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Subsistence – worth it or shard it. I tested 5 weapons [because that’s all I had subsistence on]

destiny2 5 - Subsistence - worth it or shard it. I tested 5 weapons [because that's all I had subsistence on]

My first exposure to subsistence was on an imperative, since I started playing this game in the season of undying and I'm not a big fan of PvP modes. I can still remeber like it was yesterday when I looked at the unfamilliar perk and read it. "Return ammo into the magazine upon kill" it sad and I thought this sounded like the most OP perk ever.

Then I tested it out, and I quickly found out that it didn't quite worked like I imagined. Basically, it was bad. You had to kill the enemy in 2 shots or end up with a net negative. So I vaulted it and never looked back… until a few days ago, where I got a gnawing hunger with subsistence. My thoughts immediatly went to holding F on that weapon, but then I got curious…

Went through a Lost Sector… without reloading once. Now that's what I was expecing from that perk! Now I've tested all 5 weapons I had with subsistence in my vault. Here are the results:

The unfortunate test dummies were Dregs from the EDZ (since subsistence is a PvE perk)

WeaponBodyshots / Headshots required to kill a red bar Dreg from the EDZMinimum Mag Capacity I had / Subsistence Ammo return on killMaximum Mag Capacity I had / Subsistence Ammo return on kill
Steelfeather Repeater (720)4 / 349 / 959 / 11
Gnawing Hunger (600)4 / 343 / 859 / 11
False Promises (360)3 / 232 / 644 / 8
IKELOS_SMG_V1.0.2 (750)3 / 229 / 333 / 4
Night Watch (200)2 / 116 / 219 / 2


Conclusion: Whenever you're hunting for a Subsistence God roll, it's highly recommended that you also roll for extended mag, since subsistence gain depends on the mag size. Also slap a Backup Mag mod on it whenever you can. Rampage/Swashbuckler reduces the amount of ammo needed to kill a red bar, making subsistence more effective.

Auto Rifles are excellent with subsistence, thanks to their high mag capacities and low ammo cost to kill something.

SMGs require that you basically don't miss any shot (and can kill the enemy quickly) in order for it to be effective. So I don't consider it a good roll on SMGs. Notice how the ammo return is smaller on SMGs despite similar mag sizes between max capacity SMG and min capacity False Promises.

Scout Rifles require you to kill anything within 2 shots. That's just not feasable for anything stronger than a Dreg (or their equivalent). Bad roll on a scout rifle.

Hand Cannons and Fool's Remedy can also roll with it, though I doubt that both synergize well with subsistence because of their low mag capacity.

tl;dr – Subsistence is good with Auto Rifles but bad with SMGs and Scout Rifles (and likely Hand Cannons and Sidearms – needs testing)

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