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Teaching Raids 101

destiny2 8 - Teaching Raids 101

Remember your first raid clear? And I mean ever, not first wrath, or first Leviathan clear, I mean your first ever raid clear, whether it be, Vault of Glass, Garden of Salvation, and even Crota's End (Maybe). How did it feel to finally defeat that boss after countless wipes? Pretty good right? You know what feels better? To bestow that feeling upon someone else, one who has never shattered the vault of glass, someone who hasn't turned Crota's blades against him, overthrown the Taken King, Torn apart the Machine God, Ripped out Ahumkara's heart, Shattered an war machine capable of Rivaling the Archon Prime. and put a Vex mind to rest in a ancient battlefield, and however you describe the Leviathan raids. How do you do that? By teaching said raids!

First off, I you want to teach a raid you need three things. Time, patience, and experience. Time is nessesary as teaching a raid can vary time wise, and you don't want to dip during the final boss, patience should be a no-brainer, and experience is required as you can be a expert in something you haven't tried. Now that that is out of the way time to get to the actual guide.

  1. Finding a team.

This ones easy. if you don't already have a team then use LFG sites like The 100 or the built in system in the destiny app. I'm not going to go into detail as they are relatively easy to use and reliable in finding Guardians. Unless someone asks, then I will.

  1. Deciding which raid to teach

This is where things get tricky, I would actually recommend deciding on the raid before you find a team but you can do it ether way. To choose a raid think about what your goal is. Is it to get the loot for you and them? If so choose a raid with the better loot. Clears? choose a shorter, easier raid with simpler mechanics. For your own personal reasons? This is when I would get you to stop and think for a second. If you can't find a group that will do rat king only Garden, don't lure in newbies that are there because they want to learn and beat the raid, plain and simple. Now if you want that god roll Omniscient Eye that's a different story. The main point is, don't deceive new players who just want to beat the raid into melee only Crota's end, find a team who is willing to do it.

  1. Keep your team in check/Don't bicker.

This one may seem odd but let me explain I've had several occasions where a argument between two or more Guardians snowball into a few people leave. To prevent this, stop a argument before it escalates. If you have that one guy who refuses to calm down, swears at others, etc. Boot him. Of course you don't want to immanently do that, it should only be used as a last resort. Sometimes people get frustrated, and that's OK. Just politely ask them to calm down, or cut down whatever they're doing. If they listen then good! If not and the behavior persists or escalates, then threaten them with the shape of Italy. If they don't listen then… you know what to do next.

NOTE: Don't be afraid to boot multiple people at once. Just not the entire fireteam.

  1. Encourage Honesty

Yeah I don't have much to say here, it's a pair of words that explain themselves, just make sure that they know it's ok to mess up so they can learn from their mistakes. And sometimes it's not even their fault.

  1. Be through with your explanations

Don't leave to much to guesses, make sure to explain everything in a encounter. With that being said, you can explain something in the middle of a encounter, It doesn't need to be all in one go. If it helps, you can write down a script that you can read off. Sharing a guide is not the best idea as watching Rick Kackis explain it is way different that actually doing it.

  1. Be Prepared

This kind of goes hand in hand with number 5, but not entirely. What I mean by that is to have everything ready before you set out. This is more for real life than the game. Go to the bathroom, eat (or bring) a full course meal make sure you've slept in a week, stuff like that.

  1. Have fun

This is a raid! The pinnacle of Destiny! If your main goal isn't to have a fun time teaching others then I wouldn't recommend it, but if are there to have fun, then make sure you Teammates are having fun!

Honestly I could write a book on this subject, maybe I will, but this should cover the basics of teaching Raids in D1 and D2. I hope this inspires or helps you Sherpa many Guardians to victory.

Happy Hunting, Guardians.

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