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Strikes lost to the Darkness: The Pyramidion

destiny2 7 - Strikes lost to the Darkness: The Pyramidion

Hello and welcome to my new Friday series of posts I’d like to call “Strikes lost to the darkness!” a retrospective where we will be looking back at each of the Strikes that will be leaving us come Beyond Light’s Destiny Content Vault (find out more @ the bungie website). This week, we’ll be kicking off with the Pyramidion, located on Io.

The main premise of the Strike is simple; Zavala and Ikora are researching into the Vex’s motives in order to put a stop to it. Asher menawhile, intercepts the call with hatred in his voice declaring that the Genesis Mind Brakion (the guy running the place), is the reason Asher lost his original fire team and his arm.

The Pyramidion is a strike that was part of Destiny 2’s Vanilla Strikes and was as such; among the first to receive Nightfall Specific loot come the March update back in 2018 to introduce the concept. The Pyramidion has a change to reward the now kinetic High Impact Sniper Rifle; Silicon Neuroma.

In terms of the strike itself, the main mechanic of it involves standing on vex plates akin to the public event often found on Nessus and Io to progress forward. This occurs three times including the boss arena (more on that later) and is the central piece of progression. Additionally, there is a series of Confluxes to scan in the final room before accessing the boss arena as well as some timed laser grids you need to navigate in order to progress, so tread carefully.

The Pyramidion is also the first strike we’ll be discussing that has a variant to it, where Taken Enemies may spawn in place of the usual vex, though this does not carry to the boss room. This is as small change, but it adds some variety to the usual run through the strike to make it a little bit more memorable.


The boss Fight is against the aforementioned Brakion. To start the fight, you’re required to step on the plate at the northmost point of this Triangular arena. Brakion will be summoned and you fight him. As the fight progresses, Brakion will teleport to the South West Plate and put up a barrier. Lowering this Barrier requires you to step on two separate plates (one spawning after the other) with a wave of Vex to fight for each plate. Repeat this when he teleports to the South East plate to bring him to the final clash; where hordes of Harpies and Fanatics will swarm the arena.

As Brakion is a Vex Hobgoblin boss, dealing enough damage to him will cause his head to fly off, causing him to run around berserk. If he is pushed to this berserk state during the Barrier phase, he will run around and be immune to all damage until the barrier is brought down; likely as an attempt to punish players if they can’t kill him instantly.

This Strike is ran as part of the Izanagi’s Burden Quest that came during Black Armory. Due to the Shadowkeep update adding champions to Nightfall: The ordeal, the Pyramidion will only spawn the Vex Variant and use Barrier Hobgoblins and Overload Minotaurs.

Overall, the Pyramidion is a strike that has retained its memorability for me. The pace of it feels balanced, the enemies aren’t in cheap positions and the boss is either a frantic DPS Race, or a test to avoid being sniped moving from one platform to the other. I’ve had many laughs at my fireteam and randoms for failing the laser grid and the grind for Silicon Neuroma still haunts me to this day.

That’ll be all for now. Tune in next Friday when we take a look at Savathun’s Song! And remember! It’s a fireteam, not fire at your team.

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