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Subsistence on an SMG/Sidearm feels 100x worse than on any other weapon. Please adjust it a little for balance.

destiny2 7 - Subsistence on an SMG/Sidearm feels 100x worse than on any other weapon. Please adjust it a little for balance.

Title says most of it. Subsistence is one of my favourite perks, keeping you shooting if you keep killing. It's a little mini game to play while I run content. However, the way subsistence works right now makes it a very inconsistent perk across weapon types. (Most of these numbers are on currently available weapons that wont be sunset next season, mostly the following: night watch scout, jack queen king 3 hand cannon, gnawing hunger auto, Ikelos smg/death adder and fools remedy sidearm)

Handcannons reload 2 ammo per kill, most archetypes can one/two-shot red bars with the right perk combos or a minor spec mod. Can go infinite if you are accurate. Passable Ammo reserves at ~77 bullets (7-9 mags or so depending on what HC you rock)

Scouts: reload 2 ammo per kill like handcannons, most scouts take 2 shots (1 crit on a relatively high hp red bar), but that's still positive ammo and the absolute trash ads (thrall etc) do only take one shot, so you can get positive ammo economy. Ammo reserves are a bit low at ~120 bullets. (About 6-7 mags)

Autorifle: Reloads 10(!) ammo per kill or so. Since most red bars take around 4-5 bullets to kill (don't even have to be that precise). This is basically huckleberry jr: the perk (ride the hog?). Gnawing hunger with this absolutely shreds through hordes. Great ammo reserves at ~428 bullets. (About 9-10 mags)

But then… SMG: reloads 3-4 ammo per kill (seems if you have a mag above 30 it gives 4 per kill, otherwise 3) yet most red bars take around 4-5 bullets to kill IF you are accurate. Thralls can be killed under 4, but some others take more than 4 consistently (vandals for instance) So staying positive is basically impossible, due to smgs being imprecise by nature and most kills taking too much ammo. Ammo reserves are abysmal for an automatic gun at ~194. (About 6-7 mags)


Lastly, sidearm: Only one sidearm can run subsistence, the new Iron banner Fool's remedy. It's a lower impact rapid fire frame, it takes 2-3 shots for most red bars, most need to be crits. This creates a very similar situation to SMG's. This archetype cannot get above 30 for its mag, so can only regen 2 bullets per kill. 1 tap almost always shoots two bullets due to the rapid fire. It is somewhat helped by its native quick reload and it being more accurate than your average smg. You can go positive if you are very accurate but mostly it will lose bullets. It also has deeper ammo reserves intrinsic which leads to ~114 bullets in reserves (About 7-8 mags) O

So SMGs, who are less accurate, have less range and a lower magazine size (that they go through faster) than Auto's have a worse regen on kill for subsistence while also ending up with way less reserves AND less mags per total reserves. Just… why?

Subsistence seems to be determining its effect almost solely based on magazine and reserve size. In theory this would be fine, but it has created a clear imbalance that heavily favours using auto's over smgs (and kinda everything else) and slightly favours hand cannons over scouts. The latter I think is fine, since both can still go positive if accurate.

Bungie please: Make subsistence better for SMGs and sidearms. An increase of 1/2 bullets per kill and 1/2 mags extra in reserves would make it feel like it does on other weapons. Especially comparing the SMG to its closest cousin, the auto rifle. The new sidearm also suggest subsistence will be as bad on them as on smgs and I would suggest buffing them in a similar vein, at least for that specific archetype.

The whole point of subsistence is the fantasy of feeding on your enemies and keeping your weapon full by being accurate against red-bars. It is already hard enough to keep it up outside of low level pve, let alone it also being natively bad on some weapons by default. It's a perk that lets people focus on non-reload perks, that rewards good play, that fuels the power fantasy while not being broken or mandatory. It just needs a little balance to work that way on all weapons.

TL,DR: Subsistence needs a buff on SMG's and Sidearms, feels amazing on autos and good on HC's and Scouts.

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