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Take the vacuum effect from Duskfield and give it to Vortex grenade

destiny2 2 - Take the vacuum effect from Duskfield and give it to Vortex grenade

It's actually kinda insulting that it isn't the case.

The Void element references gravity or pulling a lot.

Graviton Forfeit. Graviton Lance. Entropic Pull. Deadfall. Black Hole. (D1 Nightstalker perk.)

Currently, the Vortex grenade is literally just "the bad spherical AoE grenade." It doesn't suck in and slow like Duskfield. It doesn't cause DoT with the initial blast like Solar. It has a slower TtK than Pulse.

Conversely, the only reason Duskfield isn't practically the most OP non-Super ability in the game right now is because Glacier grenade is competing with it by instakilling things after a Titan/Hunter slams into them. Duskfield is slightly under the radar because of that but holy hell, is it strong.

It sucks you in and then you're immediately forced to abandon all offense and feebly try to escape it since failing to do so results in being frozen, which is certain death. But the pull alone can get you killed by pulling you out of cover and into a shooting lane, where you can't even shoot back or move fast since you have to limp to safety.

The pull is so ridiculous it's even ruining jumps; if you're airborne and this hits some place kinda near you, wherever you wanted to go is not where you'll end up. I've started to strafe forward with a Titan and wound up going completely vertical thanks to a Duskfield landing, making me easy pickings for enemies. I'm sure we all have similar stories.


I sincerely hope that the Shatterdive combo is fixed but I really think Duskfield and Vortex can be fixed as well if we swapped somethings around. My proposal for how I want these 4 sphere grenades to work:

  • Vortex pulls you in*
  • Pulse still kills quick
  • Solar still causes DoT
  • Duskfield slows*

*in compensation for these changes, Duskfield's slow effect should linger a bit after you leave its AoE since it now does nothing if it doesn't land on a foe or they don't walk into it, and the damage buff that Vortex grenade gets from a Voidwalker overcharging it would have to be removed or else it would be an auto-kill all the time

What the hell does Stasis, aka "I want my enemies to stop moving" have to do with pulling them in anyway? That's what Void should be doing, and it would make Vortex grenade have an actual good trait to it.

Yeah Vortex would pull you in but you would be able to escape it at normal speed. Yeah Duskfield wouldn't pull you in anymore but landing it would slow a foe for a significant moment even if they escape it, rewarding accuracy.

Is there a downside to this? I don't see any. Voidwalker currently sucks in PvP at the moment anyway and appreciates the boost, and only Way of the Wraith is good when it comes to Nightstalker but I think the boost to top and bottom tree Nightstalker will be worth Wraith being a bit better. (Revenant will still be king anyway.)

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