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Speaking of Clans: Being in a small clan of good friends

destiny2 5 - Speaking of Clans: Being in a small clan of good friends

So I saw the post over on
DestinyTheGame - Speaking of Clans: Being in a small clan of good friends
r/DestinyTheGame talking about a social space for clans. and 100% love this idea. you can read it here:

I was also originally going to post this as a comment in that thread but I kinda wanted to hear opinions from the community (and also I much prefer a reddit that lets you meme it up which is why I thought this would be a better place to get some feed back or opinions).

So I loved the idea of a social space for clans but there is also something that I realized quite quickly. My clan has always been behind, and it just hurts cause the core members in my 23 person clan really put in an effort. The core members are about 6-7 of us (so enough to make a raid team). Each of the 6-7 probably have 1000s of hours in Destiny 2 so far. The other members are typically friends of friends and less serious players and when we were short on full raid teams occasionally someone we would raid with would want to join. We decided to create our own clan in Destiny 1, because we had basically had it since Halo 3 days. Now that Season of the Drifter is coming to an end, I realized the clan has not gotten a banner stave/staff/pole (whatever they are called) since season 1, when I think there was no cap on xp. It just kinda sucks knowing that other clans that basically have open enrollment get all the things and My friends and I who have been playing forever are kinda brushed under the rug.


I know I can feel some people are going to say that we should just give up the clan and collectively join a large one. But like, its our thing at this point, you know? we made this group and its ours. Some weeks 6 people can't play all three characters, sometimes they may need a break. I really hope D3 or if clan changes are still added in D2, that they can make it "more fair" for the little guys. Like I understand some of the large clans would be done with all the reward tiers in the first day of the season and tbh, if they have that kind of numbers, maybe they deserve it? It's just kind of back breaking knowing how many hours you have put into a season and you only achieve tier 4 out of 6 by the time the season is going to end. and boy, the way my clan members have been talking its almost like they haven't seen masterwork cores for years LOL, so it was really nice to get those this week, just in time for the next season. I'm thinking a tier system based on number of members? but then people in large clans would kinda get the shaft on that end, and I would understand if that would upset people. SO honestly I think the xp cap needs to just go away. because if a clan can get 1000 consistent members, then they deserve to get those extra clan rewards faster.

TD;LR: Clan system kinda sucks unless you are in a large clan. Maybe remove that xp cap?

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