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Swearing at Bungie in reddit posts isn’t making them more likely to implement ideas

destiny2 1 - Swearing at Bungie in reddit posts isn’t making them more likely to implement ideas

The suggestions in this sub are completely awesome, I just want to say that. But why do we have to ask in such a negative way?

Why can’t we just explain our ideas out for them and take in their feedback, instead of giving suggestions the same way you would insult your ex’s mother.

Respect the devs for what they’ve done for you, and not what they haven’t.

Talk to Bungie. Don’t say “Trials is a f***ing disappointment and here’s why” Followed by some incoherent text about how much the rewards disappoint, Instead give the devs constructive criticism, like “Some exclusive trials maps could improve the novelty of playing trails”.

Treat the devs like human beings please. They are humans, after all, and they deserve our respect for what they have done. (Even if we don’t like every single patch ever)

Edit: Why does everyone think I am praising Bungie for the bad stuff they have done? I admit that Destiny has fallen into the deepest hole that it has ever been in (Sorry Bungie), but that doesn’t mean that Bungie “doesn’t care”. In case you haven’t noticed, there have been the biggest setbacks to destiny very recently. As in, loosing development teams, and going free to play. Again, we have to acknowledge that they are a design team and not gods. If they do implement changes, it is rational to think that they can’t be implemented in the week


Edit 2: Well I can’t spell trials right

Edit 3: Okay. Let me condense this post down for you. RESPECT BUNGIE LIKE YOU WOULD ANYONE ELSE. Makes sense?

Edit 4: People are missing the pint of this post. The only thing I want is for some proper communication from both sides. I never said that Bungie was perfect and we are wrong. Lately, Bungie’s decision making has been meh at best.

Edit 5: This isn’t an attack on the community or Bungie. This community is the greatest community I’ve ever been a part of. Sometimes it gets out of hand, but when we come together, we can do amazing things. Think of all the puzzles we have solved. All the secrets found. This is a great community, and the community involves the developers, so let’s treat it like one. That’s all I ask.

Edit 6(wow 6 times): I think people are mis-understanding what I mean when I says swear words. When I say stop swearing, I mean stop using 40 swear words to justify why Hunters should be nerfed in PVP

Edit 7: I’m now going to stop replying to every comment because A) there are waaaaay too many negative ones for me to write a paragraph each for and B) nobody seems to understand that this is a post about trying to spread positivity

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