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Surplus – Frame data and comparisons – Should you use it?

destiny2 5 - Surplus - Frame data and comparisons - Should you use it?

Hey everyone! I've been beyond disappointed with how little people are talking about Surplus so far this season (mostly because I like knowing exact numbers and I hate it when streamers tell me whether or not to use something instead of just giving me hard data. Streamers seem pretty "meh" on Surplus, and I wanted to know what they were missing out on, so I did the research myself.

The video's just a visual comparison- no talking, no analysis, just 12 seconds of footage showing Stars in Shadow with Surplus and the handling and reload differences at 0 stacks, 1 stack, 2 stacks, and 3 stacks. I didn't do stability because I'm not confident I can distill that into digestible numbers. (Sorry for everyone who wanted that information, but I have a baseless hypothesis about it for the end)

I did three sets of reloads and swaps for my personal use, averaged the frame results of each one and gave you that number in the clip. Visually, it's the same reload/swap repeated twice.

Additionally, for the sake of context, I compared this to an Elemental Capacitor roll of Stars in Shadow that I had with similar reload and handling so that I could put in-game numbers to the frame data.


So, basically swaps (measured from the frame that the weapon box starts flipping from Chaperone to Stars in Shadow in the HUD) took 17 frames, 23 frames, 25 frames, and 26 frames respectively. Reloads took 70 frames, 87 frames, 100 frames, and 108 frames respectively.

By comparison, the Elemental Capacitor roll (which had 11 less handling and 3 less reload natively) took 20 frames to swap as arc (+50 handling buff) and 38 frames as solar (no handling buff). That same roll took 73 frames to reload as solar (+50 reload buff) and 109 frames to reload as arc (no reload buff)


The reload is the easiest to compare since the native roll is closer with both models and because we're dealing with larger numbers of frames. The comparison is 73 frames at 38 reload (+50) vs 70 frames at 41 (+full Surplus stacks). Given how much the reload buff varies, I think it's safe to conclude that the reload buff provided by Surplus is about +50 at full stacks. Smart money is on the handling buff being the same, but it's worth noting that the comparison there is 20 frames at 24 handling (+50) vs 16 frames at 35 handling (+full Surplus stacks).


But that's not the biggest takeaway here. Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed that the buff isn't uniform between stacks of Surplus. Rather, it seems to give a modest buff for the first two stacks and a large buff for the last one. For reload, the ascending frame differences go: 8, 13, 17. For handling, it's even more stark: 1, 2, 6.

This means holding onto all three of your abilities drastically improves Surplus' effects to the point that it's like having Quickdraw and Outlaw on at all times, and this quickly falls off after you've spent a single ability.

However, that's not to say that Surplus isn't good if you use an ability on cooldown. Even at one or two stacks, you're looking at a buff comparable to 10-20 in both stats (and whatever the stability benefit is) at all times. That's like having 2-4 extra Corkscrew Rifling barrels active all the time. That's a pretty sweet deal, and when you happen to have all your abilities, your weapon is goddamn nuts. This is particularly noticeable for weapons like Stars in Shadow, which benefit greatly from all three stats.

But, if you're throwing at least two abilities on cooldown, you may want to skip this perk in favor of something a little more reliable.

Lastly, if you're wondering what my baseless hypothesis was, it's that Surplus is literally just the same thing as Elemental Capacitor, broken into 50%/25%/25% buff chunks. They both at least provide 50 Handling and Reload at their peak. If I was a Bungie Dev, the easiest way to make a new perk like Surplus would be to copy Elemental Capacitor and edit it. This would mean that Surplus provides 20 stability at max. But again, this is baseless speculation.

TL;DR: Surplus appears to give roughly +50 to reload and handling when all abilities are available. But this drops drastically to about +20 at 2 abilities and +10 at 1 ability available. Still good, but no longer quite as bonkers.

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