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Sunsetting has butchered my clan and friend list. Now I have no reason to play.

destiny2 5 - Sunsetting has butchered my clan and friend list. Now I have no reason to play.

Once upon a time I was a proponent of sunsetting. My clanmates had stopped raiding because 'Ancient Gospel isn't as good as Spare Rations' and were solely focused on finding those god-rolled Mindbender's Ambitions and grinding forges, the Reckoning and the seasonal activities as a group. My friends were happy messing around in crucible and doing dungeons. Sunsetting seemed like a way to get people excited to raid again, or try trials, or just do something new together. We've put thousands of hours into Destiny, and that wasn't all about to go away, right? Bungie promised that they wouldn't just 'rehash gear with a new seasonal icon' and new weaponry like Dire Promise and Falling Guillotine seemed interesting enough to not need to worry about interesting weapons falling away.

Then, Beyond Light came and with it, the first taste of sunsetting. I cannot express how horrific it has been. There has been so much that has gone wrong. Many 3-6 player activities were removed – Forges, Menagerie, Reckoning, Escalation Protocol, old Nightfalls, Zero Hour and Whisper of the Worm missions. Many 3-6 player activities are now obsolete thanks to giving sunset gear – Pit of Heresy, Shattered Throne and Blind Well. Then, to top it off, Bungie failed to implement any interesting new 3-6 man activities except the raid. The seasonal activity is boring and best done solo, legendary lost sectors are best done solo… and to top it off, Crucible has never been in a worse state thanks to Stasis, and the new Gambit combined the worst aspects of both previous versions of Gambit.


And finally, like the poison cherry on top of a garbage cake – 70-80% of our vaults, which contained interesting, unique or memorable weapons that might make playing interesting enough to make it through the season via buildcrafting or focusing on fashion… was virtually eliminated in one fell swoop. And to add insult to injury, they have offered some of the same guns, rehashed with a new seasonal icon!

My clanmates did the new raid three times and since then we haven't been able to pull enough people together. We went from running 4-5 raids a week to zero. We can't even get enough people for a whole strike now. And strikes are the only thing we can really do anyways, since the rest of the game seems to be have removed. In cases like this, we would have reverted to playing Crucible, but stasis, the removal of PvP staples and the lackluster rewards from Crucible have even doomed that, as the two remaining clanmates have zero interest in becoming frustrated to earn 3 blues. My friends no longer play either, citing that 'there's nothing to do' in most cases.

My clan is nearly dead. My friends no longer play. And now all I do is log in to get the newest Charged with Light/Warmind Cell mod that I missed and maybe do one lost sector. Bungie, you removed nearly every activity we could do as a group and then proceeded to whittle the remaining activities down with the chisel called 'bad rewards' and 'neglect'. I feel disappointed and lied to.

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