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Strikes lost to the Darkness: Tree of Probabilities

destiny2 9 - Strikes lost to the Darkness: Tree of Probabilities

Hello once again and welcome back to “Strikes lost to the Darkness”! A retrospective look at the strikes on the planets we’ll be losing come Beyond Light! Last week, we looked at Titan’s only Savathun’s Song. This week, we’ll be covering “Tree of Probabilities”.

So, Tree of Probabilities released during the Curse of Osiris DLC waaaaay back in 2017 and was Destiny 2’s first DLC. Curse was met with a lot of backlash as it didn’t fix any of D2’s Issues and as such, a lot of staple updates can be traced back to Curse itself (increased movement speed and weapon damage, Masterworks, Nightfall Drops, etc.) as Bungie saw D2Y1 as more its “beta phase”. Though, one of the other reasons Curse was given such poor reception was it took two of the seven story missions and made them Strikes. The First of which is today’s entry.

Tree of probabilities has a major faction in the form of the Cabal with a minor faction in the Vex. The main thing with Mercury’s strikes was the “Infinite Forest”; a procedurally generating area created by the vex that can spawn any Y1 faction (except the taken) which has shown up for several events such as the Festival of the Lost since Forsaken and 2019’s Revelry event. The strikes followed the same formula though: Intro on Mercury -> Infinite Forest section -> the main portion of the strike.

Since the strike has been around since Y1, it’s seen all variations of Nightfalls and the Ordeal variant introduces Anti-Barrier Hobgoblins and Unstoppable Colossus. The nightfall drop is the Kinetic 140RPM Handcannon; the D.F.A. and was the very first Nightfall Drop to be accessible post that update.


The exact plot of the Tree of Probabilities isn’t anything to write home about: Red Legion got into the Infinite Forest to try and find a future where they won the Red War. You and your ghost (Sagira during the Story run) go in to stop them from doing so. The story version has a slightly different end where you also locate the map to Panoptes, leading you into Garden World (which we’ll talk about that next week).

Going back on the strike though, there isn’t much of a major gimmick to speak of aside defeating all enemies to open a door which is done twice during the run up to the boss and another two times during the boss fight. The boss room introduces lasers that cannot be destroyed, so pay close attention to your surroundings. Granted, half the reason there isn’t much of a gimmick is it was a story mission, the other half is because you race through 2/3s of the aforementioned “Strike portion” on your sparrow (unless you’re doing the Ordeal). So it definitely is on the short side in terms of length.

Overall, I personally really like Tree of Probabilities. It’s a mindless romp through ad slaying and the infinite forest provides something “different” each run, even if it has a set number of rooms. That’ll be it for now, lemme know what you thought about Tree of Probabilities and tune in next time when we step into Mercury’s past for A Garden World!

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