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Sunsetting: one year is not enough, especially when archetypes aren’t balanced

destiny2 6 - Sunsetting: one year is not enough, especially when archetypes aren't balanced

These days I'm leaning more towards the "no sunsetting at all" side, but while I'm still slightly in the hopeful "there can be tweaks and compromises to make sunsetting beneficial" camp, I thought I'd make this post.

If we're going to have sunsetting, we should get more than a year with our weapons. When it was first announced, I thought a year would be plenty of time. I'd definitely get bored of using the same weapon for a year straight. However – that's just one weapon. We can only use 3 weapons at a time, but we get dozens over the course of a year. We might use some of them enough to get bored, but we'll never use all of them that much.

I have obsessively grinded god rolls of dozens of weapons I've never even used. I've spent hours shooting them at walls and lost sector bosses to split hairs until I decide on the perfect roll for myself, but have never actually shot an enemy with them. This is largely due to them not being viable in the current meta. I held onto them in hopes an update might make them more viable, but that didn't happen before their expiration date. We are in a unique situation here with the 1260-capped weapons being the guinea pigs that only had one season of viability while sunsetting was active. 1310-capped weapons will have two seasons, 1360-capped will have three. We're more aware these weapons are leaving and our loot pools are more limited so we'll be encouraged to use them more than the 1260-capped weapons. But I still think this will continue to be a problem. One year is not enough.

The following weapons are being sunset at the end of this season. How much use did you get out of them?

Uriel's Gift – I have a firmly planted/kill clip roll, and a dynamic sway/moving target roll. I've never used either one. I would've loved to, if they weren't significantly outperformed by the other archetypes throughout this weapon's lifespan.


Elatha FR4 – Erentil was better. This season was the first time we couldn't use Erentil in power-enabled PVP, but we got Glacioclasm. I never touched my firmly planted Elatha.

Breachlight – similarly, Smuggler's Word was better (my favourite sidearm). I only had one season where I had to use Breachlight over Smuggler's, and I didn't make the most of it.

Martyr's Retribution – this one's probably on me. I know all you warmind cell diehards have been using this thing a ton. I never got around to it.

Jack Queen King 3 – it's the only energy 140 with 150-type stats, and it only had one season to fill this niche.

Infinite Paths 8 – all the Youtubies told me this archetype is garbage. But I looked at the Massive Breakdown of Stats spreadsheet and realized it actually had potential. Turns out this thing pairs quite well with Chaperone. I've used it a few times now, but I've only got a month left.

Pyroclastic Flow – I secured my Ambitious Assassin/Cluster Bomb god roll but never fired a single rocket because rocket launchers just haven't been worthwhile this entire time.

Also: Steelfeather Repeater, Old Fashioned, Patron of Lost Causes, Hawthorne's Shotgun, Perfect Paradox, Traveler's Judgement, Trophy Hunter, Mos Epoch, Komodo, Line in the Sand.

I guess I'll spend the last month of the season using some of these as much as possible, but many of them are in weak archetypes. I wish we had more time with them so there'd be a chance of their archetype getting buffed.

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