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Sync your tags/notes between D2Checklist and DIM, introducing DIM Sync for D2Checklist!

destiny2 6 - Sync your tags/notes between D2Checklist and DIM, introducing DIM Sync for D2Checklist!

I've always suggested that folks use the D2Checklist gear manager in tandem with DIM, and today that combination gets a little better. Thanks to the DIM team's awesome work, D2Checklist users can opt-in to use DIM Sync for their tags and notes.

How it works

  • If you already have a lot of tags/notes in D2Checklist, you might want to back them up before you do anything else. You can do the same thing in DIM.

  • D2Checklist will prompt you to decide whether you want to enable DIM Sync. You can always go back to settings to change your decision.

  • If you select "enabled" the site will grab your tags/notes from DIM and D2Checklist and generate a union between the two. That is, if you have 10 guns tagged on D2Checklist and 10 others on DIM, all 20 will be tagged afterwards. It will then save that superset back to both DIM Sync and D2Checklist

  • From that point on, any time you change your tags/notes in DIM or D2Checklist the data will save back to DIM Sync (note that both sites only occasionally refresh, so if you get crazy and start tagging things in side by side windows results could be unexpected). D2Checklist will also save your marks as a backup.

  • If you ever disable D2Checklist's use of DIM sync, you will fall back to the regular D2Checklist tagging, no data will be lost.

  • Note that what DIM calls Favorite is what D2Checklist calls Upgrade. I also added out a new Archive tag to match what DIM does (I may do more with that in the future in D2Checklist).

  • Here is DIM's official DIM Sync guide for more info

Use cases

There are a lot of ways to use D2Checklist's gear mgr and even more ways to use DIM.

  • D2Checklist can let you quickly tag gear that you can then reference in DIM with searches like tag:infuse.
  • If your vault is really full sometimes it's easy doing bulk gear moves in DIM.
  • DIM's in depth loadout builder is unmatched, so if you're trying to something like build a triple 100 load out, that's the place to do it.
  • Some folks may generally want to work in DIM and hop over to D2Checklist for it's use of sharditkeepit's god roll lists or the Shard Mode and Cheap Upgrade Mode.
  • Personally I have a workflow where I always tag all my gear in D2Checklist. Every few days I'll hop into D2Checklist, search all my new untagged gear and steadily tag it (first using "Shard blues" mode to clean those up, then later sharding all my Junk and infusing any identical items). I'll use hash tags like "#DSCRaid" to mark gear I'm interested in and now I can re-use those hashtags in DIM.

This post has more details on vault cleanup with D2Checklist if you're curious, or just try it out and reach out if you have questions.

Questions/Comments/Feature Requests

  • Comment below, or
  • destinychecklistnet has been the site's sub since D1
  • You can msg me directly on reddit, or reach out on Twitter @D2Checklist
  • You can file an issue on the D2Checklist github repo

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