searching for your death shall find an empty grave.”

Super ‘Hidden Death’

  • Summon an Oversoul that can instantly restores you to life if you are dealt lethal damage. While your Oversoul is active your abilities have reduced cooldowns.
  • Oversouls remain at the summoned location until the super expires or can be shot and destroyed by enemies.

Melee ‘Soul Rip’ A burning melee attack that grants you armor on hit and an additional poisonous aura on kill.

Grenade ‘Dimensional Grenade’ You and Allies affected by this grenade gain bonus resilience and mobility at the cost of reduced recovery. Enemies are disoriented if damaged by the explosion.

Passive Abilities (Only 2 of the 4 can be active at a time without an exotic)

Passive 1 ‘Eternal Return’

Cancel your super while it’s active to teleport back to your Oversoul and heal. Deal bonus damage for a short time after canceling, getting kills during this effect gives bonus super energy.

Passive 2 ‘Sorcery’

Charge your grenade and deal damage with it to buff your next Rift to provide both healing and empowering effects. Kills from inside your Rift cause weakening explosions.

Passive 3 ‘Invocation’

Soul Rip provides bonus super energy on hit. Grenades can be charged and sacrificed to provide a charge of Soul Rip and increase its damage for a short time.

Passive 4 ‘Hymn of Ruin’

While Oversoul is active your abilities deal bonus damage over time. Your abilities charge faster when Rift, Grenade, and Melee are on cooldown at the same time.

Exotic Armor: Chest Armor – Toland’s Lost Notes

“You must be quite lost to find me here. And you must be quite mad to trust these verses…”

Perk: Pain is Power Provides the subclass perk ‘Invocation’. Melee kills while health is low increases super energy gain.

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