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Thanks for making my first Destiny experience so amazing!

destiny2 9 - Thanks for making my first Destiny experience so amazing!

This is basically a post I’m making to sum up everything I’ve accomplished in my short time as a player in Destiny 2. It’s something I’m extremely proud of even if I’m not as good as most other players.

So first off, I joined this crazy community in July. My friends had been playing forever so I decided to get the game and become as good as I could get whole they were away for a weekend. I went from 750 light to roughly 890 in that weekend and loved every minute. This is probably where I should talk about how hard it is for New Light

IMO New Light is not handled as smoothly as it should be. Lots of quests introducing you to location, but not to actual story. I thought that New Light quests were the story my whole first week. I get the story is about three years old but a little nudge would be nice for new players.

Next I’d like to talk about my raid experience. My friends always had five people in their destiny group. So when I joined the calling, it was raid time. Dear lord was it fun. We ended up completing Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, Spire of Stars, Crown Of Sorrow (after much difficulty), Scourge of the Past, Last Wish (illegitimately ;)), and Garden of Salvation (just tonight). I love the puzzles, the communication, that feeling at the end when all the work comes together. Love raids.


Now the thing I’m most proud of: my Exotic Arsenal. Having joined in July and not having a full grip on this game until about mid August, I settled upon a goal. I wanted to do every available Exotic Quest. I love grinding. And grind I did. Resonate stems, forge ignitions, strike completions, and oh so much more. I’ve finally expanded my exotic arsenal to every available quest exotic (still working on Last Word, Thorn, and Malfeasance), not to mention others I’ve picked up around the world and from Xur.

I originally decided I would write this when I hit level 100 in the season pass, which I only got accidentally when I purchased Shadowkeep to play GoS. When I started I never dreamed of hitting 100 but I’m so proud that I have. And I’m so thankful that the community could help me along the way. Now I am a triumph away from proudly sporting around that Sweet MMXX title along with Forerunner.

Wishlist before Beyond Light:

-Finish placing Tributes in Tribute Hall (39/50) -Earn MMXX title -Last Wish Legitimate (not super urgent) -Earn remaining exotics -Onephase Ghaulran (like I said difficulty with CoS)

Anyways I hope you’ve taken the time to read the ramblings of a new player and how appreciative I am of all the support, and how much I love this community. If the post gets attention, I’ll update you guys before Beyond Light to let you know if I did the stuff I wanted to.

Like I said Thank You All and have a wonderful evening (acting like it isn’t 4:00 am because Garden of Salvation)

Sincerely, A Hunter.

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