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Strike Exclusive Loot should return!

destiny2 7 - Strike Exclusive Loot should return!

This is the BIGGEST thing I've been missing from Destiny 1, true and worthwhile Strike exclusive gear that gives me a much larger incentive to play the Strike playlist, or hone in on a singular strike and grind it.

Nightfall exclusives are NICE, but nothing beats the original design and format of Strike exclusive gear. Don't get me wrong, I love that we're getting Nightfall exclusive weapons with Adept versions from GM Ordeals, but… the playlist strikes just have no reason to be run outside of your weekly pinnacle/bounty.(which is changing next season)

They NEED something, and I believe that something being Strike exclusive loot would be perfect. Here's my idea for how this should be done–

  • Strike exclusive gear would be UNCAPPED in power level until their respective Strike gets vaulted. This would mean Bungie would have to let us know well ahead of time that a Destination is being Vaulted at the beginning of the next Destiny year.
  • There would be one Weapon and one Armor piece per strike.
  • Many reprisals of old Strike weapons would happen, but going the route the Moon/DC reprisals went, with new perk rolls.
  • There would be Curated drops for the weapons, these drops would have perks not obtainable on the weapon normally, as is the same with most Curated drops.
  • Armor would have a higher chance to drop with high stats based on the playlist. Loading a specific strike would result in a low chance for high stats, Vanguard playlist would have a moderate chance, while the higher difficulty Nightfalls would have higher chances, with GMs having the highest chance.

Here are my ideas for each Strike's reward tables! I'd come up with Perk ideas for at least Curated rolls, but it would be kinda effortless considering we don't know what perks are coming in for future seasons. Regardless, here they are–

The Inverted Spire
Weapon: Silicon Neuroma
Armor: Modular Greaves (Titan Boots)

Exodus Crash
Weapon: Scavenger's Spite (Arc Rapid-Fire Grenade Launcher)
Armor: Junker's Vest (Hunter Chest Piece)


The Insight Terminus
Weapon: The Long Goodbye
Armor: Technocrat's Strides (Hunter Boots)

Lake of Shadows
Weapon: Militia's Birthright
Armor: Lost Will Gauntlets (Titan Arms)

The Arms Dealer
Weapon: D.F.A
Armor: Zahn's Grips (Hunter Arms)

The Corrupted
Weapon: Horror's Least
Armor: Corrupted Robes (Warlock Chest Piece)

Warden of Nothing
Weapon: Warden's Law
Armor: Prison Shackles (Titan Mark)

The Broodhold
Weapon: Duty Bound
Armor: Brood Queen Shroud (Hunter Cloak)

The Hallowed Lair
Weapon: Mindbender's Ambition
Armor: Helm of Fikrul (Titan Helmet)

The Scarlet Keep
Weapon: The Scarlet Echo (Solar Aggressive Hand Cannon)
Armor: Mask of the Keep (Hunter Helmet)

The Glassway
Weapon: BrayTech Osprey
Armor: Transcendent Chassis (Titan Chest Piece)

The Disgraced
Weapon: Grasp of Navota (Kinetic Rapid-Fire Pulse Rifle)
Armor: Navota Bond (Warlock Bond)

The Devils' Lair
Weapon: Devil's Dawn (Arc Aggressive Sniper Rifle)
Armor: Sepiks Deposed Bond (Warlock Bond)

Fallen S.A.B.E.R.
Weapon: Baron's Ambition (Solar Adaptive Machine Gun)
Armor: Devouring Maw (Warlock Helmet)

This successfully reprises EVERY currently sunset Nightfall exclusive weapon(in fitting Strikes as well) from Year 1 and 2 of Destiny 2, adds in a couple new ones(to Exodus Crash and The Scarlet Keep specifically), while bringing back old Destiny ones.(Disgraced, Devil's Lair, and Fallen S.A.B.E.R.)

There's also a good variety when it comes to loot drops. Plenty of Warlock, Hunter, and Titan armor drops. Plus, the weapons in the loot pool help fill in currently lacking weapon types as well.

Feedback would be great! Also, is this something you guys want to see return?

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