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Sunday Plz – Buff Rocket Launchers

destiny2 8 - Sunday Plz - Buff Rocket Launchers

Greetings Guardians!

Ever since the conception of this sub, we've dealt with floods of reposts. We’re sure you’re familiar with them. Many are for important issues that are shared by the entire player base, while others are just for personal requests and desires for the game. The Bungie Plz was shortly implemented after conception as a central "wish-list" for all that we, the community, desired. It is completely user driven. With rare exceptions, nearly all submissions are sent in by you, the users of this subreddit!

However, just like Destiny 2, our wiki article began to experience problems as it grew over time. It's been getting just a few sizes too big. We understand that the continued addition of topics has begun to encroach on your ability to continue the conversation towards matters that mean the most to you, and even though the Bungie Plz has seen so many successes over the years, with well over 100 officially implemented game suggestions and desires, there's still dozens upon dozens of retired topics that haven't seen the light of day for many months…even years!

Every Sunday, this thread will focus on a certain retired Bungie Plz topic of your choosing, voted by the users. We will curate a list of 5 suggestions to help focus your voting process, but you get the final say on what is talked about each week. By all means, if one topic is overwhelmingly desired despite not being part of those 5 items we picked, then we'll be happy to go with that one. Our curated list is only to help you focus the conversation. The only stipulation is that the topic must be new every week. This thread is for the entirety of the Bungie Plz wiki, so no back-to-back voting!


Think of these threads as a way to keep the spark alive, and to bring old topics up to fresh light. For example, do we still want to move Queenbreaker to the special slot? Or does Arbalest serve that purpose well enough now? Do we still want an all-black shader, or do we want a character barbershop more?

You tell us! This is your conversation, guardians.

For this week, you guys voted on:

Give Rocket Launchers a Buff! (Damage/Magazine Size)

For next week, here are some suggestions:

  • Adjust/Reduce Console Recoil to match that of PC
  • Rework the Black Talon Catalyst
  • Revert the Box Breathing Nerf
  • Let us apply shaders to exotic weapons
  • Remove RNG Elements from Seals/Titles

Sound off in the sticky comment for which one sounds good (just give us a moment to put it up), or anything else in the Bungie Plz wiki that catches your eye, and we'll do our best to accommodate!

You can find the full Daily Thread schedule here.

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