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Suggestions toward a more rich RPG-like PvE experience. (New status effects, enemies, and subclass ideas)

destiny2 1 - Suggestions toward a more rich RPG-like PvE experience. (New status effects, enemies, and subclass ideas)

Destiny 2 has a pretty cool, albeit simple, PvE experience. After all these years, I think it's time to take PvE to the next level with new enemies, status effects, and subclasses.

Of course, Bungie could be already doing a lot of this. Who know though?

New & Stronger Enemies:

I think we could benefit from having more meaningful enemies in the game that are more than just bullet sponges. Some Majors should just shake up encounters by changing how we might approach taking down a group of enemies. Multiple majors should make encounters more challenging gameplay-wise.

Support Majors:

Support Majors could shake up encounters by buffing their allies with healing/lifesteal, increased attack speed (AS), physical armor, ability armor, or one-time shields.

Others could debuff our Guardians with movement speed (MS), weapon handling, and reload speed reductions; knockups/disruption; various DoT effects; suppression (rare Ultra/Boss); and short duration blinds. Debuffing abilities MUST be telegraphed so we can react to and counter them with skill. The Taken Captain's Darkness Bolt is a good example.

Just to note, DAMAGE IMMUNITY should not be a common mechanic. It only slows down combat and is, quite frankly,… very boring.

Assault/Attack Majors:

These majors could gain some sort of buff while certain allies are alive or when certain allies are killed.


  • Psion Flayers could have enhanced shields and grant a unique buff to their allies based on their elemental affinity: Movement speed/Firerate for Arc, Healing-over-time & Kinetic Damage Resist for Solar, and ability armor for void.
  • Servitors could now buff nearly allies with shield regen, healing/damage resistance, or attack speed instead of making them immune.
  • Witches (Wizard 2.0) could grant a short period of life-steal to allies and cast a death trap (poison cloud 2.0) that slow/snares allies and increases their incoming damage.
  • Hive Baron/Lords (Knights 2.0) could gain increase ability spam while their linked thrall, acolytes, knights, or Witch live. Killing his support units would reduce the spam, but increase his physical armor, HP, and aggro.
  • Nightmare versions of these enemies grant a strong one-time shield in addition to their unique effect.

Final note: High mobility should be the best tool to avoid enemy debuffs and precision abilities. Resilience could dramatically reduce debuff effectiveness, especially DoTs. Recovery, which is already really valuable, could potentially reduce debuff duration by a small amount.

If our enemies grow stronger, naturally we'll rise to meet the challenge.

Light-Based Status Effects:

As with Stasis, each Light-based subclass should offer its own unique status effect (Encase) with a follow-up active effect (Shatter). They could be locked to abilities, exotic weapons, and matched shield breaks only. To keep things simple, multiple status effects should be applicable at any given time, but only one active effect can be triggered at a time. Basically, it takes multiple abilities/exotics to trigger multiple active effects. Also, non-status effect granting guardian abilities should trigger active effects.

  • Solar could offer Burn/Ignite duh, and Smolder. Solar would have the highest raw single-target damage potential, but least CC. It focuses on amplifying gun damage.
    • Burn/Ignite should be a short duration (5-7s) ramping damage over time (DOT) effect. This cannot be applied to shielded enemies with anything other than Solar or Stasis.
    • Triggering Smolder creates a solar nova (dragonfly effect) decreases the target's physical armor (15%) and burns nearby enemies (not the status effect). Decreasing armor just means the target takes increased gun damage.
    • Solar's Burn and Stasis's Encase should "nullify" each other, i.e. burning an encased enemy removes encase and replaces it with Burn. Encasing a burning enemy replaces the Burn DoT effect with Encase.
  • Arc could offer Electrify and Surge. Arc would be a middle ground option, offering middling sustained OR burst damage, with soft cc. It focuses on spreading all damage.
    • Once Electrified, targets chain a portion of all incoming damage to nearby enemies. They also chain a very small amount of arc damage between each other regardless.
    • Triggering Surge causes an arc strike at each chained enemy that damages and blinds nearby targets (think Thunderlord lightning strikes). Keep in mind, blinds are basically stuns in this game.
    • Arc and Decay nullify each other like Solar and Stasis.
  • Void could offer Engulf (slow) and Enervate. It focuses on magnifying ability damage.
    • Engulf is simply an attack or movement speed slow. Enervate decreases ability/shield resistance, which increases all ability damage received by the target (15%). Since Enervate is a pretty strong considering it adds damage to supers abilities, it shouldn't last long.
    • Void is already loaded with versatility (damage, sustain, strong cc). Naturally, the status effect should be weaker to compensate.

NOTE: If Bungie is afraid to commit to something this fun, they can always experiment by making these activity modifiers.

I came up with these to go along with some suggested subclass updates: Solar, Arc, Void

Potential Future Darkness Subclasses

I imagine Bungie has already planned out what Darkness subclasses they'll give us after status, if any. But hey, a fan will be a fan.

  • Decay could be the Darkness complement to Arc Light. It could manifest as magnetism to "rival" or accompany the Light's electricity. Decay could incorporate elements of blighting (poison), seismic manipulation (snare), repelling gun damage, and maybe mobility tethers as core mechanics. I see it as a middle ground subclass that offers great sustained damage, soft cc, and a little survivability.
  • Decay could be the only subclass that has unique combos with everything except Arc.
    • I should note, poison/radioactive decay would make more sense with the Weak Nuclear Force than Magnetism. I'm trying to keep to the existing fundamental forces though.
  • Flux could be the Darkness complement to Void. Void Light comes from the study of dark energy/quantum vacuum. From what little I know, Void Light is supposedly related to the manipulation of gravity and space-time, which is why it is more versatile than Solar and Arc. Feel free to pop over to
    John Demonsbane - Suggestions toward a more rich RPG-like PvE experience. (New status effects, enemies, and subclass ideas)
    u/John_Demonsbane's Void Breakdown post for a great analysis of void. IMO, the themes of consumption and "suppression" highlight the darker aspects of welding the Light. It would makes sense that the Darkness equivalent would be similar by highlighting "benevolent" aspects of the Darkness.
    • Where Void Light relies on gravitational/space-time consumption or manipulation, i.e filling yourself with those forces (black hole), Flux would rely on rapid gravitational/space-time expansion, i.e. emptying yourself of those forces (white holes). Abilities could focus on delayed burst damage, disruption, time manipulation, and healing. Imagine if Flux abilities marked enemies to "store" incoming damage for a short duration, exploding multiplicatively at the end of the duration. As for "disruption," just think of those annoying Taken knock back mechanics , specifically the Phalanx shield blasts, or those Taken mines from the Festering Core strike.

If you stuck around to the end, thank you! If not, thank you still lol. I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback on how to make PvE richer, more interesting, and fun.

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